Sunday, September 28, 2014

Silly Sunday: Begorra!

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At the MomAndPopStore yesterday, i got into a conversation with a manager.  When i asked how his day was going, he noted that his wonderful wife, one of the sweetest women ever, had let him live through yet another night because of his snoring, so that meant it was a great day.

We got to talking about it, and the subject turned to heritage, and he noted that he is of Irish antecedents.  He said, "That means I believe that a kind word is good, but not so powerful as a kind word and a shillelagh, and that I have an innate sense of tragedy that can carry me through any fleeting moments of joy!"

We laughed, but the talk about snoring reminds me of a joke.

Thibodeaux be talking to Boudreaux, an' as usual, dey talkin' about dere wives.

"My wife, Marie, she complain an' whine so much!  Allus after me about sumpin', an' I don' know what I'm a gonna do!"

"Now, Thib," Boudreaux say, "You gots to remember dat de female, she be special, an' you gotta treat dem women special.  Dey don' burp, fart, sweat, or snore, so you gotta let dem complain and moan or dey gonna bust!"

Sept 28

Today is:

^*Czech Statehood Day -- Czech Republic

^*Drink Beer Day

4%Tzom Gedalya -- Judaism (Fast of Gedalia, a dawn to dusk day of fasting to lament the assassination of Gedalia the righteous governor of Judea)

^*Feast of Hapi and Creation of the Nile -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

^*Fish Tank Floor Show Night -- the Wellcat Holidays people say that your fish keep you entertained all year long, so turn about is fair play, entertain your fish tonight!

^*Frances Willard Day -- Minnesota

4#Freyburg Fair -- Fryeburg, ME, US (a week-long celebration with aggricultural exposition, draft horse competition, a midway, nightly shows, Woodsmen's Day, Firemen's Muster, a juried crafts show, and more; through next Sunday)

4#Gold Star Mother's Day 2014 -- US (the day to honor mothers who have lost a child who was serving in the US Armed Forces)

4#International Rabbit Day -- to promote responsible rabbit

4%International Right to Know Day -- FOI Advocates Network, promoting the right of access to information for all people and the benefits of open, transparent, and accountable

#Menkhet Festival -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

^*Michaelmas Eve -- Celtic celebration, bake your bannock bread tonight for eating on St. Michael and All Angel's Day tomorrow; tonight, build a bonfire and dine on roast lamb, and make sure the menfolk protect the horses, for anyone is allowed to "borrow" one for the celebration tomorrow

^*National Day of Awareness and Unity against Child Pornography -- Philippines

^*National Good Neighbor Day -- US (begun when Mrs. Becky Mattson from Lakeside, Montana, began campaigning for this National Day in the 1970's; go greet the neighbors, and be a good neighbor yourself!)

^*National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

4%Read a Child a Book You Like Day -- someone started this to get us to remember the books we loved as kids, and share them with children now

^*Runic Half Month Gyfu begins (gift)

^*St. Wenceslaus' Day (Patron of brewers; Bohemia; Czech Republic; Moravia; Prague, Czech Republic)

^*Tales of Kelp-Koli's Second Visit -- Fairy Calendar (through the 30th)

^*Teacher's Day -- Taiwan (on the traditional Western date of Confucius' birthday, of course)

^*World Rabies

4#(FSU)World Rivers Day --

Birthdays Today:

Frankie Jonas, 2000
Hilary Duff, 1987
Gwyneth Paltrow, 1973
Naomi Watts, 1968
Mira Sorvino, 1967
Janeane Garofalo, 1964
Suzanne Whang, 1962
Steve Largent, 1954
Jeffrey Jones, 1947
Ben E. King, 1938
Koko Taylor, 1935
Brigitte Bardot, 1934
Arnold Stang, 1925
Marcello Mastroianni, 1924
William Windom, 1923
Al Capp, 1909
Max Schmeling, 1905
Ed Sullivan, 1901
Kate Douglas Wiggin, 1856
Frances Willard, 1839
Confucius, BC551

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Ed Wood(Film), 1994
"Cosmos: A Personal Voyage"(Documentary series), 1980
"I Heard It Through the Grapevine"(Single release, Gladys Knight), 1967
"Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales"(TV), 1963
"Dr. Kildare"(TV), 1961
"Hazel"(TV), 1961
"Purlie Victorious"(Play), 1961
Radio Times(Magazine, first issue), 1923

Today in History:

Pompey the Great, member of the Triumvirate, is assassinated by order of King Ptolemy of Egypt upon landing in that country, BC48
King/Saint Wenceslas murdered by his brother, 935
William the Conqueror invades England, 1066
Sinking of the Spanish fleet during a hurricane off the coast of Florida, 1528
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo becomes the first European to reach San Diego Bay, 1542
Publication of "Pilgrim's Progress", 1678
Divorce is legalized in Maryland, 1701
American and French forces begin the siege of Yorktown, 1781
Napoleon Bonaparte, age 16, graduates from the Military Academy of Paris -- 42nd in a class of 51, 1785
Donati's comet becomes the first to be photographed, 1858
Toronto becomes the capital of Ontario, 1867
Sir Alexander Fleming notices a bacteria-killing mould growing in his laboratory, discovering what later became known as penicillin, 1928
Indonesia joins the United Nations, 1950
Mali and Senegal join the United Nations, 1960
SpaceX launches the first ever private spacecraft, the Falcon 1 into orbit, 2008


  1. this cracked me up: an innate sense of tragedy that can carry me through any fleeting moments of joy

  2. Bwahahahahahahaha. I'm so happy I'm not that kind of woman. Good one. I laughed out loud with this one.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  3. Wise words from Boudreax today. Love it Mimi and I hope you have a wonderful day. :D

  4. LMAO good one again heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week ahead ;-)

  5. I snore. :(

  6. My wife complains, and farts, and snores, and burps. But in forty years I've never seen her sweat.


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