Tuesday, March 6, 2012

After a 3 hour phone call from a friend, my brain is fried.

This friend has had troubles that make mine look like a cake walk.

It makes me grateful for my blessings, and for having her in my life.

Today is:

Alamo Day -- Texas, US

Feast of Excited Insects -- China; Korea (sometimes called Chinese Groundhog Day, the day insects are supposed to awaken for spring; date approximate)

Foundation Day -- Norfolk Island, Commonwealth of Australia

Headache Relief Day -- aspirin was patented today in 1899

Independence Day -- Ghana

Kirishima Jingu Otaue-sai -- Kirishima Jingu Shrine, Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan (rice planting festival)

March Goblins' Galumphing Gala and Display -- Fairy Calendar

National Chocolate Cheesecake Day

National Frozen Food Day

Stoneware Pottery Appreciation Day -- internet generated by those who love stoneware

St. Colette's Day (Patron of Corbie, France)

Unique Names Day -- a day to appreciate friends, acquaintances, and loved ones with unique names

Birthdays Today:

Shaquille O'Neal, 1972
D.L. Hughley, 1963
Tom Arnold, 1959
David Gilmour, 1946
Rob Reiner, 1945
Kiri Te Kanawa, 1944
Willie Stargell, 1941
Lorin Maazel, 1930
Alan Greenspan, 1926
Ed McMahon, 1923
Lou Costello, 1906
Ring Lardner, 1885
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806
Cyrano de Bergerac, 1619
Michelangelo Bounarroti, 1475

Today in History:

Ferdinand Magellan arrives at Guam, 1521
The First Fleet arrives at Norfolk Island (an external territory of Australia) in order to found a convict settlement, 1788
York, Upper Canada is incorporated as Toronto, 1834
After a thirteen day siege by an army of 3,000 Mexican troops, the 187 Texas volunteers defending the Alamo are defeated and the fort is captured, 1836
Giuseppe Verdi's opera La Traviata receives its premiere performance in Venice, 1853
Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society, 1869
Bayer registers "aspirin" as a trademark, 1899
The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg begins, 1951
United Kingdom colonies Gold Coast and British Togoland become the independent Republic of Ghana, 1957
After 19 years of presenting the CBS Evening News, Walter Cronkite signs off for the last time, 1981
Michelangelo computer virus begins to affect computers, 1992
A referendum in Moldova results in the electorate voting against possible reunification with Romania, 1994
Picasso's painting Tête de Femme is stolen from a London gallery, and is recovered a week later, 1997


  1. ahh that seconds sentence.
    Ive had that a bunch here lately and it is so bittersweet.

  2. She must be a great person for you to endure having your brain fried by her for hours. Or maybe you're just a wonderfully giving person.

  3. Miz, no matter what, i need to remember now blessed i really am.

    Stephen, she's an amazing person.


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