Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silly Sunday: Hiccups!

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"Mom, you know what I'm glad about right now?" Bigger Girl asked as she came into the kitchen to get a drink of water for her hiccups/

What's that?

"I'm glad hiccups aren't terminal!"

That reminds me of a joke.

Father Boudreaux was at de hospital for his usual weekly visit to de sick when he see Mother Marie Madelaine comin' down de hall.  She be sayin' her rosary loud an' fast, an' almos' runnin', an' she go right pas' him wit'out sayin' not'in' to him or even seein' him.

A moment later, Dr. Thibodeaux come up an' Father Boudreaux ax him, "Did you see Mother Marie Madelaine?  She seem upset!"

Dr. Thibodeaux say, "Well, I jus' done tol' her she's pregnant!"

"Mias, no!  Dat can't be for true!" Father Boudreaux exclaim.

"Mais, no, of course not.  But I sure cure her hiccups, din't I!"


Today is:

Air Force Day -- Pakistan

Beer Lovers' Day -- ESPN began to broadcast on this day in 1979

Chusok -- South Korea (start of the Harvest Moon Festival

Father's Day -- Australia; Fiji; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea

Feel the Love Day

Grandma Moses Day

Grandparents' Day -- US (but if you have fabulous grands in your family, feel free to observe anywhere)

Historical Regatta -- Venice, Italy (competition among two-oar racing gondolas, preceded by Venetian ceremonial boats)

Homesteader Harvest Festival -- Brandon, SD, US (re-creation of the harvest in the pioneer days)

Independence Day -- Brazil

Lusaka Peace Agreement Day -- Mozambique

National Acorn Squash Day

National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day -- US (by Senate proclamation in 2004)

National Napoleon Day (the dessert, not the general)

National Threatened Species Day -- Australia

Neither Snow Nor Rain Day -- celebrates the opening of the US Post Office in NYC on this day in 1914, which building has the famous inscription on it

Nijamati Sewa Divas -- Nepal (Civil Servants' Day)

Onam Festival -- Kerala, India (first day of the rituals celebrating the legendary King Maveli,
a 10 day harvest celebration observed by Malayali Hindus)
Pet Rock Festival -- Sturbridge, MA, US (a family friendly festival, bringing together animal welfare activists, shelter workers, and families to promote pet adoption and help the public understand what these organizations do)

Salami Day -- sponsored by

St. Cloud's Day (a/k/a Clodoald the Confessor; Patron of nail makers; St. Cloud, Minnesota)

St. Regina's Day (Patron of poor people, shepherdesses, torture victims)

Turn A Cartwheel in Public Day -- the internet has it out for us

Victory Day -- Mozambique

Wakes Sunday -- Abbots Bromely, England (Complete with the traditional celebration of the Horn Dance tomorrow)

Welsh Fairies Bonnet-Hurling Competition -- Fairy Calendar

Anniversary Today:

Sergey Brin and Larry Page incorporate Google, 1998

Birthdays Today:

Evan Rachel Wood, 1987
Devon Sawa, 1978
Angela Gheorghiu, 1965
Michael Feinstein, 1956
Corbin Bernsen, 1954
Chrissie Hynde, 1951
Julie Cavner, 1951
Susan Blakely, 1950
Gloria Gaynor, 1949
Richard Roundtree, 1942
Cuneyt Arkin, 1937
John Phillip Law, 1937
Buddy Holly, 1936
Don Messick, 1927
Peter Lawford, 1923
Jacob Lawrence, 1917
Anthony Quayle, 1913
Elia Kazan, 1909
Michael E. DeBakey, 1908
Grandma Moses, 1860
Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The Flying Nun"(TV), 1967
"Truth or Consequences"(TV), 1950

Today in History:

Traditionally, the solar eclipse date that marks the birth of Heracles of Thebes (Latin Hercules), BC1251
The Roman army under Titus occupies and plunders Jerusalem, 70
In the world's first submarine attack, the American submersible craft Turtle attempts to attach a time bomb to the hull of British Admiral Richard Howe's flagship HMS Eagle in New York Harbor, 1776
The "Troy Post" of NY first uses "Uncle Sam" to refer to the US, 1813
Last hold-up of Jesse James, 1881
Edith Eleanor McLean becomes the first baby in the US to be put in an incubator for premature infants, 1888
The Boxer Rebellion in China officially ends with the signing of the Boxer Protocol, 1901
Eugene Lefebvre (1878–1909), while test piloting a new French-built Wright biplane, crashes at Juvisy, France when his controls jam. Lefebvre dies, becoming the first 'pilot' in the world to lose his life in a powered heavier-than-air craft, 1909
The first day of the first Miss America Pageant is held in Atlantic City, NJ, 1921
Philo T. Farnsworth demonstrates the first use of television in San Francisco, 1927
The last surviving member of the thylacine species, Benjamin, dies alone in her cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, 1936
Integration begins in Washington, D.c. and Baltimore, MD public schools, 1954
Desmond Tutu becomes the first black man to lead the Anglican Church in South Africa, 1986
A 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocks Athens, rupturing a previously unknown fault, 1999
Hurricane Ivan, a Category 5 hurricane, hits Grenada, killing 39 and damaging 90% of its buildings, 2004
The first presidential election is held in Egypt, 2005


  1. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Well there you go. Love this.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. :)

  2. LMAO I actually didn't see that coming even though you mentioned about hiccups beforehand LOL

    Have a hiccuptastic week :-)

  3. That's one of your best jokes so far! Ha!


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