Monday, September 25, 2017

Big Brother/Little Brother (Awww Monday)

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It was very hard to get a photo of them because they were moving, here are Comeaux and Dansig.  Comeaux is "making biscuits" (treading his paws as he would have when nursing on his mama) on Dansig while Dansig gives him a bath.

Dansig is the only one of our adult cats to always unconditionally accept every kitten.

The kittens are always grateful for him.

Today is:

Armed Forces Day -- Mozambique

Canterbury South Provincial Anniversary Day -- Canterbury South, New Zealand

Dominion Day -- New Zealand (Obs.)

Family and Community Day -- ACT, Australia

Family Day - A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children(TM) -- US (sponsored by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, encouraging everyone to have a meal with the family, because all the studies show it's good for you!

International Ataxia Awareness Day -- highlighting the difficulties of living with the many forms of ataxia 

Join a Cabal of International Bankers Today Day -- internet generated, and only for people without a conscience

Kamarampaka Day -- Rwanda (Republic Day, marks the 1961 abolition of the monarchy)

Math Storytelling Day -- the brainchild of Maria Droujkova 

Metropolitan Opera in NYC Opening Night

National Comic Book Day -- internet generated, but go read one, they are fun

National Crabmeat Newberg Day

National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims -- US

National Food Service Employees Day -- because everyone wants to eat out once in a while 

National One-Hit Wonder Day -- US, remembering those who had only one hit on the rock charts

National Psychotherapy Day -- US (a day to wear turquoise and encourage education about how psychotherapy can help people

National Youth Day -- Nauru

Northeast Kingdom Fall Foliage Festival -- Walden, Cabot, Plainfield, Peacham, Barnet, Groton, and Marshfield, VT, US (all 7 towns take turns welcoming visitors during the famous fall foliage season, with local food, music, culture, and more; through Sunday)

Old Holy Rood Eve -- OS calendar Holy Cross Eve, the last day to pick blackberries (after this, the devil poisons them because when he fell from heaven, he landed in a blackberry bush)

Queen's Birthday Holiday -- WA, Australia

St. Cadoc's Day (Patron of the deaf; against cramps, deafness, glandular disorders, scrofula)

St. Finbarr's Day (Patron of Barra, Scotland; Cork, Ireland)

Toad Tempting Day -- Fairy Calendar

World Ataxia Awareness Day

World Pharmacists Day -- International Pharmaceutical Federation; this year's theme is "From Research to Healthcare; your Pharmacist is at your service." 

Birthdays Today:

Lee Norris, 1981
Catherine Zeta-Jones, 1969
Will Smith, 1968
Scottie Pippen, 1965
Tate Donovan, 1963
Aida Turturro, 1962
Heather Locklear, 1961
Michael Madsen, 1959
Jamie Hyneman, 1956
Christopher Reeve, 1952
Mark Hamill, 1951
Cheryl Tiegs, 1947
Michael Douglas, 1944
Robert Walden, 1943
Juliet Prowse, 1936
Glenn Gould, 1932
Barbara Walters, 1931
Shel Silverstein, 1930
Phil Rizzuto, 1918
Dmitri Shostakovich, 1906
Walter Wesley "Red" Smith, 1905
William Faulkner, 1897
Jean Phillippe Rameau, 1683 (baptismal date, as actual birth anniversary is unknown)
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, 1358 (Japanese Shogun)

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Beauty and the Beast"(TV), 1987
"Stepping Out"(Play), 1984
"Winterset"(Play), 1935
"Dorothy"(Comic opera), 1886

Today in History:

St. Ferment is beheaded in Amiens, France, after voyaging there to preach the gospel, 303
The Battle of Stamford Bridge marks the end of the Anglo-Saxon era, 1066
Columbus begins his second voyage, with 17 ships, 1493
Vasco Nunez de Balboa becomes the first European to see the Pacific Ocean from the west coast of the Americas, 1513
The first printing press in the Americas begins operations, 1639
Old Style date; two very accurate clocks are set in motion at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England, the start of Greenwich Mean Time, 1676
Ethan Allan, American Revolutionary War hero, is captured, 1775
Benedict Arnold joins the British, 1780
The first all-black university in the US, Howard University, is created by Congress, 1867
Yosemite National Park is established by Congress, 1890
Charles Follis becomes the first black to play professional American football, 1904
Birth of the remote control -- Leonardo Torres Quevedo successfully demonstrates the invention of the "Telekino" and guides a boat from the shore in the port of Bilbao, 1906
Jimmy Doolittle performs the first blind flight from Mitchel Field proving that full instrument flying from take off to landing is possible, 1929
Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, is integrated by the use of United States Army troops, 1957
In a referendum, the people of Norway reject membership of the European Community, 1972
Belize joins the United Nations, 1981
The last of the Magdalene Asylums closes in Ireland, 1996
The Vitim event, a possible bolide (comet nucleus) impact in Siberia, Russia, 2002
China launches the spacecraft Shenzhou 7, 2008
The Wildlife Authority of Uganda announces that, since 1999, the population of some of the animals in the country's game reserves have doubled in population, 2010
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announces that women will now be able to vote and run in municipal elections, 2011


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Cathy Kennedy said...


I liked comic books when I was younger. My favorite was The Archies. It's been years that I've read one. If I'm not mistaken I think there is a TV show called "Riverdale" on The CW based around comic book characters. I think it's a sci-fi series. I haven't watched it, though.

How interesting Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones share the same birthdate! That makes life a little easier in their family, huh?

I remember the TV series, "Beauty and the Beast" but I didn't watch it a lot. I noticed Netflix has the non-animated film production of "Beauty and the Beast" which I may watch while using the elliptical this week. I watched the "Cinderella" (not the cartoon) a few weeks back and I really enjoyed it.

There is always a one grumpy cat in the bunch. It's a good thing the younger kitties just ignore him and keep on lovin' Dansig despite his cantankerous ways. Have a good week, my friend!

Kathe W. said...

what a lovely cat to be so kind to all the kittens! Have a great week!

Sandee said...

He's such a good cat and a handsome one too. A big Awww for being such a good cat to all the kitties.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

carol l mckenna said...

What a loving and nurturing cat and sweet photos ~ thanks, ^_^

(A ShutterBug Explores)

Catch My Words said...

Sweet photo, but I must confess, I prefer puppy dogs over kitty cats any day of the week. ;)

stevebethere said...

I love seeing cats making a fuss good capture

Have a tanfastic day :-)

Nick Wilford said...

Heartwarming! What a great big brother he is.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I don't think many adult male cats would do that. Very cute.

stephen Hayes said...

Dansig is a great foster parent.

pilch92 said...

Such a cutie and so sweet.