Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baked Alaska Day at co-op.

Sponge cake, which you make ahead and freeze (or buy one!).

Block of ice cream. Put it on top of the cake, make sure they both get good and hard.

Meringue. Which the kids had fun making.

They thought it was neat, spreading the meringue.

Five minutes or so in a good hot oven, and let the messy fun begin.

Next co-op, they want cheesecake. I hope to be healed up by then, because it will be after the holiday, so I have 2 weeks.

Today is:

Anniversary of Broadway

Creative Alienation Day

Electronic Greeting Card Day

Here To Go Day

Homemade Bread Day

Independence Day, Morocco

Knight Festival

National Baklava Day

National Community Education Day

St. Elizabeth of Hungary's Day (patron of nursing, bakers; against plague)

St. Gregory of Tours' Day (aka Gregory Wonderworker; patron of desperate situations; against floods, earthquakes)

St. Hilda's Day (patron of business women)

St. Hugh of Lincoln's Day (patron of sick children)

Take A Hike Day

World Peace Day

Birthdays Today:

Laura Wilkinson, 1977
Daisy Fuentes, 1966
Danny DeVito, 1944
Lorne Michaels, 1944
Tom Seaver, 1944
Lauren Hutton, 1943
Martin Scorsese, 1942
Gordon Lightfoot, 1938
Rock Hudson, 1925
Lee Strassberg, 1901
Atahualpa, last Emperor of the Inca, 1502
Flavius Claudius Julianus, Roman Emperor, 331
Vespian, Roman Emperor, 9

Today in History:

Diocletian is proclaimed emperor by his soldiers, 284
England and Spain sign an anti-French covenant/treaty, 1511
Elizabeth I ascends the English throne, 1558
France and Spain sign the Peace of the Pyrenees treaty, 1659
The Church of England organizes in New England, 1785
Congress holds its first session in the still incomplete Capitol Building of Washington, D.C., 1800
The Delta Phi fraternity, America's oldest continuous social fraternity, is founded at Union College in Schenectady, New York, 1827
Ecuador and Venezuela separate from Greater Colombia, 1831
Street signs are first authorized at San Francisco intersections, 1853
David Livingstone becomes the first European to see Victoria Falls, 1855
Japan and Korea sign The Eulsa Treaty, 1905
The first US dental hygienist course is formed, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1913
US declares the Panama Canal Zone to be neutral, 1914
Lenin defends the "temporary" removal of freedom of the press, 1917

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  1. Just once in my life have I had Baked Alaska - my Aunt gave us a wedding shower & bought it at the bakery. It was delicious. I have never tried to make cheesecake but I sure do love it. I just now noticed what your header says - your blog is not boring at all. I have several friends' blogs that you might enjoy who homeschool. I think once you have time to visit more you will gain more followers. I was just shocked to see on your list how old Gordon Lightfoot is! Wow! Take care & God bless. Change that header to busy, homeschooling Mom who loves pets & loves to bake & travel!!!