Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trash Talking

"Is there any way you can take two more kittens?" Blaire pleaded over the phone.  "Right now I have so many I've had to get a kennel license, and I cannot have any more.  Plus, with my health and having to babysit my grandbabies every day, I just can't handle the littlest ones any more."

She didn't have to plead, and besides, Cathy, Miss W's right hand person, had approved, so there is room for them reserved at the shelter when they are big enough.  As long as they have room for them when they are big enough, i will make room, too.

Half an hour later she walked in with a box from which came piercing yells, so i knew they were at least feisty and healthy for now.

"They were with mama for their first two or three days," Blaire said, "so when we got them and got a bit of milk syringed into them, they perked right up."

A black and a tabby -- the selection for this year.  One or two colors seem to predominate every year, and this year, dark is the style.

What's the story on them? i asked.

"A lady who hates cats found them in her azalea bushes, so she threw them in the trash can and called animal control to come kill them.  My friend who works there called me, and Chris was able to go out there and get them.  She said you could hear them yelling as soon as you got out of the car."

Some days, i'm embarrassed to be human.

Meanwhile, we have Grace and Hope.

They are snuggled up in a Winnie-the-Pooh blanket in a heated dog water dish, the kind that keeps the dog's water from freezing in cold weather.  You put them where you have to, but it's better than a trash can.

Today is:

Alex Kivi Day a/k/a Kivi Day -- Finland (The Day of Finnish Literature)

Arbor Day -- Poland

Bonza Bottler Day

Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day -- at your own risk! sponsored by Susan E. Schwartz of "Teddies Are The Answer"

Cementation and Propitiation Festival / Friends Made Ceremony -- Cherokee Native Americans (approximately 10 days after the Great New Moon that marked the New Year, a festival for renewing friendships, making new friends, cleansing, and building a new Sacred Fire)

Curacao Day -- Curacao

Double Tenth Day -- Taiwan (In remembrance of the revolution against the Imperial Manchu Dynasty.)

Emergency Nurses Day

Festival for Juno Moneta -- Ancient Roman Calendar (Juno as goddess of money)

Frankfurt Book Fair -- Frankfurt, Germany (world's largest international book fair; through Sunday)

Independence Day / Deed of Cession Day -- Fiji(1970)

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction -- UN

International Top Spinning Day -- sponsored by the Spinning Top and Yo-Yo Museum, to recognize the Earth as a large spinning top; add your spins to the total and e-mail results to the sponsor

Journee Nationale de la Femme Marocaine -- Morocco (National Women's Day)

Kruger Day -- South Africa

Maroons Day -- Suriname (celebration of indigenous peoples)

Moi Day -- Kenya

National Angel Food Cake Day

National Cake Decorating Day -- some websites say today, some say the 17th

National Stop Bullying Day -- US

Naval Academy Day -- US

St. Francis Borgia's Day (Patron of Portugal; Rota, Marianas; against earthquakes)

St. Paulinus of York's Day (Patron of Rochester, England)

Tag der Volksabstimmung -- Austria (Referendum Day)

Tavistock Goosey Fair -- Tavistock, Devon, UK (dating back to 12th-century Michaelmas fairs, this orginal livestock fair is now mostly a fun festival)

War of Independence Anniversary -- Cuba

World Day Against the Death Penalty -- International

World Mental Health Day -- International

Anniversaries Today:

The United States Naval Academy opened with 50 midshipmen and 7 professors, 1845

Birthdays Today:

Dale Earnhardt, Jr., 1974
Brett Favre, 1969
Tanya Tucker, 1958
Charles Dance, 1946
Ben Vereen, 1946
Harold Pinter, 1930
Richard Jaeckel, 1926
Thelonious Monk, 1917
Edward D. Wood, Jr., 1924
Helen Hayes, 1900
Giuseppe Verdi, 1813
Henry Cavendish, 1731 (discovered hydrogen)

Today in History:

The Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 20,000 to 30,000 in the Caribbean, 1780
The first non-Native American settlement is founded in Oklahoma, 1802
William Lassell discovers Neptune's moon Triton, 1846
The first "Dinner Jacket" is worn to the Autumn Ball at Tuxedo Park, NY, 1886
President Woodrow Wilson triggers the explosion of the Gamboa Dike thus ending construction on the Panama Canal, 1913
Ho Chi Minh enters Hanoi after the French pull out of the city, 1954
U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower apologizes to the finance minister of Ghana, Komla Agbeli Gbdemah, after he is refused service in a Dover, Delaware restaurant, 1957
The Windscale fire in Cumbria, U.K. is the world's first major nuclear accident, 1957
The opening ceremony at The 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, is broadcast live in the first Olympic telecast relayed by geostationary communication satellite, 1964
The Outer Space Treaty, signed on January 27 by more than sixty nations, comes into force, 1967
In Montreal, Quebec, a national crisis hits Canada when Quebec Vice-Premier and Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte becomes the second statesman kidnapped by members of the FLQ terrorist group, 1970
Sold, dismantled and moved to the United States, London Bridge reopens in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 1971
After having closed borders for about two hundred years, Armenia and Turkey sign protocols in Zurich, Switzerland to open their borders, 2009


  1. I really want to hate the woman who would throw kittens into a trashcan, but she did call Animal Control and the kittens would have died if she hadn't. So there's that....

  2. Stephen, that's about how i feel, but i wonder if it would have killed her to just leave them in the bushes and call.

  3. Thank you for the pictures of the babies; from the bushes to the trash can to the blankie in a dog's dish. Completely innocent of any knowledge of all the human power swirling around them--the detachment on one side and warm determination on the other.

    Did Link get adopted before his little white feet hit the ground at the rescue center? And how about the teensy black girl?


  4. Link got adopted immediately, and Fi is just now weaned. As soon as a i get a weight on her, i'll schedule her for surgery.


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