Saturday, February 17, 2018

Papered (Ten Things of Thankful)

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Ten Things of Thankful

Ahhh, Saturday, when i don't have to be at work (on the every other Saturday that i do work) until 9am.  If that's not a reason to be thankful, then newspaper is a reason to be thankful.

Newspaper?  Yes.  Our old-fashioned selves still get a newspaper.  It makes me thankful on many counts.

It's one of the only things that is still delivered to your home (and will be redelivered if it ends up wet, scattered across the yard, or stolen, which happens at times).  The milkman and the Charles' Chips man and the dry cleaner don't deliver any more, but the newspaper guy does.

The newspaper gives me exercise fetching it each morning.

It comes in a handy plastic bag that i save.  Some plastic bags i take to the church nursery (they are great for putting a nasty diaper into so it doesn't stink up the whole room), some i use when walking the grand-dogs, and some i keep for my work.  There's nothing like a small, disposable plastic bag for holding all kinds of icky stuff a janitor can run across.

The headlines make sure i know a bit of what is going on without overwhelming me with information the way the TV news does, as i only have to read further if i want to and can stop when i want.

Sweetie has a great time yelling at the headlines each morning over breakfast, which can be very entertaining.

Our newspaper is owned by a person who prints a Bible verse every day on the Op-Ed page.

The local columnists are entertaining, and i really like the restaurant critic.

The funnies!

There are puzzles and crosswords that i can use to challenge my brain when i get a chance to sit down.

Newspaper makes the best material for cleaning glass, mirrors and stainless steel.  There is no substitute!

Tripod SissyCat has decided she doesn't like the regular litter, she wants shredded newspaper in her box, and it works just fine.  Newspaper also comes in handy for putting on the floor any place you need to keep clean, or where something may get tracked in.

Old-fashioned perhaps, but i am very thankful for my daily paper.

Is there anything, even something old-fashioned, that makes you thankful that you would care to share?  You can make up a list (it does not have to be ten, there's no penalty if it isn't) and post it at Ten Things of Thankful.  The delightful Josie Two-Shoes is our hostess, and i am also very thankful for her.


Today is:

Day of Cancelled Expectations -- according to William Least Heat-Moon in his autobiography, Blue Highways

Dita e Pavaresise -- Kosovo (Independence Day)(2008)

Feast of Shezmu -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (god of the winepress; date approximate)

February 17 Revolution Day -- Libya

La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros and Tucson Rodeo -- Tucson, AZ, US (celebrating the Old West heritage; through Feb. 25)

Galesburg Historical Society Chocolate Festival -- Galesburg, IL, US (home made and commercially made chocolates, all you can eat for the price of the low admission fee; through tomorrow)

Hachinohe Enburi Matsuri -- Hachinohe, Japan (festival with prayers for a good harvest; through Wednesday)

Hadaka Matsuri -- Inazawa Cho, Japan (thousands of loincloth-wearing men try to touch the closely guarded Shin-otoko [a man chosen, stripped naked, and shaved totally] as he is on his way to the shrine in the oldest "Naked Festival" in Japan, held every year since 767)

Last day of Celtic Tree Month Luis (Rowan)

Lemon Festival/Fete du Citron -- Menton, French Riviera (through Mar. 4)

My Way Day -- today, determine your identity all by yourself, apart from what other people say you should be; sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

National Cafe Au Lait Day

National Indian Pudding Day

National PTA Founders Day -- US

Nice Carnival -- Nice, France (dating back to the 14th century, this celebration is one of France's best; through Mar. 3)

Practice Your Free Throws Day -- spread around the internet by someone who really loves basketball

Quirinalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (a/k/a Feast of Fools)

Random Acts of Kindness Day -- US (unofficial, but a great idea)   

Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri -- Saidai-ji, Okayama Prefecture, Japan (Spectacular and atmospheric Naked Festival, dating back to the 14th century, in which a Shinto man strips, is completely shaved, then runs through town while up to 10,000 loincloth-wearing [and sometimes drunk] men try to touch him while guard's throw cold water on them; they also battle for sacred wooden sticks [shingi] tossed into the air by priests.)

Snow Ice Cream Day -- internet generated; if you want to try it, and are sure your snow is reasonably clean, add sugar, milk, a touch of vanilla, and enjoy

St. Fortchern of Trim's Day (Patron of bell-founders)

Tanis Diena -- Ancient Latvain Calendar (To honor pigs)

Anniversaries Today:

League of United Latin American Citizens (Lulac) Founded, 1929
Miami University is chartered by the State of Ohio, 1809

Birthdays Today:

Vanessa Atler, 1982
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 1981
Paris Hilton, 1981
Jerry O'Connell, 1974
Bryan White, 1974
Billie Joe Armstrong, 1972
Denise Richards, 1972
Michael Forbes, 1967
Ronald "Bell Biv" DeVoe, 1967
Michael Jordan, 1963
Lou Diamond Phillips, 1962
Richard Karn, 1959
Rene Russo, 1954
Brenda Fricker, 1945
Jim Brown, 1936
Alan Bates, 1934
Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Everage), 1934
Lee Holby, 1926
Hal Holbrook, 1925
Arthur Kennedy, 1914
Clarence Lindon “Buster” Crabbe, 1908
Red Barber, 1908
Dorothy Canfield Fisher, 1879
William Cadbury, 1867
Samuel Sidney Mcclure, 1857
Friedrich A Krupp, 1854
A. Montgomery Ward, 1844
Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec, 1781
Thomas Malthus, 1766
Arcangelo Corelli, 1653

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"A Prairie Home Companion"(Radio), 1979
"BC"(Comic Strip), 1958
"Madame Butterfly"(Puccini Opera), 1904
"Un Ballo in maschera"(Verdi Opera), 1859
"Siroe, re di Persia"(Handel HWV 24), 1728

Today in History:

Miles Standish is appointed the first commander of the Plymouth colony, 1621
The first volume of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" is
published, 1776
The first ship passes through the Suez Canal, 1867
Women's suffragist Esther Morris is appointed the first female justice of the peace in the US, in South Pass City, Wyoming, 1870
Sardines are first canned, by Julius Wolff of Eastport, Maine, 1876
Madame Butterfly receives its première at La Scala in Milan, 1904
The first minimum wage law in the US takes effect, in Oregon, 1913
Johnny Weissmuller sets the 100-yard freestyle record (52.4 seconds), 1924
The first telecast of a sporting event in Japan, a baseball game, 1931
The first issue of "Newsweek" magazine is published, 1933
Vanguard 2 – The first weather satellite is launched to measure cloud-cover distribution, 1959
Sales of the Volkswagen Beetle exceed those of the Ford Model-T, 1972
Garry Kasparov beats the Deep Blue supercomputer in a chess match, 1996
Kosovo declares independence, 2008
In racing, Danica Patrick becomes the first woman at the Daytona 500 and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to win pole position, 2013
The discovery of a new mostly underwater continent Zealandia in the South Pacific is announced in research journal "GSA Today", 2017


  1. I always look forward to your thankful list and seeing what theme you chose for it. I love the newspaper too, I am impressed that it gets delivered in all weather (even the post office isn't that good ). We love those bags for scooping cat poop too :) Have a nice weekend!

  2. I loved taking the daily newspaper from Tulsa, Oklahoma where I had lived for 40 years. I had lots of uses for the newspaper after reading it. They quit delivering to my area and I could only subscribe to online editions. I decided against that and tried the nearest large city, Joplin, Missouri. They do not deliver to my area either. I am sad because I miss the daily news while at the breakfast table sipping my coffee;-(

  3. Your post makes me pine for our local paper. I miss it because of the crossword and all the stuff you mentioned. Maybe I'll renew for just the Sunday edition...

    Noticed the mention of Zealandia. Cool beans.

  4. We quit having the newspaper delivered years ago. It became very expensive and had nothing of worth to us. So, we don't miss the paper at all. We can get all the news we need online. And we do.

    I can't think of anything that's old fashioned that I like. Now I'll be thinking about this all day.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ♥

  5. We have stopped our newspaper delivery and have been getting our news online! Newspaper is expensive. I know newspaper is great for cleaning mirrors!

  6. "...bit of what is going on without overwhelming me with information the way the TV news does"
    That's the real trick... the overwhelming or consuming quality that the way so much of the news is presented. I maintain a very light touch/involvement. ( I have a tendency to get too caught up, to no one's benefit)

  7. I always used old rolled up newspapers ton start fires in the fireplace. Currently we never use our fireplace, good thing because when I stopped commuting I stopped buying newspapers, don't know what I would use today to start a fire.

  8. There's something old-fashioned that I miss which is the milk being delivered. As a little girl I used to love washing the bottles and putting them out for the milkman to collect. Sadly, I'm not sure a lot of milkmen make their money doing it any more and a lot of them have stopped. I do like reading 'proper' print though compared to on the screen :)

  9. Tripod SissyCat?!?! How have I missed that moniker before? Fantastic!
    We still get the paper too. I love the reasons you describe for how it surpasses TV as the preferred to get the news. Especially these days it can feel like the news comes at us in an all out assault.

  10. We get the paper delivered everyday. You make such a good point about the TV news vs the printed news. I get overwhelmed often. I enjoy the daily puzzles and the coupons. Although the price of the paper is rising all the time, we still choose to have it delivered. You have found very many uses for recycling and reusing the paper and those plastic bags it comes in.

  11. I'm so happy you still get a newspaper!(although I admit to buying only for the circulars and tv section. I have sworn off news in large doses lol) I hope that means you also still get magazines? :D I mourn the slow dying of the printed word.

  12. I love this list! And I love a real newspaper, too! My husband canceled ours (after taking it for 19 years) because I wasn't keeping up with reading them and was getting rid of ones I had never even opened. Oops. Our daily paper has very little information in it, since we don't live in a very big place, but I do miss the Sunday paper and think I'll start getting it delivered soon.

  13. Shredded newspaper instead of kitty litter. Interesting.


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