Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Sweetie and Brother-in-Law, The Mouth, are (mumblety-mumblety) years old today.

Out of deference to them, i won't get too specific, but let's say they are "old enough to know better."

Please note that old enough to know better does not mean they always choose to do better.

My father, Dr. Born Organized Clean, the Ob/Gyn, would always note to a newly expecting mother that she was going to love having two children if it was her first, three if it was her second, etc.  When the woman would respond with, "But this will only be my first/second/whatever," he would answer, "Isn't your husband your first child?"

It always got a laugh.

The Boys, as i continue to refer to them even if the gray hair belies the name, will go out to their very favorite restaurant of all time, Superior Grill.  Yes, Tex/Mex all the way.

Then they will come home for dessert.  No cake for these two, they want home made banana pudding, thick and made of nothing but real butter and cream and sugar, bananas ripe but not overripe, cut into thick medallions, and the vanilla wafers soggy enough to eat it all with a spoon.

Happy Birthday, boys.  Don't forget to take your digestive aid tablets with you.


Today is:

Canning Day -- get that harvest preserved!

Chulalongokorn Day -- Thailand (Rama V Day)

Chung Yeung Festival -- China; Macau (Double Nine Festival; date differs in other parts of Asia)

Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle -- Republic of Macedonia

Dia Nacional de la Aviacion -- Mexico (National Aviation Day)

Festival of Forgotten Gods -- so we don't offend anybody, i guess?

Festival of Selket and Ceremony of Thoth -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Finding of King Look Under Your Mattress Jubilee -- Fairy Calendar

Liberation Day -- Libya

National Boston Cream Pie Day

National Day / Revolution Day -- Hungary

National Mole Day -- US Chemists; from 6:02AM to 6:02PM, in honor of Avogadro's Number; this year's theme is "Molar Eclipse"

Peace Treaty Day -- Cambodia

St. John of Capistrano's Day (Patron of judges, jurists, military chaplains)
     Swallows Depart San Juan Capistrano Day -- after today, in spite of what you think, the natives will tell you that bird is not a swallow

TV Talk Show Host Day -- the way some of them behave, do they deserve a day? Well, I guess everyone is good for something, even if only for being a bad example!

Ueno Tenjin Matsuri -- Mie, Japan (festival and parade of oni gyoretsu -- demons or ogres -- dating back to the 16th century and said to halt plague, dispel illness, and ward off bad luck; through the 25th)

Birthdays Today:

Al Leiter, 1965
Randy Pausch, 1960
Nancy Grace, 1959
"Weird" Al Yankovic, 1959
Martin Luther King III, 1957
Dwight Yoakam, 1956
Michael Crichton, 1942
Pele' 1940
Johnny Carson, 1925
Frank Rizzo, 1920
Gummo Marx, 1893

Today in History:

According to the calculations of Archbishop James Ussher and based on the Bible, Creation begins, BC4004
Second Battle of Philippi, Brutus defeated by Octavian and Marc Antony, Brutus commits suicide, BC42
The Jews of Barbados are forbidden from engaging in retail trade, 1668
A revolt is held in Haarlem after a public ban on smoking, 1690
First Jewish prayer books printed in the US, 1760
The Continental Congress approves a resolution barring blacks from the army, 1775
Failed coup against the Emperor Napoleon, 1812
The first plastic surgery is performed, in England, 1814
72 Senators are summoned by Royal Proclamation to serve as the first members of the Canadian Senate, 1867
The New Orleans Mint reopens as an assay office, 1876
The First National Horseshoe Throwing Championship is held in Kellerton, Iowa, 1915
The first North American transcontinental air service begins between New York City and Los Angeles, California, 1929
Husband and wife Dr. Carl Cori & Dr. Gerty Cori are awarded joint Nobel Prizes, 1947
An underground earthquake traps 174 miners in the No. 2 colliery at Springhill, Nova Scotia, the deepest coal mine in North America at the time; only 100 were rescued, 1958
A United Nations sanctioned cease-fire officially ends the Yom Kippur War between Israel and Syria, 1973
Emperor Akihito becomes the first Emperor of Japan to stand on Chinese soil, 1992
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat reach a "land for peace" agreement, 1998
Apple unveils the iPod, 2001


  1. Thank you, Stephen, i'll pass on your good wishes.

  2. Happy mumblety-mumbletyth birthday to your Sweetie and his bro!

  3. Happy Birthday! And old enough to know better has NEVER equated old enough to care at our house, so we go on... ;) Hope they enjoy the day!

  4. Thanks, Hilary and Cat! It's good to see you both, i know you've been so very busy. Hope it's all going well with you!


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