Friday, November 6, 2009

Mind Games

What is it about human nature that makes us think we will have more, later?

More time, more money, more anything?

When we put off reading that email until later when there will be "more time to deal with it," when will that be?

Same with saving money for something, or buying something. Will there really be more money in the next paycheck, or will it just magically stretch further?

There will always be more to buy, more to do, more to read, more to see, than any human can get to in one lifetime.

I don't like that fact, so I just don't face it. I put off until "later," and that magical later will not come.

Today is:

Arbor Day, Australia

Gustavus Adolphus Day, Sweden

Independence Day, Chad, Dominican Republic

International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

Marooned Without A Compass Day

National Nachos Day

National Notary Public Day

Potting Shed Investitures (garden fairies) -- Fairy Calendar

Return Day

Saxophone Day

St. Illtyd's Day

St. Leonard's Day (patron of prisoners, blacksmiths, porters, horses, locksmiths, coal miners, greengrocers; against robbery)

St. Paul of Constantinople's Day (Eastern)

United Americas Day

Birthdays Today:

Pat Tillman, 1976
Rebecca Romijn, 1972
Ethan Hawke, 1970
Maria Shriver, 1955
Glenn Frey, 1948
Sally Field, 1946
Mike Nichols, 1931
Walter Perry Johnson, 1887
James Naismith, 1861
John Philip Sousa, 1854
Adolphe Sax, 1814 (yes, the musician who invented the Saxophone)

Today in History:

Shipwrecked Spanish conquistador Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca becomes the first known European to set foot in Texas, 1528
Spain grants independence to the Dominican Republic, 1844
Canada celebrates its first official, national Thanksgiving Day, 1879
Colonel Jacob Schick patents the first electric razor, 1928

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  1. Hoping you have a nice weekend. I've got all the ingrdients for nachos for Nacho Day!!!


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