Friday, March 1, 2024

Bettina (Feline Friday) and Friendly Fill-Ins


Feline Friday was originally started by Steve, The Burnt Food Dude (who no longer blogs), and i'm going to believe it's because he likes cats.

He handed hosting duties off to Sandee at Comedy Plus, and now she's entrusting it to me.

Feline Friday is simple to join.  All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (they may be silly or cute).  Then add your link!

One thing for sure is this is a fun and easy meme to do.  So come and join us in Feline Friday.

What better way to start the weekend than with a feline!

I knew i had to feature Bettina, with her solid black face and solid white whiskers, although i had a bit of a time getting a good shot.


Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements: the first two statements are provided by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the final two are offered by Lorianne The Menagerie Mom of Four-Legged Furballs. They try to make sure the statements will be fun to both answer and share. The linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts!      

Here are this week's statements with my responses underlined:

1. My favorite place to read is _________.

2. My favorite genre to read is _________.

3. _________ is a book I could read over and over again.

4. The book _________ inspired me to _________.

1. My favorite place to read is   anyplace!  I always keep a book handy.

2. My favorite genre to read is   variable, like the music i enjoy.

3. The Bible  is a book I could read over and over again.   In fact, i read it over every year.

4. The book   Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets   inspired me to   dive deeper into my prayer life.


Today is:

Baba Marta Day -- Bulgaria (Grandmother Spring Day, martenitsa are worn until you see a stork or a tree blooming.)

Beer Day -- Iceland (marks the end of the prohibition of beer in 1989)

Be Positive, Do Something Positive Day -- the way to start Optimism Month

Bravo Day/Nuclear Victims Remembrance Day -- Marshall Islands

Chalandra Marz -- Engandine, Switzerland (various cities of this province have the traditional spring event where costumed young people, ringing bells and cracking whips, drive out the demons of winter)

Day to Mourn Victims of Land Mines -- anniversary of the day they were outlawed worldwide in 1999

Dia de las Islas Baleares -- Iberia, Spain

Dress in Blue Day -- US, for colorectal cancer awareness

Elves, Woodworkers, and Mechanics' Day -- Fairy Calendar

Employee Appreciation Day

First Day of Autumn -- Australia (they go by months, not equinoxes, like the rest of the world used to)

Humorists Are Artists Month begins -- any coincidence this spells HAAM?

Independence Day -- Bosnia and Herzegovina(1992)

International Association for Women of Color Day -- on the first day of Women's History Month  

International Wheelchair Day -- a day when wheelchair users celebrate the positive impact a wheelchair has had in their lives 

Martisor -- Romanians and Aromanians, especially in Romania and Moldova (similar tradition to Baba Marta; first days of March are Zilele Babei, Days of the Old Woman, when Old Woman Winter, Baba Dokia, who lives in the mountains, might come back with ferocity.)

National Day of Unplugging -- powered by Reboot/Sabbath Manifesto, encouraging recharging your spiritual life by unplugging your technology from sunset today to sunset tomorrow       

National Fruit Compote Day

National Heroes' Day -- Paraguay

National Horse Protection Day -- US; sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation   

National Pig Day -- sponsored by Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave, who want you to know that pigs are amazing animals that place fourth on the animal intelligence list!

National Peanut Butter Lovers' Day -- different from National Peanut Butter Day, which is January 24

National Salesperson Day

Navii's Day / Vjunitci -- Asatru/Slavic Pagan Calendar (a Day of the Dead, bringing sacrifices and inviting the ancestors to attend the feast)

New Year's Day -- Ancient Roman Pre-Julian Calendar; related observances

     Birthday of Mars Pater (Feriae Marti)

     Chalanda Marz -- Kalends of March (now a festival in Egandine, Grisons Canton, Switzerland, in which the children ring bells to ring out the winter)

     Matronalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (Women's Festival to Juno)

     Renewal of the Vestal Fire

Nineteen Day Fast -- Baha'i (begins at sundown)

Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Day -- in remembrance of the destruction of Bikini Atoll

Omizutori Matsuri -- Todai-ji Temple, Nara, Japan (Water-Drawing Festival of 1,200 year old Buddhist ceremonies, through the 14th)

Peace Corps Birthday / National Day of Action -- US

Peanut Butter Lovers' Day -- according to some foodie sites

Plan a Solo Vacation Day -- Solo Travel Portal wants you to dream big and plan what you would do if you could get away, solo.

ReFIRED, Not Retired Day -- the day to get Fired Up about Life, Part II; you aren't retired, you are reFIRED!

Republic Day -- NE, Switzerland

Samiljeol (March 1st Movement Remembrance Day) -- South Korea

Self-Injury Awareness Day -- International (for information about self-injury, or to get started getting help, go here)

Shabbat Across America/Canada -- sponsored by the National Jewish Out-reach Program, encouraging Conservative, Orthodox, Reform, and Reconstructionist Jews to observe the Sabbath from sundown tonight until sundown tomorrow   

St. David of Wales' Day (Patron of doves; Patron of Wales, where it is called Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant)

Time for a Cuppa -- UK (raising awareness of dementia and raising funds for research; through Mar. 8) 

Whuppity Scoorie Day -- Lanark, Scotland (Spring festival, children run around the church and pick up coins thrown for them.)

World Civil Defense Day -- International Civil Defense Organisation    

World Day of Prayer-- International and Ecumenical; a day for Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action, this year's theme is "I Beg You...Bear With One Another in Love"; this year's call to prayer was written by the women of Palestine  

Yap Day -- Micronesia (festival celebrating the heritage of the Yap peoples)

Anniversaries Today:

Johnny Cash marries June Carter, 1968

Yellowstone National Park established, 1872

Nebraska becomes the 37th US State, 1867

Howard University in Washington, D.C., is chartered, 1867

Ohio becomes the 17th US State, 1803

Birthdays Today:

Justin Bieber, 1994

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 1974

Javier Bardem, 1969

George Eads, 1967

Russell Wong, 1963

Nik Kershaw, 1958

Timothy Daly, 1956

Ron Howard, 1954

Catherine Bach, 1954

Alan Thicke, 1947

Dirk Benedict, 1945

Roger Daltry, 1944

Robert Conrad, 1935

Harry Belafonte, 1927

Pete Rozelle, 1926

Donald "Deke" K. Slayton, 1924

William M. Gaines, 1922

Richard (Purdy) Wilbur, 1921

Ralph Ellison, 1914

Harry Caray, 1914

David Niven, 1910

Glenn Miller, 1904

Watsuji Tetsuro, 1889

Oskar Kokoschka, 1886

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1848

Frederic Chopin, 1810

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Sophisticated Ladies"(Musical), 1981

"Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"(Musical), 1979

"Believe It or Not"(TV), 1949

"Captain America Comics #1"(Comic book), 1941

"Native Son"(Publication date), 1940

Today in History:

Romulus, first king of Rome, celebrates the first Roman triumph after his victory over the Caeninenses, following the Rape of the Sabine Women, BC752

Lucius Cornelius Sulla, at the head of a Roman Republic army, enters Athens, BC86

Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis, conquerors Damascus, 1260

The Unitas Fratrum is established in the village of Kunvald, on the Bohemian-Moravian borderland. It is to date the second oldest Protestant denomination, 1457

23 Huguenots are massacred by Catholics in Wassy, France, marking the start of the French Wars of Religion, 1562

The Uppsala Synod is summoned to confirm the exact forms of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, 1593

Samuel de Champlain reclaims his role as commander of New France on behalf of Cardinal Richelieu, 1633

Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba are arrested for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692

"The Spectator" begins publishing, in London, 1711

The first US census is authorized, 1790

Napoleon returns to France from his banishment on Elba, 1815

Rebecca Lee Crumpler becomes the first African-American female to earn a medical degree, 1864

Yellowstone becomes the world's first national park, 1872

E. Remington and Sons in Ilion, New York begins production of the first practical typewriter, 1873

Nikola Tesla gives the first public demonstration of radio in St. Louis, Missouri, 1893

Henri Becquerel discovers radioactivity, 1896

Battle of Adwa, Abyssinia (Ethiopia) defeats invading Italians, the first defeat of a colonizing European nation by an African colony, 1896

Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from an airplane, 1912

The Republic of China joins the Universal Postal Union, 1914

The March 1st Movement, demonstrations for independence from Japan, begins in Korea, 1919

Charles Lindbergh, Jr., is kidnapped, 1932

The Hoover Dam is completed, 1936

US Steel raises workers wages to US$5/day, 1937

Trans-Canada Air Lines (forerunner of Air Canada) begins transcontinental operations (between Vancouver and Montreal), 1939

The International Monetary Fund begins financial operations, 1947

Chiang Kai-shek resumed the presidency of National China on Formosa, 1950

The Castle Bravo, a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb, is detonated on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the worst radioactive contamination ever caused by the United States, 1954

The Peace Corps is established, 1961

Villarrica Volcano begins a strombolian eruption causing lahars that destroy half of the town of Coñaripe, Chile, 1964

Venera 3 Soviet space probe crashes on Venus becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet's surface, 1966

Bosnia and Herzegovina declares its independence from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, 1992

Yahoo! was incorporated, 1995

The Envisat environmental satellite successfully reaches an orbit 800 kilometers (500 miles) above the Earth on its 11th launch, carrying the heaviest payload to date at 8500 kilograms (9.5 tons), 2002

The International Criminal Court holds its inaugural session in The Hague, 2003

English-language Wikipedia reaches its one millionth article, Jordanhill railway station, 2006

The tomb of a 700 year old female mummy, discovered by road workers, opened in Taizhou, Jiangsu, China, 2011

Two Guatemalan military officers are convicted of sexual slavery during country's civil war, the first ever prosecution of sexual slavery during an armed conflict, 2016

The discovery of the gene for grey hair (IRF4) is announced by Scientists from University College London in "Nature Communications", 2016

The earliest evidence for figural tattoos (bull and sheep) on two naturally mummified bodies from Egypt’s predynastic period (3351-3017BC) is published in "Journal of Archaeological Science", 2018

Canadian-American singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell receives the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize, 2023


  1. I always love your Friendly fill ins .- I have to disagree a bit on the first one. The right place for reading is everywhere but in the bathroom. Big family - one bathroom ;)

  2. Bettina is doing her best to pose for an interesting picture. I think she did very well. She's on the move!
    There are a couple of memes I made from your blog on Dani's funnies today.

  3. Sweet kitty of course. You're feelings are just perfect for Friday. In the Bible is the perfect book at all times.

  4. What a beautiful kitty, but she does seem to be camera shy and want out of the cage. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Bettina is beautiful. I always have a book (well, e-reader) with me at all times too. Have a great weekend!

  6. WOW Bettina, those really was some amazing white whiskers and you are beautiful! Those were good answers too!

  7. What whiskers! A book is my constant companion.

  8. Bettina what a beautiful name for such a lovely lady cat. Great fill ins
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Bettina is a cutie. I had a great aunt Bettina and haven't heard that name since she passed in 1984. Thank you for hosting Feline Friday and for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I need to look up that prayer. XO

  10. Charlee: "Black with white whiskers and at least one white paw, that qualifies as a Tuxedo in our book!"

  11. Hello Bettina with the white whiskers so cute :-)

    Have a sweettastic weekend 👍

  12. Loving Bettina! She and Katie can compare whiskers if they want to. I read the Bible through as well...but not each year though I could. However, I have lots of Biblically themed reading to enjoy. Just finished one about Saul...aka St. Paul.

  13. She is such a beauty. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  14. I have been listening to a lot of Chopin's music today...

    Bettina is beautiful is she in a cage at an adoption event? Hope she gets her forever home if she is.

    The Bible is the foundation for my life, to read, cherish and learn from.

  15. Bettina was relaxed in the first photo as we see by the relaxed downward facing whiskers, but the second photo with the whiskers pulled up and back tell a different story, though I can't remember what that means.

  16. Bettina is a little cutie! And supurr fill-ins again, and we wish mew a furbulous weekend!

  17. Bettina is precious ~ hope she has a forever home soon ~ great fill ins ~ thanks, hugs,

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. Aww, we can see is beautiful. We're purring she finds her forever home really soon! XO

  19. Bettina is a beauty. Thanks for sharing her. We finally got our link added. Our mom loves to read. Could probably spend all day doing it if she didn't have us or the blog. XOCK, angels Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta & Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


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