Monday, October 1, 2012


Timmy has set a new standard.

Most of the story lessons i teach in Sunday school have flannel board figures.  When he's not standing on his head so he can hear what i'm saying, he especially loves to hold the figures and hand them to me as i need them.

Now, he wants to be the flannel board, after figuring out, by lucky accident, that the figures stay better on his shirt than on the board i use.

So in telling stories about how G-d can do anything that is good and within His holy will, Timmy started against the wall in his headstand and ended being the plaid background of our story.  When his shirt ran out of room, he recruited Lily to stand next to him.

From now on, i imagine, i will have a living, moving flannel board, which is fine, as it gets them more into the story.

He was also, as usual, very exact in his answers.  When i asked about what G-d can't do, Timmy noted, "G-d can't disobey Himself, 'cause that wouldn't work!"

Only from the mind of a 6-year-old.

Today is:

Armed Forces Day -- South Korea

Bat Appreciation Month -- hooray for Bat Conservation International!

Blue Shirt Day / World Day of Bullying Prevention

California Ride-Share Week (good luck with that)

Child Health Day -- US

Children's Day -- Singapore

Christmas Seal Campaign begins

Cut Out Dissection Day -- lets find alternatives for school kids!

Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux a/k/a Therese of the Child Jesus or The Little Flower of Jesus (Doctor of the Church; Patron of African missions, AIDS patients, air crews/aircraft pilots/aviators, florists/flower growers, missionaries, sick people, those who have lost parents, tuberculosis; Australia; France; Russia; several cities around the world; against bodily ills and tuberculosis)

Festival of Penha -- Rio de Janiero, Brazil (through the 31st; pilgrimages to the Church of Our Lady of Penha)

Firepup's® Birthday -- have fun learning fire safety from Firepup;

Flattering Finals -- Fairy Calendar

Global Diversity Awareness Month begins -- to foster and further our understanding of the value of people of all races, genders, nationalities, ages, religions, sexual orientations, classes, and physical disabilities

Guoqing Jie -- China (National Day/Founding of the Republic)

Homemade Cookies Day

Independence Day -- Cyprus(1960); Nigeria(1960); Palau(1994); Tuvalu(1976)

International Day of Older Persons -- UN

Investiture of the Captains Regent -- San Marino

Kalends of October -- Ancient Roman Calendar; also
     Day Sacred to Fides -- goddess of faithfulness and keeping your word
     Festival of Juno Sororia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (Juno the Sister, protector of young women at puberty)

Labour Day -- ACT, NSW, & SA, Australia

Month of Freethought -- inspired by Freethinkers who emigrated to the US in the 19th century

Pageantry in Oslo -- Oslo, Norway (opening of Parliament)

Pancasila Sanctity Day -- Indonesia

Peat-Cutting Day -- Falkland Islands

Popcorn and Tears Movie Appreciation Night -- go see a tear jerker; if guys don't want to go, make them stay home and vacuum

Pudding Season begins (Time to preserve meat from slaughtering for the winter by making meat puddings.)

Queen's Birthday Holiday -- QLD & WA, Australia

Ram Mating Ceremony -- various towns and villages in Turkey (through the 20th, each village setting its own date; after being separated from the females for two months, the rams are returned with ceremonies to ensure good luck and lots of babies next spring)

Right-Brainers Rule Month begins (because left handers / right brainers are in their "right" minds)

St. Remigius of Rheims' Day (Patron of France; Rheims, France; against epidemics, fever, plague, religious indifference, snakes, and throat pain)

St. Romanos the Melodist's Day (hymn writer of the early 6th Century whose surviving works are still sung)

Teacher's Day -- Uzbekistan

Territory Day -- Christmas Island

Thanksgiving Day -- Saint Lucia

Unification Day -- Cameroon

US Fiscal Year begins (Why in October?)

World Habitat Day -- UN

World Vegetarian Day

Anniversaries Today:

South African College is founded, 1829 (Now University of Cape Town)
Yosemite National Park and Yellowstone National Park are founded, 1890
Stanford University opens, 1891

Birthdays Today:

Mark McGwire, 1963
Randy Quaid, 1950
Julie Andrews, 1935
Richard Harris, 1932
George Peppard, 1928
Tom Bosley, 1927
Jimmy Carter, 1924
James Whitmore, 1921
Walter Matthau, 1920
Bonnie Parker, 1910
Vladimir Horowitz, 1903
Henry III, King of England, 1207

Today in History:

Alexander the Great defeats Darius III of Persia, BC331
The Russian Parliament accepts the annexation of the Ukraine, 1653
First session of the new French legislative assembly is held, 1791
Spain cedes Louisiana to France in a secret treaty, 1800
The first steamboat to sail the Mississippi River arrives in New Orléans, Louisiana, 1811
Maria Mitchell discovers a non-naked-eye comet, 1847
A cyclone strikes Calcutta, India, killing 70,000, 1864
Karl Marx' "Das Kapital" is published, 1867
The world's first postcards are issued, in Vienna, Austria, 1869
John Philip Sousa becomes the new director of the USMC Band, 1880
Thomas Edison opens the first electric lamp factory, 1880
The USPS begins special delivery mail service, 1885
Jews are expelled from major Russian cities, 1898
Arab forces under T.E. Lawrence, a/k/a Lawrence of Arabia, capture Damascus, 1918
An oil field accident cost aviator Wiley Post his left eye, but he used the settlement money to buy his first aircraft, 1926
The Pennsylvania Turnpike, often considered the first superhighway in the United States, opens, 1940
Mensa International is founded in the United Kingdom, 1946
First broadcast of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, 1962
The Concorde supersonic transport plane breaks the sound barrier for the first time, 1969
Walt Disney World opens near Orlando, Florida, United States, 1971
The United States returns sovereignty of the Panama canal to Panama, 1979
EPCOT Center opens at Walt Disney World, 1982
William Gibson's groundbreaking novel Neuromancer is published, introducing the word "cyberspace" to the English language, 1984
Denmark introduces the world's first legal modern same-sex civil union, 1989
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom takes over the judicial functions of the House of Lords, 2009


  1. I
    G-d cant disobey himself.
    LOVE :)

  2. Walter Matthau's birthday? I hope he's still alive to celebrate! I tend to lose track of who is and who isn't. Love that guy.

  3. That's adorable. And Walter is still alive and kicking.

  4. Miz, the kid comes up with some stuff, especially when he's headstanding.

    Crabby, he's great, isn't he?

    Hilary, i'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for the confirmation about Matthau.

  5. God can't disobey himself--- love it!

  6. What a character! He must be such fun to have around.

  7. I agree with you. I spent my time just reading your wonderful blog. Thanks for posting. Nice one!

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  8. Stephen, i needed a story, and he did not disappoint.

    Jenny, he's a great kid.

    Thanks for stopping by, Conz!

  9. Love the title, kit's perfect for your post. I enjoyed reading your blog and I have learned a lot of things in life. Keep posting!


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