Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ain't It The Truth! (Wordless Wednesday) and Words for Wednesday


Linking up with Wordless Wednesday and Sandee at Comedy Plus.     


Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts to encourage us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.    

This month, the prompts are being provided by Elephant's Child.        

This week's prompts are:

  1. Cold
  2. Rugmaker
  3. Guiding
  4. Thursday
  5. Forever
  6. Both


  1. Farm
  2. Lights
  3. Club
  4. End
  5. Moth
  6. Away

Have fun.

The biggest loom, the one she called "RUGMAKER" because she used it to weave floor rugs, sat in what she called the COLD corner, over furthest from the fire.

The old FARM house could get chilly, even though they'd done what they could to update.  Modern LIGHTS were easy, ductwork for modern air and heat systems were beyond them, so fireplaces and radiator furnaces had to do for heat, and scattered window unit air conditioners sufficed for cooling on the hottest days of midsummer.

She went and sat at that loom now, and got busy GUIDING the shuttle.  When she'd taken the preorder for a large rug, the delivery date had seemed FOREVER AWAY.  She'd not sat on her hands, yet here the END date was coming up this THURSDAY, and she still had a bit more to finish.

Then she'd need to get ready for the next meeting of the weaving CLUB that evening.  When the topic was announced at the previous meeting, how to prevent MOTH infestations without poisoning yourself and your home, she'd been unsure whether to laugh or roll her eyes, as BOTH reactions seemed equally appropriate.  Her best friend had agreed, but they were going together anyway.  If it was a great presentation, they'd learn something, and if it wasn't, they save up their favorite bad parts to giggle over together later.

Either way, they'd enjoy each other's company.


Banana Split Day

Chemistry Set Volcano Day -- beat summer boredom, make a chemistry set volcano!

Crayfish Premiere -- Sweden (although they are now available year 'round, it used to be that crayfish could only be sold and served in restaurants the day after the season opens; the actual premiere date is often still celebrated with crayfish parties and lots of schnapps)

Day of Wandering -- Fairy Calendar

Dejada de Santo Domingo de Guzeman -- Managua, Nicaragua

Feast of San Lorenzo -- San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain

Horse Racing Festival -- Nagchu, Tibet (through the 16th)

Independence Day / National Day -- Ecuador(1822)

Lazy Day -- internet generated, since it's so hot, though, make it a lazy day!

National Duran Duran Appreciation Day -- anniversary of the 1985 near fatal accident of lead singer Simon Le Bon, when his yacht capsized during a race; the band acknowledges the declaration of this day on their website, and many years offer a free download of a song from one of their albums

National S'mores Day

Opalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar, festival of Ops (date approximate, there were several celebrations of Ops through August and September)

Puck Fair -- Killorglin, Ireland (one of Ireland's 3 oldest fairs, with a wild goat caught and crowned the Puck, and let go on the 3rd day, Aug. 12)

Prisoner's Justice Day -- Canada (prisoners fast and refuse to work in memory of those who have died in prison of murder, suicide, or neglect)

Skyscraper Appreciation Day -- birth anniversary of architect William Can Alen, the genius behind the Chrysler Building

St. Lawrence of Rome's Day (Martyr roasted on a gridiron; Patron of archives and archivists, armories and armourers, brewers, butchers, chefs, comedians, confectioners, cooks, cutlers, deacons, glaziers, laundry workers, librarians and libraries, paupers and the poor, restauranteurs, schoolchildren, seminarians, stained glass workers, students, tanners, vine growers and vintners; of over 25 cities around the world; against fire and lumbago)

World Lion Day -- established in 2013 by Dereck and Beverly Joubert of National Geographic's "Big Cat Initiative"

Anniversaries Today:

The Smithsonian Institution is chartered, 1846

Missouri becomes the 24th US state, 1821

Birthdays Today:

Angie Harmon, 1972

Antonio Banderas, 1960

Rosanna Arquette, 1959

Schim Schimmel, 1954

Ian Anderson, 1947

Betsey Johnson, 1942

Bobby Hatfield, 1940

Rocky Colavito, 1933

Jimmy Dean, 1928

Eddie Fisher, 1928

Rhonda Fleming, 1923

Leo Fender, 1909

George Crockett, 1909

Norma Shearer, 1902

Henri Nestle', 1890

Herbert Hoover, 1874

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Candid Camera"(TV), 1948

Today in History:

Nineveh is destroyed and Sinsharishkun, King of the Assyrian Empire is killed, BC 612

Temple at Jerusalem is burned, 70

Ferdinand Magellan sets out with 5 ships to circumnavigate the globe, 1519

The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London is laid, 1675

Word of the US Declaration of Independence reaches London, 1776

Mozart completes "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", 1787

First ascent of Finsteraarhorn, the highest summit of the Bernese Alps, 1829

Candid Camera makes its television debut after being on radio for a year as Candid Microphone, 1948

The Magellan space probe reaches Venus, 1990

The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK – 38.5*C (101.3*F) in Kent; it is the first time the UK has recorded a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 2003

New Zealand's highest mountain, the south ridge of Aoraki/Mount Cook, is renamed Hillary Ridge after Sir Edmund Hillary, first to conquer Mt. Everest, 2011

Google announces it is restructuring as Alphabet, a holding company with Google, YouTube, Android and Chrome as subsidiaries, 2015

Scientists exploring Captain Scott's hut in Antarctica discover a 100-year-old Huntley & Palmers fruitcake that is perfectly preserved and deemed to look and smell almost edible, 2018

A rare wind storm called a “derecho” slices through the US Midwest, flattening crops, leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity and killing two people, 2020


  1. Your story is very clever, I like the thought of warming fireplaces in old farmhouses, though I know they only warm part of the room.

  2. Your best is impressive, and I really liked your w4w story too.

  3. Hi Messymimi - loved your take on the Words for Wednesday ... the story line could be easily imagined ... congratulations - cheers Hilary

  4. Well said you always do your best 👍

    Have a besttastic week mimi 👍

  5. I am doing my best too. You did great with the prompts.

  6. I think we need that sign for Mom's desk when she is working and for on our car when we are doing our sports!

  7. We should all wear signs like that. I think we are.

  8. We all should be doing the best we can.

    Love your use of the prompts. I don't know how you can weave such a great story with prompts. I'm not that clever.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Big hugs, my friend. ♥

  9. Good story. I would like to know how to keep moths away without those awful smelliing mothballs. :)

  10. good story and 'doing our best' is all we can do ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I try my best although sometimes I feel it is not good enough. I always enjoy your stories.

  12. The best you tried once again proved to be good, Mimi. ;-)

  13. Really!

    The birthday of Candid Camera!

    I remember a pillow which said "Call your mother. She is doing her best".

    Adelaide @ Halfway up Rysy Peak

  14. Terrific sign! That was a really good story too!

  15. Oooh, I've always wanted to try weaving!
    No meeting is wasted if you have a friend to share it with!


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