Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Days Off and Closet Woes, a Random and Happy Tuesday Post


It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus 

The Mall-Mart where Carl works has been giving him random days off, his mother is guessing because when he does work, they have him stay longer than scheduled and they don't want him to go over part-time hours.

These random days off have, so far, always fallen on Monday when i am there to clean his room, or on the Thursday of the week when i go over to clean the rest of the house.

Lucky me.

Yesterday was one of those days and i arrived to find he'd managed to get his laundry into the laundry room in spite of the fact his mother had her things still drying in there.

The clothes in the washer were dry, but had liquid detergent on them, meaning he's intended to start them and got distracted.  I hauled them out and went through them, removing broken Tums and a couple of coins as well as a paper towel.  He is supposed to check his pockets.  Supposed to.

The closet was not just in the closet, but everywhere.

He is apparently trying to get clothes out and ready for the week and runs into his usual problem of forgetting what he has out and going to get more.

While i was dealing with his room and laundry, he mostly slept in his favorite chair in the den, with occasional forays into his room.

"My teeth are fuzzy."

"My mom says I'm not decent in my pajamas if someone's in the house and I need a bathrobe."

Eventually it was, "It's time for my shower."

This, when i had just sprayed the shower with cleaner.  No, he could not wait for me to finish cleaning the bathroom.  He felt icky and needed the shower now.

He used the hall bathroom, which tub i think went to clean.  Job security.

Meanwhile, i got the closet sorted and put back together.  His mother has bought him more clothes for work, but because we are frugal, we don't throw away any of the older work clothes unless they are truly unfit.  It makes getting everything in there a puzzle, but so far we aren't quite bursting at the seams.

As weeks go by, i'll keep trying to talk her into donating more of his old things.  It becomes easier as they get stains which won't wash out.

He's still at it with the receipts.

He's looking for one specific receipt and good luck, especially since his mother tells him to clean up so he puts the ones he's already determined are not that one back in the bag, meaning he has to go through them again.

I think I almost have him convinced to throw away the ones he takes out and figures aren't the right one instead of dropping them to the floor, where they stay until the declared clean up time.

We'll see how that works.

Closet funnies.

Have a blessed and beautiful day, everyone!


Today is:

Bird Day and Arbor Day -- California, US (on Luther Burbank's birth anniversary) 

Butter Lantern Festival -- Tibet (the final celebration of the Tibetan New Year)

Celebrate Your Name Week -- Tuesday:  Unique Names Day, a day to appreciate friends, acquaintances, and loved ones with unique names

Full Worm Moon -- also called Leaf Moon, Seedling Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon, Light Snow Moon, White moon, Virgin Moon, Paschal Moon, or Lenten Moon; considered the last full moon of winter

     Madin Full Moon Poya Day -- Sri Lanka

     Taubaung Full Moon -- Myanmar

Get Grandma to Write Down Her Meatloaf Recipe -- or spaghetti, or pound cake, or whatever she specialized in, because if you don't, you will someday regret it

Impeachment of March Goblins -- Fairy Calendar

Lailat al-Bara'ah (Shab Barat) -- Islam (Night of Forgiveness, a preparation for Ramadan; begins at sunset, local custom dates may vary)

Masaryk Day -- Czech Republic; Slovakia (birth anniversary of Tomas Masaryk, politician, sociologist, philosopher, and advocate of Czechoslovakian independence)

National Be Heard Day -- originally a day for small businesses to speak up, but the website promoting the materials is no longer working

National Cereal Day

National Crown Roast of Pork Day

Nones of March -- Ancient Roman Calendar; related observances

     Festival of Junonalia -- for Juno

     Festival for Vedovus -- god of the dead, swamps, and volcanic movements

Organize Your Home Office Day -- Lisa Kanarek wants everyone to organize their home office on the second Tuesday in March; my response is:  in one day!  is she out of her mind!

Purim -- Judaism (began sundown yesterday, through sundown today)

Say Hello Day -- Bell received a patent for the telephone this day in 1876 (although he always believed it should be answered by saying, "Ahoy!"  Yes, really.)

St. Felicity's and St. Perpetua's Day (Patrons of cattle, martyrs; Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, Spain)

Teacher's Day -- Albania

Town Meeting Day -- Vermont, US (giving all citizens the right to speak out about local government, an official state holiday the first Tuesday of March allows towns to have a daylong public meeting of voters to elect town officers, approve budgets, and deal with town business)

Birthdays Today:

Jenna Fischer, 1974

Denyce Graves, 1974

Rachel Weisz, 1971

Taylor Dayne, 1962

Ivan Lendl, 1960

Rik Mayall, 1958

Bryan Cranston, 1956

Franco Harris, 1950

John Heard, 1946

Peter Wolf, 1946

Michael Eisner, 1942

Tammy Faye Bakker, 1942

Daniel J. Travanti, 1940

Janet Guthrie, 1938

Willard Herman Scott, 1934

Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Lord Snowdon, 1930

Maurice Ravel, 1875

Piet Mondriaan, 1875

Luther Burbank, 1849

John Herschel, 1792

Stephen Hopkins, 1707

Rob Roy MacGregor, 1671

Henry Purcell, 1659

Kano Tanju, 1602

Debuting/Premiering Today:

The Nashville Network(TV network), 1983

"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"(Musical), 1967

"The Autumn Garden"(Play), 1951

"The Grand Duke; or, The Statutory Duel"(Operetta), 1896

Today in History:

Roman Emperor Constantine I decrees that the dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire, 321

King Henry VIII's divorce request is denied by the Pope; Henry then declares that he, not the Pope, is supreme head of England's church, 1530

Massachusetts enacts the first bicameral legislature in the colonies, 1664

The French army enters Rome: the birth of the Roman Republic, 1798

Shrigley Abduction: Ellen Turner is abducted by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a future politician in colonial New Zealand, 1827

Charles Miller patents the first US sewing machine to stitch buttonholes, 1854

The City of Lábrea in Amazonas, Brazil was founded, 1886

Roald Amundsen announces that, on Dec. 14, 1911, his expedition had reached the South Pole, 1912

An 8.0 earthquake strikes Tango, Japan, 1927

Bloody Sunday:  Alabama state troopers and 600 black protestors clash in Selma, 1965

Divers from the USS Preserver locate the crew cabin of Challenger on the ocean floor, 1986

The U.S. Supreme Court rules that parodies of an original work are generally covered by the doctrine of fair use, 1994

British House of Commons votes to make the upper chamber, the House of Lords, 100% elected, 2007

The largest solar flare in five years, occurring March 6, 2012, nears the Earth, threatening to disrupt airline flights, GPS systems and power grids, 2012

Malta's famous landmark the Azure Window collapses into the sea after a storm, 2017

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain shares her first Instagram post, pictures of a letter between mathematician Charles Babbage and Prince Albert, 2019

Thailand's Constitutional Court dissolves the opposition party Thai Raksa Chart after it nominates the King's sister as candidate for Prime Minister, 2019

The global death toll from Covid-19 passes 6 million according to Johns Hopkins figures, 2022


  1. My closet is a bit overstuffed too, but not with clothes. Everything else that doesn't have a home is in there too, since I have no linen closet or a spare room.

  2. That first funny photo is the best! It would be nice for you to have the place to yourself to clean without Carl there to constantly be in the way but I guess that is something that only happens randomly.

  3. It sounds like me when my kids were young. I would go behind them and pick things up and they would go behind me and pull things out! :) - I love the janitor jokes, River. Lol.

  4. What Karen said. I remember never having things picked up when my son was home. Never ending. I love Carl. Just so you know.

    Love all the funnies. Closets are a mystery for many.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Love and hugs. ♥

  5. You could do your own "closet funnies" memes with all of those Carl pictures.

  6. I admire how you stay cheerful and positive while dealing with Carl's idiosyncrasies. I think I'd get worn down by it all.

  7. You definitely have job security. :) Great bunch of funnies.

  8. I think he does try, it just doesn't seem to work. Those are really good funnies!

  9. Bless you and Carl and funny, funny cartoons ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. I admire you and I also admire Carl and his folks for persisting even in the face of challenges. The struggle is real :) Love the funnies!

  11. Carl is quite the character. And the closet memes are too funny! Thanks for the laughs! Keep being awesome!

  12. Whenever i go to the USA I'm amazed at the huge size of everything, cookers, closets, bathrooms.... I think Carl would be buried under stuff in his 8 x 8 feet bedroom if he lived here, by now!

  13. Carl is a full time job for you! He is sure busy sorting and washing and changing clothes. Your stories are very sweet though and you caring for him as you do.

  14. The adventures of Carl! So entertaining...for us!
    Early on during Covid, I got antsy and cleared out every room in my house. I was feeling cantankerous, which is the best of attitudes when you're cleaning. Let's just say the house (and my clothes closet) were much, much lighter when I finished! ;)


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