Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's in That Bowl?

The only thing, I think, that goes through a cat's mind when it is eating is, "What's in that Other bowl?"

This would be okay if I could feed all the cats the same stuff.

I have kittens that are supposed to be on kitten food, but all they want is the adult cat food. The adult cats, of course, knowing the kitten stuff is more fattening, wait until the right moment to steal as much kitten food as they can.

I could spend all day standing in the kitchen, if I had the time to spare, bringing out different bowls of food for different animals. The kittens come over and want to eat. I put down their food. The adult cats wander in, I put theirs down. By now, the kittens have had a few bites each and are bored, so the leave. I am busy, so the adult cats try for the kitten food. I pick up the kitten food, but the kittens hear the food rattling in the bowl and come back over.

Or all of them wander off, and one comes back in to eat. I put down food for that one, the rest hear it, they get in a food fight.

It goes this way all day, I pick up all of the food, one cat comes in, it wants to eat. I put food down. Everyone else has to eat, just a bite or two. Then, I try to pick it up, another one wants to eat.

Never do they want what they are given.

I had one friend who finally gave up and put the adult cat food, kitten food, and puppy food, all mixed, in every bowl. She figured that way, everybody got at least a bit of what they needed.

Meanwhile, I feel stuck in the kitchen, guarding cat food bowls. What a way to run a railroad.

Today is:

Arbor Day, Samoa

Chair Day

Flag Day, Panama

General Election Day in the US (first Tuesday in November)

Independence Day, Tonga

Mischief Night, Australia, UK, New Zealand

National Candy Day

National Children’s Goal-Setting Day

Skeptic's Day

Suez Day

St. Americus' Day (patron of America)

St. Charles Borromeo's Day

Use Your Common Sense Day

Will Roger's Day

Waiting for the Barbarians Day

Anniversaries Today:

Taking of the US Embassy in Teheran, Iran -- 1979
Discovery of King Tut's Tomb -- 1922
Abraham Lincoln weds Mary Todd, 1842

Birthdays Today:

Sean "Diddy" Combs, 1970
Matthew McConaughey, 1969
Ralph Macchio, 1962
Jeff Probst, 1962
Kathy Griffin, 1960
Markie Post, 1950
Laura W. Bush, 1946
Loretta Swit, 1937
Doris Roberts, 1930
Martin Balsam, 1919
Art Carney, 1918
Walter Cronkite, 1916
Will Rogers, 1879
Augustus Montague Toplady, 1740 (wrote the hymn "Rock of Ages")

Today in History:

The Flood of the Arno River causes massive damage in Florence, Italy, 1333
Thomas Wolsey, English cardinal, arrested, 1529
Benjamin Palmer patents an artificial leg, 1846
Dentist John Beers of San Francisco patents the gold crown, 1873
Tonga adopts a constitution, 1875
James Ritty patents the cash register, to combat the pilfering of the till by the bartenders in his Ohio saloon, 1879
Nellie Tayloe Ross is elected the first female US State governor, in Wyoming, 1924


  1. This is so funny to me - my day is the exact same way. I handle dog & cat bowls all day and try and get the right animal to eat the right food. Nothing should be this time consuming!

  2. Good to know I am in such company as yours, my esteemed blog friend!


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