Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heart to Heart, Mom to Mom

There are two moms I want to have a heart to heart talk with, and one I want to compliment.

First, "Mother Nature." She apparently has forgotten that mid-November is way too late in the season to send hurricanes! She sent the cold earlier than usual, and very little tropical weather. What is she trying to do, make up for lost time? Or did she just get a mix up, with sending cold and a tropical system to cancel each other out? Either way, we need to work on her scheduling. The cold she sent kept the hurricane from coming here, and moderated it down to tropical storm strength before it hit. Still, I don't wish those things on anybody, and I believe the areas of Georgia that flooded a month or so ago could have skipped out on this particular event and been the happier for it.

Second, mama cat. Specifically, the mama cat that abandoned an eyes just opened kitten at one of our shelter volunteer's place of employment. Didn't she get the memo that it is too late in the season to be having babies? I mean really, in November? This poor little thing won't even be ready to adopt at Christmas time, she will still be just a week too soon for surgery. As a black kitten, she will come up for adoption in January, when everyone is facing the bills from the holidays and cutting back on everything.

Meanwhile, I am back to bottle feeding around the clock, and the kitten is constipated, and the bigger kittens have the runs again and can't be taken to adoption day until I figure out what is causing that, and the laundry has backed up because Sweetie wants me to rewash everything he owns with a different detergent (he is convinced he is allergic to the new one that I switched to 4 months ago, I say he went out the day the yard got winter fertilizer put on it, and is allergic to that).

A salute, finally, to moms of active duty military, moms who stay home while their husbands are stationed far away, moms who are themselves active duty military, moms of veterans, moms who have lost children during military service. May you have special blessings from Heaven for all you have sacrificed. Happy Veterans' Day.

Today is:

Air Day

Beggar's Day, Netherlands

Bonza Bottler Day

Concordia Day, St. Marten

Einherjar - "Feast of the Fallen"

Feast of Dionysus

Lunantishees, Ireland

National Day, Monaco

National Sundae Day

Old November Day

Original Poppy Day

Remembrance Day, Canada

Republic Day, Maldives

St. Martin's Day a/k/a St. Martin of Tours's Day (Western), Martinmas (Old England), Martinigian - in Switzerland- patron of beggars, drunkards, equestrians, harvests, horses, innkeepers, new wine, tailors; highly celebrated through Sweden and Switzerland

St. Menas of Egypt's Day

Variante Festival, Angola (music festival)

Veterans' Day a/k/a Armistice Day

Vox Populi (People’s Voice) Day

Wish-Spoiling Sports Day (Imps, Gremlins, and grumpy Goblins) -- Fairy Calendar

Anniversaries Today:

Washington becomes the 42nd US State, 1889

Birthdays Today:

Leonardo DiCaprio, 1974
Peta Wilson, 1970
Calista Flockhart, 1964
Demi Moore, 1962
Marc Summers, 1951
Bibi Andersson, 1935
Jonathan Winters, 1925
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., 1922
Alger Hiss, 1904
Pat O'Brien, 1899
George Patton, 1885
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, 1821
Abigail Smith Adams,1744

Today in History:

The Congress of Carnuntum: Attempting to keep peace within the Roman Empire, the leaders of the Tetrarchy declare Maxentius and Licinius to be Augusti, while rival contender Constantine I is declared Caesar of Britain and Gaul, 308
41 pilgrims land in Massachusetts, sign Mayflower Compact, 1620
Massachusetts passes 1st US compulsory school attendance law, 1647
Chrysanthemums are introduced into England from China, 1790
Mary Edward Walker, the 1st Army female surgeon, is awarded the Medal of Honor, 1865
The 11/11/11 cold wave: Many cities in the U.S. Midwest broke their record highs and lows on the same day as a strong cold front rolled through, 1911


  1. Good Morning or at least I hope it gets better for you. Sounds like your hands are full. God bless all Veterans today.

  2. Hope the kittens get better soon! That can't be pleasant....

    Happy Veteran's Day to you, too.

  3. Sick kittens is not a fun thing. Hope the day gets better for you.


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