Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It has come to the attention of this most boring blogger that a few people are actually reading and commenting on my foolish ramblings.

I wish to thank any and all who stop to read the messiness that comes out of my warped little brain, and bear in mind a few things.

First, I haven't been blogging for very long. I really only started this so I could have a place to dump out a bunch of spouting in my brain that I want to later turn into letter format and forward to a particular friend. Yes, I know, if she has a friend like me, she does not need any enemies, especially if I am going to send her my drivel. Still, this is not something I figured anybody else would care much about, so I didn't exactly trumpet that I was going to attempt the most boring blog possible.

Second, I am the first cousin to a Luddite, and cannot even figure out how to do the most basic of things. Scratching out words with a line through them like Crabby and Bag Lady do, yet still having them appear, writing posts ahead and putting them in line to publish later, adding pictures, or making the overall appearance of the blog more interesting are all well beyond my capabilities. The fact that I can type is a big accomplishment, and I wouldn't know an HTML format if it came up and introduced itself on the street.

So, thank you to those who do read this on occasion. I cannot promise to be interesting, as that would interfering with being boring, but I will promise to try to be here. Although, if I were "all there" to begin with, I would have long ago learned to do things mentioned in the above paragraph. (Now, how would I insert a great big grin at my own expense after that line? See what i mean?)

Today is:

American Theatre Association Convention

Battle of Flowers Parade, Florida

Grouse Day/Glorious Twelfth, Scotland

Indian Day, Massachusetts

International Youth Day

Lights of Isis, Ancient Egypt

Mitcham Fair, Surrey, England

National Toasted Almond Bar Day

Old Time Farm Day

Sewing Machine Day

St. Porcarius' Day

Vinyl Record Day

Zaraday a/k/a Zarathud's Day

Birthdays Today:

Jane Wyatt, 1912
Cantinflas, 1911
Joe Besser, 1907
Cecil B. DeMille, 1881
Edith Hamilton, 1867
Katharine, Lee Bates, 1859
"Diamond Jim" Brady, 1856
Robert Mills, 1781

Today in History:

The last ruler of the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty, Cleopatra VII Philopater, commits suicide by asp bite, BC30
A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter occurs which may have been what the Bible calls the Star of Bethlehem, 3
Crusaders win the Battle of Ascalon, 1099
Juan Ponce de Leon arrives in Puerto Rico, 1508
Chicago is founded, 1833
Hawai'i annexed by the US, 1898
William Somerset Maugham published "Of Human Bondage", 1915

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  1. I think you're doing great!!!

    All that stuff takes time, and isn't that important. What counts is all the interesting things you have to say!

    I just typed a long explanation of how to do strikeout type (it's really not hard to do, just hard to explain) but the comment page won't let me post a comment with the tag in it to show you. So I had to delete it. Stupid Blogger! Anyway, no one knows any of this stuff when they first start out. It's the thoughts that count, and yours are funny and interesting!