Thursday, November 19, 2009

Say it Again, Sam

My mind has been all over the map today.

When I am at full form, I can concentrate in noisy environments pretty easily, or ignore the constant chatter around me. I used to -- wait, don't put that away over there, it goes here, child, and thanks for emptying the dishwasher -- and, where was I?

Right now, I cannot focus.

My Bigger Girl's continual talk (walking stream-of-consciousness, this kid, her mouth is never shut! just like her father) made me so confused I skipped a whole store when we were out running errands.

What a great time for Please Maintain Your Focus Today Day.

As usual, impeccable timing, so I just won't peck at it.

Instead I will try not to let my mind wander too much, it's too small to be let out on its own.

Today is:

Alligator Wrestling Day

Equal Opportunity Day

Flag Day, Brazil

Garifuna Day, Belize

Great American SmokeOUt

Have a Bad Day Day (If you are observing the Smokeout, this one

coincides beautifully, doesn't it?)

National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day

National Day, Monaco

Please Maintain Your Focus Today Day

St. Mechchild's Day

St. Nerses' Day

Thrift Day a/k/a Use Less Stuff Day

World Toilet Day

Birthdays Today:

McCaughey Septuplets, 1997
Kerri Strug, 1977
Jodie Foster, 1962
Meg Ryan, 1961
Calvin Klein, 1942
Ted Turner, 1938
Dick Cavett, 1936
Larry King, 1933
Indira Gandhi, 1917
Tommy Dorsey, 1905
James Garfield, 1831

Today in History:

The Mayflower reaches Cape Cod and explores the coast, 1620
Rabbi Isaiah b Abraham aha-Levi Horowitz arrives in Isreal, 1621
The Jakobinen club forms in Paris, 1794
The Jay Treaty, the first US extradition treaty, is signed with Great Britain, 1794
Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first European Americans to cross the continent, 1805
Warsaw University is established, 1816
The St. Petersburg flood, caused by storms, kills 10,000, 1824
Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Address, 1863
Boss Tweed is convicted, sentenced to 12 years, 1874
Carrie Nation attempts to address the US Senate, 1903
NY receives the first Marconi wireless transmission from Italy, 1911
Samuel Goldwyn and Edgar Selwyn establish Goldwyn Pictures (anybody want to guess what this eventually became?), 1916
The first issue of Time Magazine is published, with Emperor Hirohito on the cover, 1928
Women first allowed to vote in Spain, 1933
Ford cancels the Edsel, 1959


  1. I once worked for 17 salespeople and could do multiple things at once - not now! Sometimes when typing a comment I type what I am hearing on the tv!!!

  2. If you missed the Gettysburg meeting, you can find Lincoln's PowerPoint at:


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