Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Again, trouble

This morning's fun is that the kids have broken the only remaining computer.

I woke up to the computer not responding to the mouse.

I cannot get online from home, and am borrowing a friend's computer.

I cannot access my documents upon which I have all of the holiday, birthday, and history facts I have chosen for today stored.

In short, I am messed up big time.

I don't know how long, because tomorrow starts a long holiday weekend, I will be without a computer and begging the use of other computers just to try to keep up with email.

It's going to be a long few days.

I have to get home and make my dad's birthday present, a traditional flat fried cake his family calls and ojaldra (pronounced oh-hal-dra). They tend to take hours to make.

If I cannot get on to post in the next few days, Happy Thanksgiving from the world's most boring blog!


I came home, and the computer had restarted after I shut it down, and it is working again. Spooky, but here goes nothing.

Today is:

Cat-Nipping Convention -- Fairy Calendar

Education Day

Evacuation Day

Independence Day, Suriname

National Day, Burma

National Don't Utter A Word Day (while trying to cook for Thanksgiving tomorrow? Right!)

National Parfait Day

Shopping Reminder Day (One month until Christmas!)

Saint Catherine Laboure's Day -- promulgator of the Miraculous Medal

Birthdays Today:

Barbara and Jenna Bush, 1981
Donovan McNabb, 1976
Christina Applegate, 1971
Jill Hennessy, 1968
Amy Grant, 1960
John F. Kennedy, Jr., 1960
John Larroquette, 1947
Paul Desmond, 1924
Ricardo Montalban, 1920
Joe DiMaggio, 1914
Solanus Casey, 1870
Carry Nation, 1846
Karl F. Benz, 1844
Andrew Carnegie, 1835

Today in History:

The siege of Granada, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, begins, 1491
A deadly earthquake rocks Shemakha, in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people, 1667
The Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, reaches its peak intensity which it maintains through November 27. Winds gust up to 120 mph, and 9,000 people died, 1703
1st English patent granted to an American, for processing corn, 1715
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is founded, 1758
Farmer's Almanac first published, 1792
The Greek frigate Hellas arrives in Nafplion to become the first flagship of the Hellenic Navy, 1826
A cyclone slams India with high winds and a 40 foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa (never to be entirely rebuilt again); the storm wave sweeps inland, taking with it 20,000 ships and thousands of people. An estimated 300,000 deaths result from the disaster, 1839
Alfred Nobel patents dynamite, 1867
John B Meyenberg of St Louis patents evaporated milk, 1884
American College of Surgeons incorporates in Springield, Illinois, 1912
First Thanksgiving Day Parade is held in Philadelphia, 1920
Archaeologist Howard Carter enters King Tut's tomb, 1922
690 earthquake shocks recorded in 1 day in Ito, Japan, 1930
The first Soviet liquid fuel rocket attains altitude of 261' (80m), 1933
Woody Woodpecker debuts with release of Walter Lantz's "Knock Knock", 1940

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  1. I hope the problem was only temp.

    You have a wonderful holiday.