Monday, July 22, 2013

And in other news

Well, to others, it might not be news, but i'm searching for another title and coming up empty.

Young Jacob, friend of both #1 and #2 Son and a maintenance worker at the same place where Sweetie works is back on restriction from driving from his epilepsy.  This time, it will be for a year, but only if they get it under control.

He will, therefore, need rides to and from work, which highlights how sad it is that we have such a terrible public transportation system here.

Our cat Hope, the mildly mentally retarded one, is not doing too well.  Most cats with her condition don't live very long lives, and she has been having "digestive difficulties" lately.  While i will spare the gory details, i can tell you that it is no fun having to unplug a plugged up cat.  There is no "purr" in purgative.

Misha is eating dry food, and occasionally licking some formula from a bowl.  Collins is right behind him, attempting to nibble the dry stuff, too.  They aren't too far from being big enough to go up for pre-adoption.  There are four more behind, them -- it was three, and a fourth was found and fit right in.

The dog, Vandy, has gone home.  His visit was enjoyable, but our house is not set up for a dog.  Like most Basenjis, he is mostly mute, very seldom making any noises.  The funniest line heard at our house while he was here was when he did actually bark at a knock at the door and Bigger Girl yelled, "If it's any of those annoying religious people, let's sic the dog on them!"

And that is all i can think of for today, as yesterday was church and i am still chewing on the sermon.  It was the kind i like, it takes days and days to digest, which makes for an interesting week. 

Today is

Aphrodisia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (bathing festival of Aphrodite and Peitho [Persuasion]; through tomorrow)

Asalhka Puja Day -- Buddhism (Buddhist "Lent" begins)

Festival of Boredom and Reverie -- Fairy Calendar

Full Buck Moon a/k/a Full Thunder Moon or Full Hay Moon; related observances
     Esala Full Moon Poya Day -- Sri Lanka
     Waso Full Moon / Dhamma Cakka Day -- Myanmar

Hammock Day -- don't know who came up with this one, but at the height of the dog days, it seems appropriate; on some sites listed as Summer Leisure Day

International Childbirth Education Awareness Day -- can't find confirmation on this, but if you're going to have a kid, it's not a bad idea to get educated about what to expect!

King Father's Birthday -- Swaziland

La Guelaguetza a/k/a Los Lunes del Cerro -- Oaxaca, Mexico (folk dance, music and costumes, an extension of the celebrations of the Lady of Carmel, which used to be the feast of Xilonen, goddess of tender corn; now celebrated on two consecutive Mondays)

National Penuche Fudge Day

Pi Approximation Day (22nd day of month 7; 22/7 is the approximation of Pi)

Ratcatcher's Day -- celebrated by the British dating of the Pied Piper story; celebrated June 26 in Hamelin, Germany

Revolution Day -- The Gambia

Soma-Nomaoi Festival -- Haramachi City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (Wild-Horse Chasing, a four day festival in which a thousand horsemen, clad in ancient armor, compete for possession of three shrine flags, and along the Hibarigahara Plain, men clad in white costumes attempt to catch wild horses)

Spooners Day (Spoonerism -- Named for William Archibald Spooner, English cleric and scholar who once fussed at a student because "You hissed my mystery lesson," told a groom it was "kisstomery to cuss the bride," and once accidentally referred to Queen Victoria as "the queer old Dean.")

St. Mary Magdalene's Day (Patron of apothecaries, contemplative life and contemplatives, converts, druggists, glove makers, hairdressers and hair stylists, penitent sinners, penitent women, people ridiculed for their piety, perfumeries and perfumers, pharmacists, reformed prostitutes, tanners, women; Anguiano, Spain; Atrani, Salerno, Italy; Casamicciola, Italy; Elantxobe, Spain; Foglizzo, Italy; La Magdaleine, Italy; against sexual temptation)
   Stilt Dance Day -- Anguiano, Spain (a special stilt dance performed on the Feast of the city's patron, St. Mary Magdalen)

Birthdays Today

Madison Pettis, 1998
Selena Gomez, 1992
Daniel Jones, 1973
Rufus Wainwright, 1973
Shawn Michaels, 1965
David Spade, 1964
Willem Dafoe, 1955
Alan Menken, 1949
Albert Brooks, 1947
Don Henley, 1947
Danny Glover, 1946
Estelle Bennett, 1944
Bobby Sherman, 1943
Alex Trebek, 1940
Terrence Stamp, 1939
Louise Fletcher, 1934
Oscar De la Renta, 1932
Orson Bean, 1928
Bob Dole, 1923
Amy Vanderbilt, 1908
Alexander Calder, 1898
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1890
William Archibald Spooner, 1844

Today in History

King Edward I of England and his longbowmen defeat William Wallace and his Scottish schiltrons outside the town of Falkirk, 1298
The Swiss decisively defeat the Imperial army of Emperor Maximilian I in the Battle of Dornach, 1499
A second group of English settlers arrive on Roanoke Island off North Carolina to re-establish the deserted colony, 1587
Alexander Mackenzie reaches the Pacific Ocean becoming the first Euro-American to complete a transcontinental crossing of Canada, 1793
In the Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Rear Admiral Nelson is wounded in the arm, and part of it is amputated, 1797
Death of Josef Strauss, Austrian composer, 1870
First ever motorized racing event is held in France between the cities of Paris and Rouen. The race is won by Comte Jules-Albert de Dion, 1894
Wiley Post becomes the first person to fly solo around the world traveling 15,596 miles in 7 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes, 1933
Dezik and Tzygan become the first of Russia's Space Dogs, making a sub-orbital flight, which they both survived, 1951
Japan completes its last reparation to the Philippines for war crimes committed during WWII, 1976
Martial law in Poland is officially revoked, 1983
The second Blue Water Bridge opens between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario, 1997
Norway is the victim of twin terror attacks, on government buildings in Oslo and a youth camp at Utoya, 2011


  1. poor hope.
    and yet? you are such a blessing to hope.

  2. Poor Hope indeed. Doesn't sound like you are having fun keeping her empty either.

    I love the dog barking thing. Excellent comeback from your daughter. Did it work?

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Carla, i think she's getting better. She lives to eat, and i've seen her eating, so it's looking more promising.

    Sandee, we are lucky we didn't have to test it out!

  4. I'm glad Vandy's visit went so well. Sorry to hear that Jacob's epilepsy isn't yet under proper control.

  5. I'm sorry for Young Jacob. I can't imagine how frustrating that has to me. What passage of scripture was yesterday's sermon derived from? I'm curious.

  6. Prayers are indeed welcome. Always.

    Thank you. :)

  7. Yes, Basenjis--I had forgotten that they are the barkless dogs. I am sorry to hear about Jacob as well as that must be difficult.

  8. "There is no "purr" in purgative." Hilarious for us if decidedly unfunny for Hope and you! I guess in those circumstances you definitely need a sense of humour.


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