Sunday, March 18, 2012

You Know You Are Getting Older

...when you have to wear reading glasses at the computer by evening.

Or maybe it's just the overwhelm from having to still work on taxes. The hard way. Going over the bank website transaction by transaction.

Don't ask, it's been complicated.

Today will see the end. We will print a few more things, and it will be shipped out. First i have to flag down #1 Son to get him to sign his paperwork -- he has a new work schedule, and i've yet to figure it out.

Oh, and good news, finally, about his car. At least, i hope so. Really, it's good news about the mechanic as much as anything else.

Back when we had it repaired from the Cat Incident, it was two quarts low, so they changed the oil at the same time.

Then two days ago, he came to me and said his gas mileage was going down and the oil life gauge on the dash showed it needed to be changed and Young Jake checked the oil and said it was filthy.

So i went back to the shop with it, and asked if it were possible one of them had made a mistake and just added the two quarts without changing it.

They checked, and said that yes, the oil looked awful for only being changed a couple of weeks ago, but they had changed it for certain.

The theory is that being low had built up a lot of gunk in the engine which fouled up the new oil right away.

They very kindly changed it again, no charge. That is how to build trust and respect from your customers, for certain.

So, back to the reading glasses. Or not. Maybe i'm just tired, not old.

Is rambling a sign of age? Let's hope not, i do that all of the time, not just in the evenings when i am tired.

Today is:

Awkward Moments Day -- harness the power of humor in life's more uncomfortable situations

Bindus Diena -- Ancient Latvain Calendar

Celtic Tree Month Fearn (Alder) begins

Cheikh Al Maarouf Day -- Comoros

Flag Day -- Aruba

Forgive Mom and Dad Day -- because we all make mistakes; sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

Gallipoli Memorial Day -- Turkey

Goddess of Fertility Day -- a modern celebration of all goddesses of fertility

Grandparents' and Grandchildren's Day -- Michigan, US

Jacques de Molay's Day -- last Grand Master of the Knights Templar

Laetare Sunday -- Western Christianity, 4th Sunday of Lent; related Observances
Carnaval de la Laetare -- Stavelot, Belgium
Mothering Sunday -- UK

Mens and Soldiers Day -- Mongolia

National Anthem and Flag Day -- Aruba

National Biodiesel Day -- birth anniversary of Rudolph Diesel, who unveiled his engine at the World Fair in 1900

National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day

Sheelah's Day -- Ireland (probably Sheela Na Gig, goddess of fertility)

Sheep and Goats (Separation) Day -- Fairy Calendar

St. Anselm of Lucca's Day (Patron of Mantua, Italy)

St. Edward the Martyr's Day

Supreme Sacrifice Day -- an internet generated holiday now used to honor those who have made a supreme sacrifice, all who have given their lives for others

Usajingu Reitaisai -- Japan (offerings to the Kami from the Imperial Household are shared in this very important festival)

Birthdays Today:

Dane Cook, 1972
Queen Latifah, 1970
Bonnie Blair, 1964
Vanessa Williams, 1963
Irene Cara, 1959
Brad Dourif, 1950
Wilson Pickett, 1941
Charlie Pride, 1938
F.W. deKlerk, 1936
John Updike, 1932
George Plimpton, 1927
Peter Graves, 1926
Edward Everett Horton, 1886
Rudolph Diesel, 1858
Grover Cleveland, 1837

Today in History:

Crusaders kill 57 Jews in Bury St Edmonds England, 1190
German emperor Frederick II crowns himself king of Jerusalem, 1229
Kraków is ravaged by Mongols, 1241
According to legend, Tenochtitlan is founded on this date, 1325
John Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton sells his part of New Jersey to the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers, 1673
Henry Wells and William Fargo form American Express in Buffalo, NY, 1850
Former Governor General Lord Stanley pledges to donate a silver challenge cup, later named after him, as an award for the best hockey team in Canada, 1893
Mohandas Gandhi is sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience (he served only 2 years), 1922
The first public celebration of Bat mitzvah, for the daughter of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, is held in New York City, 1922
The Tri-State Tornado hits the Midwestern US states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, killing 695 people, 1925
The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy kills 26 and causes thousands to flee their homes, 1944
Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, leaving his spacecraft Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes, becomes the first person to walk in space, 1965
The U.S. Congress repeals the requirement for a gold reserve to back US currency, 1968
In Egypt, a 4,400-year-old mummy is found nearby the Pyramid of Cheops, 1989
White South Africans vote overwhelmingly in favour, in a national referendum, to end the racist policy of Apartheid, 1992
Bosnia's Bosniaks and Croats sign the Washington Agreement, ending warring between the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and establishing the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1994
British Sign Language is recognised as an official British language, 2003
For the first time, a woman served as imam, leading a public, mixed-gender, Muslim congregation in Jum'ah prayer and delivering the sermon, 2005


  1. I also ramble, and I'm old. So you decide.... In our house the roles are reversed; my son is always pestering ME to change the car's oil.

  2. I am happy to hear they helped with the oil change at no charge, that is the way to a customer's heart, in my book! And as far as the glasses. Uh. Couldn't say, when the doctor says I have 20/roadkill vision, I don't really have a CHOICE when I wear them, except to see more than about 3 inches ahead... But yes, if you are doing taxes, that can strain about any part of your person. (That's why I make cookies, and hide when Husband starts...)


  3. Stephen, i don't think you ramble in your writings, i like what i've read.

    Cat, i wear distance glasses to drive only, and reading glasses to read only. My eyes do seem to be getting worse. Wish i could hide and let Sweetie do the taxes, you are blessed.


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