Sunday, March 4, 2012


Yesterday saw five different men peeking under the hood of the van, trying to figure out what is what. It is one of the two most ridiculously constructed vehicles i've ever seen, the other being #1 Son's.

We had another of those middle of the night calls for #1 Son. His car wouldn't start again. So they wanted to jump it off. When you put the key in the ignition and it won't start, it also won't let you take the key out. Thus you cannot open the trunk -- it has no in the car release button. The battery for his car is in the trunk.

Insert eye roll here. Luckily the fuse box is under the hood, and they jumped it off at the fuse box. So that seems to be that, for now.

Meanwhile, the opinions on my vehicle were divided. Take the word of the battery tester and try for the alternator, take the word of a friend who heard the noises it was making trying to start over the phone and said starter, or take out the battery and take it for a real test.

Since the starter is a little more impossible to get to in my van than the battery, which is under a steel bar that has to be removed to change it, we decided the steel bar was better. This is especially true as we had no lift for the car, which is required to get to either the starter or the alternator.

It was the battery. Sweetie took it to a local shop, they tested, they said replace, it was replaced. The van is running again.

For the moment, we are back to not having to share a car. This is very good.

Today at church, many prayers of thanksgiving will be given, and along with many requests to keep it this way for a long time to come.

Today is:

Charter Day -- St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Courageous Follower Day -- because leaders have to have someone to lead

Feast of Ra in His Barge at Heliopolis -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Holy Experiment Day -- try something religious today

Hug a GI Day -- just don't get in trouble sneaking on base to do it

International Scrapbooking Industry Day -- can't find proof the industry actually set this day, but if you love scrapbooking, celebrate

March Dryads' Festival -- Fairy Calendar

March Forth - Do Something Day

National Grammar Day -- sponsored by The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar on March 4th, which is both a date and an imperative

National Poundcake Day

Orthodox Sunday -- Orthodox Christian

Philadelphia International Flower Show -- Philadelphia, PA, US (through Mar. 11)

St. Casimir's Day (Patron of Lithuania and Poland)

Toy Soldier Day -- building a utopian playland and embarking on a worldwide mission of fun

Anniversaries Today:

Vermont becomes the 14th US state, 1791

Birthdays Today:

Patsy Kensit, 1968
Jason Curtis Newsted, 1963
Patricia Heaton, 1958
Chris Squire, 1948
Paula Prentiss, 1938
Miriam Makeba, 1932
Charles Rudolph Walgreen, Jr., 1906
Knute Rockne, 1888
Garrett Morgan, 1877
Antonio Vivaldi, 1678
Prince Henry the Navigator, 1394

Today in History:

Croatian Duke Trpimir I issued a statute, a document with the first known written mention of the Croats name in Croatian sources, 852
Ramathibodi becomes King of Siam, 1351
Christopher Columbus arrives back in Lisbon, Portugal, from his first voyage, 1493
Hernan Cortez arrives in Mexico in search of Aztec gold, 1519
The Massachusetts Bay Colony is granted a royal charter, 1629
John Flamsteed is appointed the first Astronomer Royal of England, 1675
France is divided into 83 départements, which cut across the former provinces in an attempt to dislodge regional loyalties based on noble ownership of land, 1790
The first Jewish member of the US Congress, Israel Jacobs of Pennsylvania, takes office, 1791
A Constitutional Act is introduced by the British House of Commons in London which envisages the separation of Canada into Lower Canada (Quebec) and Upper Canada (Ontario), 1791
In the first ever peaceful transfer of power between elected leaders in modern times, John Adams is sworn in as President of the United States, succeeding George Washington, 1797
In the Castle Hills Rebellion, in New South Wales, Australia, Irish convicts (some of whom had been involved in Ireland’s Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1798) lead the colony’s only significant convict uprising, 1804
Carlo Alberto di Savoia signs the Statuto Albertino that will later represent the first constitution of the Regno d'Italia, 1848
The day without a US president -- Zachary Taylor refuses to be sworn in on the Sabbath (Sunday), so there is, technically, no president on this day, 1849
The longest bridge in the Great Britain, the Forth Bridge (railway) (1,710 ft) in Scotland is opened, 1890
The great fire of Shanghai damages over 1,000 buildings, 1894
Victor Berger of Wisconsin becomes the first socialist congressman in the U.S., 1911
Jeannette Rankin of Montana becomes the first female member of the United States House of Representatives, 1917
Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia's renunciation of the throne is made public, and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia publicly issues his abdication manifesto, 1917
Frances Perkins becomes the United States Secretary of Labor, the first female member of the United States Cabinet, 1933
Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, announces the first successful kidney transplant, 1954
The S&P 500 stock market index is introduced, replacing the S&P 90, 1957
The United States Atomic Energy Commission announces that the first atomic power plant at McMurdo Station in Antarctica is in operation, 1962
The first Cray-1 supercomputer is shipped to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, 1976
Nationalist leader Robert Mugabe wins a sweeping election victory to become Zimbabwe's first black prime minister, 1980
Bertha Wilson is appointed the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada, 1983
The Soviet Vega 1 begins returning images of Comet Halley and the first images ever of its nucleus, 1986
The Supreme Court of the United States rules that federal laws banning on-the-job sexual harassment also apply when both parties are the same sex, 1998
No response is received in the final attempt to contact Pioneer 10 by the Deep Space Network, 2006
Approximately 30,000 voters take advantage of electronic voting in Estonia, the world's first nationwide voting where part of the votecasting is allowed in the form of remote electronic voting via the Internet, 2007


  1. This is one of those days where I would truly like to see how big a rock I could find to destroy X item that causes that much frustration. I am held back by X item being vitally important. That is what's called stress, boys and girls!



  2. Exactly, Cat. Like wanting to take the hatchet to the uncooperative computer.


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