Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Besides Death and Taxes

There are two other certainties.

One is that i will never catch up totally with the laundry. No matter what, as what i am wearing is being dirtied while i wash everything else, laundry will never end.

The other is that, despite having lived here my entire life, i will never cease to be surprised and bemused by the state sport of politics as represented by our legislature.

They will convene next month and up for discussion will be the extremely important topic of...whether cup lids at drive through daiquiri shops should be pre-perforated for straws to go through them.

Yes, really. One of our state Senators has finally decided that just putting a piece of tape over the straw hole, which piece of tape also comes down the side of the cup, attaching the lid at that one point, isn't enough.

So, it makes me want to ask, why do we even have an open container law? What are they thinking? Allowing drive through drinks to be served hardly conforms to the ideal of cutting down on drunk driving.

Sometimes these people can still boggle my mind, even after all this time.

No, i don't know if there is any truth to the rumor that drive through daiquiri shops were permitted when it was pointed out to judges, with actual beer cans and taped up daiquiri cups, that it's faster to pop the top on the beer than to get into the daiquiri.

But it wouldn't surprise me.

Louisiana: We're not all drunk Cajun wackos, that's just our tourism campaign.

Drive defensively, mon cher.

Today is:

Commemoration of the Birth of Lao-Tzu -- Taoist

Get Grandma to Write Down Her Meatloaf Recipe -- or spaghetti, or pound cake, or whatever she specialized in, because if you don't, you will someday regret it

Great American Weigh-In Day -- US (to commit to a healthier lifestyle)

Impeachment of March Goblins -- Fairy Calendar

Learn What Your Name Means Day -- go look it up, it's probably very interesting

Makha Bucha Day -- Thailand

Masaryk Day -- Czech Republic; Slovakia

National Be Heard Day -- info at

National Cereal Day

National Crown Roast of Pork Day

Nones of March -- Ancient Roman Calendar; related observances
Festival of Junonalia -- for Juno
Festival for Vedovus -- god of the dead, swamps, and volcanic movements

St. Felicity's and St. Perpetua's Day (Patrons of butchers, Carthage, Catalunya, expectant mothers, mothers, and ranchers)

Teacher's Day -- Albania

Birthdays Today:

Ivan Lendl, 1960
Rik Mayall, 1958
Tammy Faye Bakker, 1942
Daniel J. Travanti, 1940
Willard Scott, 1934
Lord Snowdon, 1930
Maurice Ravel, 1875
Piet Mondriaan, 1875
Luther Burbank, 1849
John Herschel, 1792
Rob Roy MacGregor, 1671
Henry Purcell, 1659
Kano Tanju, 1602

Today in History:

Roman Emperor Constantine I decrees that the dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire, 321
King Henry VIII's divorce request is denied by the Pope; Henry then declares that he, not the Pope, is supreme head of England's church, 1530
Massachusetts enacts the first bicameral legislature in the colonies, 1664
The French army enters Rome: the birth of the Roman Republic, 1798
Shrigley Abduction: Ellen Turner is abducted by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a future politician in colonial New Zealand, 1827
Charles Miller patents the first US sewing machine to stitch buttonholes, 1854
The City of Lábrea in Amazonas, Brazil was founded, 1886
Roald Amundsen announces that, on Dec. 14, 1911, his expedition had reached the South Pole, 1912
An 8.0 earthquake strikes Tango, Japan, 1927
Bloody Sunday: Alabama state troopers and 600 black protestors clash in Selma, 1965
Divers from the USS Preserver locate the crew cabin of Challenger on the ocean floor, 1986
The U.S. Supreme Court rules that parodies of an original work are generally covered by the doctrine of fair use, 1994
British House of Commons votes to make the upper chamber, the House of Lords, 100% elected, 2007


  1. I always wonder how, with just THREE OF US, the laundry seems to never end...

  2. Miz, just wait; teens are even more sources of endless laundry.


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