Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bless You!

Sweetie, in true Southern tradition, now comes home at noon to have dinner, and has a lighter supper at night.  It's much better for him, and he's enjoying not having his heaviest meal of the day just a few hours before bed.

Little Girl is enjoying sometimes taking a break from her homework and making that supper for him in the evening, or helping me do it.  Usually it's sandwiches, or a large salad, or an omelet, something simple.  So i was showing her how he likes his omelets made.  One yolk with several whites, a bit of water, mix well with a big pinch of sea salt, and then there is pepper.

She grabbed the pepper shaker, and gave it a tiny dusting over the egg mixture in the bowl.  "Is that enough?" she asked.

Smiling, i grabbed the pepper and put in about 10 times what she had put in there and said, There, that's enough for now.  He will add more later.

"That's enough to make me sneeze right now, just looking at it!" Little Girl exclaimed.

"Yes, and he will sneeze like a maniac while adding more!" Bigger Girl noted as she came in.

"That's true!" Little Girl said.  "What is it about dads that they all sneeze like that!  It's loud enough to  hear it all over the house!  All dads do that, what is with that?"

Well, i'm not sure, i told her.  But in our case, it came in handy.

"How so?" both girls asked.

Every time i had a baby, the day after the birth, he would tiptoe into the hospital room while the baby was asleep, and make a big deal out of being quiet for the baby, then let out with one of his huge sneezes.  At that point, the baby would cry and i would note that that one passed its hearing test!

Upon hearing that, they laughed, but it's true.

And what is it with guys sneezing so loud, anyway?

Today is

Dia del Nino -- Honduras (Children's Day)

Harvest Home Nibbling Contest  -- Fairy Calendar (Gremlins)

National Championship Air Races -- Reno, NV, US (through Sunday)

National Day -- Gibraltar

Pendleton Round-Up -- Pendleton, OR, US (traditional rodeo with the participation of local Native tribes; through Saturday)

Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show -- Hershey, PA, US (the largest RV and Camper show in the world, with the first to days for industry only; through Sunday)

Saint George's Caye Day -- Belize (National Day)

Sewing Machine Day -- date of issuance of an early sewing machine patent, to Elias Howe; some sites call this "Sew Be It! Day"

Swap Ideas Day -- Robert L. Birch of Puns Corp wants people to explore ways in which their ideas can be put to work to benefit all humanity and develop incentives to encourage using our creative imaginations

St. Finian's Day (Patron of Ulster, Ireland)

St. Nicholas of Tolentino's Day (Patron of animals, baby, dying people, mariners/sailors, sick animals; Albi, Italy; Cabanatuan, Philippines; Guimbai, Philippines; Lambuna, Philippines; Mati, Philippines; Tandag, Philippines; Toentino, Italy)

Teacher's Day -- China

The Masters -- Spruce Meadows, Calgary, AB, Canada (The international horse show jumping competitions; through the 14th)

TV Dinner Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

Birthdays Today:

Clark Johnson, 1964
Randy Johnson, 1963
Colin Firth, 1960
Amy Irving, 1953
Joe Perry, 1950
Judy Geeson, 1948
Jose Feliciano, 1945
Stephen Jay Gould, 1941
Karl Lagerfeld, 1938
Charles Kuralt, 1934
Roger Maris, 1934
Arnold Palmer, 1929
Rin Tin Tin, 1918
Fay Wray, 1907
Adele Astaire, 1896
Elsa Schiaparelli, 1890
Franz Werfel, 1890
Ian Fleming, 1888
Isaac Kauffman Funk, 1839
Marie Laveau, 1801
Carter Braxton, 1736

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The X Files"(TV), 1993
"Gentle Ben"(TV), 1967
"The Road Runner Show"(TV), 1966
"Gunsmoke"(TV), 1955
"Benvenuto Cellini(Berlioz opera), 1838

Today in History:

The Battle of Marathon takes places between the forces of the Persian Empire and those of Athens, BC490*
An earthquake known as "The Lesser Judgment Day" hits Istanbul, 1509
John Smith is elected president of Jamestown, Va., Colony Council, 1608
Nathan Hale answers the call of George Washington for a volunteer spy, 1776
Simón Bolívar is named President of Peru, 1823
Elias Howe is granted a patent for the sewing machine, 1846
George Mary Searle discovers the asteroid 55 Pandora, 1858
Lincoln Highway, the first paved coast-to-coast road in the US, opens, 1913
Austria and the Allies sign the Treaty of Saint-Germain recognizing the independence of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, 1919
20 African-American students enter public schools in Alabama, 1963
Hamida Djandoubi, convicted of torture and murder, is the last person to be executed by guillotine in France, 1977
Switzerland, traditionally a neutral country, joins the United Nations, 2002
The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, described as the biggest scientific experiment in history is powered up in Geneva, Switzerland, 2008

*actual date disputed, but it was the 9th day of the 9th moon on their calendar


    and true.
    My dad used to scare the...everything out of me when he'd sneeze out of the blue!!!

  2. I like your thinking on the hearing tests. My sister and I used to always laugh about our dad's sneezes, as well as his honking while blowing his nose. Makes me think of that sneezing baby panda video, too.

  3. I haven't a clue why they sneeze so loudly. They just do and I'm guessing that all guys are loud sneezers. Bless their hearts. Love your hearing test comment. Got all those lemons, then make lemonade.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Funny and a great memory. Men have big lungs with lots of air they have to push out fast...I am guessing.

  5. hehe. It sounds like he could compete with my grandmother's sneezes. She was from Austria. Her sneezes were extra-loud with a heavy German accent. Thanks for prompting me to remember her today. ((smiles))

  6. We sneeze loud because we can. All of the other sounds we make have restrictions on them.

  7. I'd forgotten how noisy men can be when they sneeze or blow their noses but was reminded recently when staying with my sister and nearly jumped out of my skin when her beloved blew his nose in the next room. Guess it's just a guy thing.

  8. Wow! This is true of Bill, too. When Chloe Jo was a tiny kitten she would jump straight up and hiss! Of course she forgave him immediately. Hug.

  9. It is true, isn't? it's like.. full body!! like, they really commit to it. LOL
    But, I am with him in one regard: I like quite a bit of pepper too.


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