Thursday, September 4, 2014

So, about Wednesday.

Ah, Wednesday.  The Jalopy was back.  Finally, a day in which to catch up.  Laundry.  Ironing.  Run to the store and get milk.


Pulling into the BigBoxStore, i got a call from The Big Boss.  Could i cut out butterflies?


Butterfly pattern.
Could i cut out butterflies?  They are needed by the time they need to decorate for the fundraiser this evening.  You know, for autism research.  Could i cut out about a hundred of them?

Sweetie was dropping another co-worker at the airport.  He would pick up the colorful card stock sheets that had this pattern already copied to them.  He would bring them to me, and thus i would get to spend my catch up day cutting out butterflies.

It wasn't that easy, of course.  Some of the card stock didn't have the pattern, so i had to go copy them.   Then they had to be delivered.  It's amazing the stuff you can get done.

But not the ironing.  That's tomorrow, since i'm working today.  Don't hold your breath, though, i know i won't.

Today is:

Animals' Day -- Curacao

Ceremony of Transformation through Anubis -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Eat An Extra Dessert Day -- internet generated, you have the WWW's permission to indulge today
     note that some sites also list this day, instead of July 7, as World Chocolate Day, so celebrate either one!

Immigrant's Day -- Argentina

Jeune Genevois -- Geneva, Switzerland (Genevan fast, dates back to the 16th century; now a flower and garden show also)

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials -- Stamford, England (within the beautiful parklands of Burghley House, Stamford in Lincolnshire; through Sunday)

Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival -- Estes Park, CO, US (wonderful celebration of the heritage of the Highlands and Ireland; through Sunday)

Ludi Romani -- Ancient Roman Calendar (through the 19th; a festival to Jupiter Optimus Maximus, also called Circensian games)

Marion Popcorn Festival -- Marion, OH, US (performances by nationally renowned entertainers, races, parade, arts and crafts, and more popcorn than you could ever shuck; through Sunday)

National Macadamia Nut Day

National Wildlife Day -- US (information here)

Newspaper Carrier Day -- US (anniversary of Benjamin Day, publisher of the New York Sun, hiring Barney Flaherty as the first newspaper carrier in 1833)

St. Ida of Herzfeld's Day (Patron of brides, widows)

St. Rose of Viterbo's Festival -- Viterbo, Italy (actual feast day of the saint is March 6)

Toronto International Film Festival -- Toronto, ON, CA (through the 14th)

United Tribes International Pow-Wow -- Bismark, ND, US (over 70 Native American Tribes represented at the major cultural event; through Sunday)

Yellow Daisy Festival -- Stone Mountain, GA, US (annual arts and crafts festival and fun; through Sunday)

Anniversary Today:

Ford Motor Company introduces The Edsel, 1957

Birthdays Today:

Beyonce Knowles, 1981
Ione Skye, 1970
Mike Piazza, 1968
Damon Wayans, 1960
Judith Ivey, 1951
Tom Watson, 1949
Jennifer Salt, 1944
Mitzi Gaynor, 1930
Dick York, 1928
Paul Harvey, 1918
Henry Ford II, 1917
Richard Wright, 1908
Nigel Bruce, 1895
Daniel Hudson Burnham, 1846
Anton Bruckner, 1824
François-René, vicomte de Chateaubriand, 1768

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Captain Midnight"(TV), 1954
"Beetle Bailey"(Comic strip), 1950
"London Calling"(Musical revue), 1923

Today in History:

Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor in the West, is formally deposed, 476
Edmund Halley, English astronomer, first observes the comet that now bears his name, 1682
The City of Los Angeles is founded in Bahia de las Fumas (Valley of Smokes), 1781
Robert Fulton begins operating his steamboat, 1807
Barney Flahery, age 10, is hired to be the first newsboy, by the NY Sun, 1833
Although he had demonstrated their use before, the first major lighting with electricity comes online as 400 bulbs are lit in offices on Spruce, Wall, Nassau, and Pearl streets in lower Manhattan by Thomas Edison, 1882
The last major US-Indian war ends with the surrender of Apache Chief Geronimo, 1886
George Eastman patents the first roll-film cameral and registers the trademark name "Kodak", 1888
Beatrix Potter first tells the story of Peter Rabbit, 1893
Comic strip "Beetle Bailey" first appears, 1950
The Ford Motor Company introduces the Edsel, 1957
Mark Spitz becomes the first competitor to win seven medals at a single Olympic Games, 1972
Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two students at Stanford University, 1998
A 7.1 earthquake strikes the South Island of New Zealand, causing widespread damage, 2010
Scientists announce the creation of a 'magic carpet' using optical fibers to help prevent elderly people from falling by detecting when unusual footsteps are taken, 2013


  1. Georgia Girl with an English Heart regularly visits Stone Mountain and her blog header shows the beautiful Yellow Daisies.

  2. Hang the ironing in the bathroom. I will come over and wash in there. Trust me, my mood will steam the wrinkles out!!!!


  3. I hate auto correct and no edit. I will WALK in the bathroom. And I am Di not Do

  4. My hand cramped just thinking about cutting out all of those!

  5. Good on you for helping out. I totally hear you on days like that, too. My work days usually end up like that where I had a whole list planned, but then someone walks in and needs x,y,z asap instead. Frustrating! But there is always tomorrow...

  6. You've such an interesting life. You are the go-to person for so many things, and you never disappoint. No wonder I wear myself out reading your posts. You just may get the ironing done at some point too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. I can only imagine how long it would take to cut out a hundred butterflies that size. My hand aches just to think about it.

  8. Got my laundry done yesterday...although the basket is already full of sweaty garden clothes. Just one more bed to change and only photos of butterflies are in my future.

  9. I'm sure the fund raiser will be a success whether the butterflies are cut evenly or not. As for the laundry, let it wait. you're fine as long as you don't go to the fund raiser naked.

  10. Somehow that reminds me of an excuse for not doing homework- "sorry miss, I was cutting out butterflies..." !


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