Saturday, February 9, 2019

Ten Pets of Thankful (Ten Things of Thankful)

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It finally occurred to me that this is 10 Things of Thankful, and there are 10 critters that either live here or are around much of the time.

First, because they have been here longer and they insist on it, the cats.

Little Girlie, Bigger Girl's cat, is 14; Bigger Girl claims she is a great editor when you are writing, but i can't get her near my screens to tell me if i'm doing well or not:

She also demands to be petted at 2am sometimes.

Tripod SissyCat is also 14.  She lost her leg several years before we got her.  (She was sure she could take that German Shepherd.)  When she first arrived, she would scratch and bite at everyone who came near her.  Now she is a snuggler and very friendly:

When we got her, she'd have never sat near me without biting.

Horizon is our third 14 year old cat.  #1 Son's first girlfriend picked him up off the streets and her mother said they had to many, to get him a new home.  She knew we also had too many cats and so she gave Horizon to #1 Son as a birthday gift, knowing we couldn't say no that.  He has since decided that Sweetie is his person and is still as shy and retiring as when he was a half-feral kitten:

He is scared of everything, even his shadow.  He is especially scared of me, i am the dispenser of medicines.

Mikey is about 7, belongs to #1 Son and is at least half Maine coon, and all sweetheart.  He understands just enough English to get himself into trouble (don't say the word "outside" near him) and if his kibble bowl is not full, he will let you know in no uncertain terms that this is unacceptable:

My shoe is a size 7.  When he sits on the table, he covers the table.
Dansig is also 7, belongs to #2 Son and has never met a stranger, whether person or cat:

Like all orange tabbies, he's an attention hound.  He also snores, loudly.

Charismatic Enigma SissyCat, at age 6, also belongs to #1 Son.  She was part of a litter we bottle-raised that were named Anomaly, Perplexity, Conundrum and Enigma, because i figure that's what cats are anyway.  She is fiercely independent and her paw is against every dog and most other cats:

She's quite the diva, too.
Link, a/k/a Linker Stinker, is the baby of the bunch, only 5.  He belongs to Little Girl.  He is beyond doubt the smallest kitten we ever bottle fed, and Dansig helped raise him so they are brothers and very, very close:

Link acts like he's still a kitten, and has a play fight with Dansig every morning after their catnip.

Then there are the dogs.  Pepe the Chihuahua belongs to Daughter-in-Law Becky and has very deformed back legs, but he doesn't let that stop him from running and playing:

Pepe really is a funny little dude, and wears himself out.
Coda the German shepherd was a tiny pup when Little Girl brought her home, and because Coda was raised with Pepe,  she is very gentle with the small dogs.  Coda actually, technically, belongs to Little Girl and her Boyfriend Alston, but she mostly lives here.  She wants to be friends with the cats, but only Dansig and, surprisingly, Tripod SissyCat, will let her come near:

She is one well trained dog.

Jezzie is another Chihuahua, and belongs to #2 Son.  Her favorite toy is Coda.

Jezzie, pawing at my leg and being photobombed by her bestie, Coda.

Our pets add so much to our lives, even when they are fussing with each other or making messes, so i am glad they are in my life.  My world would be a poorer place without them.

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Today is:

Arizona Renaissance Festival -- Apache Junction, AZ, US (the official sister event to the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood Forest, England; Saturdays, Sundays, and President's Day through March 31)

Farm Toy Show and Auction -- Sauk Centre, MN, US (come watch the kids have fun with farm toys, and be one yourself again!)

Feast of Apollo -- Ancient Roman Calendar

Ice Fishing Derby at Hell Creek -- Fort Peck, MT, US (subject to cancellation if there is no ice, so Hell has to freeze over for them to have this tournament!)

Narvik Sun Pageant (Vinterfestuka) -- Norway (annual festival held since ancient times to honor the sun goddess)

National Bagels and Lox Day

National DAV (Develop Alternative Vices) Day -- internet generated, in hopes that bad habits will be altered to positive coping mechanisms

National Read in the Bathtub Day -- yes, at one time the day has its own Facebook page; just don't try it with a digital book, please    

Orchid Festival/Tropical Extravaganza -- Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, London (through March 10)

Pizza Pie Day

Remembrance for Eyvind Kinnrifi -- Asatru/Slavic Pagan (martyr)

Royal Hobart Regatta -- Queens Domain Hobart and Derwent River, Tasmania, Australia (Australia's largest aquatic event, includes an Australian Wooden Boat Festival; through Monday)

Scout Sabbath -- BSA (Boy Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to synagogue and represent scouting to their congregations)

St. Apollonia's Day (Patron of dentists; Achterbos, Belgium; Ariccia, Italy; Cuccaro Monferrato, Italy; against toothaches, tooth disease)

St. Maroun's Day -- Lebanon (Syriac Maronite Church of Antioch, an Eastern Catholic Church)

Tales of Kelp-Koli begin -- Fairy Calendar (through the 16th)

Toothache Day -- and someone thought this needed a day because...?  Okay, I guess because there is a patron saint for it.  Or against it.  However that works.

Weather Day -- US (Weather Service Founding)

Birthdays Today:

David Gallagher, 1985
Ziyi Zhang, 1979
Mena Suvari, 1979
Shakira, 1977
Travis Tritt, 1963
Charles Shaughnessy, 1955
Judith Light, 1949
Mia Farrow, 1945
Alice Walker, 1944
Joe Pesci, 1943
Carole King, 1942
Janet Suzman, 1939
Roger Mudd, 1928
Brendan Behan, 1923
Kathryn Grayson, 1922
Bill Veeck, 1914
Gypsy Rose Lee, 1914
Ernest Tubb, 1914
Carmen Miranda, 1909
David Dean Rusk, 1909
Ronald Colman, 1891
Amy Lowell, 1874
William Henry Harrison, 1773

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Falstaff"(Verdi Opera), 1893
"Venice Preserv'd"(Otway Play), 1682

Today in History:

The Synod of Breslau orders Jews of Silesia to wear special caps, 1267
The first recorded race meet in England in Roodee Fields, Chester, 1540
The British ex-premier Walpole becomes the Earl of Oxford, 1742
After no presidential candidate receives a majority of electoral votes in the election of 1824, the United States House of Representatives elects John Quincy Adams President of the United States, 1825
The U.S. Weather Bureau is established, 1870
The first Japanese immigrants arrive in Hawaii, 1885
The Davis Cup competition is established, 1900
The first forestry school is incorporated at Kent, Ohio, 1909
Snow falls on Mauna Loa, Hawaii, 1922
Brazil becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty, 1922
Year-round Daylight saving time is re-instated in the United States as a wartime measure to help conserve energy resources, 1942
Joanne Woodward receives the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1960
Jamaica becomes an independent nation within the Commonwealth of Nations, 1962
The Beatles make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, performing before a "record-busting" audience of 73 million viewers, 1964
First test flight of the Boeing 747, 1969
Satchel Paige becomes the first Negro League player to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, 1971
Space Shuttle astronauts Bernard A. Harris, Jr. and Michael Foale become the first African American and first Briton, respectively, to perform spacewalks, 1995
A storehouse of thirty Egyptian mummies is unearthed inside a 2,600-year-old tomb, 2009
Australian National University scientists discover the oldest known star at 13.6 billion years old, 2014


  1. A loud YES from here. My life would be severely diminished if I didn't share it will animals.

  2. We sure enjoyed meeting your special sweeties!

  3. These pets become our family when they are adopted into our family! They are very interesting in their own way!

  4. As you know, I'm a dog person, not a cat lover... but if I had to get a cat, it would be a Maine coon. (Big ol' sprawling things that they are.) :-)

  5. All very adorable ~ kitties and doggies ~ and great photos ~ a 'house full of love' !

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Critters certainly come with their own personalities. How lucky you are to be blessed with so many furry family members!

  7. Excellent post. All your furbabies are cuties. I never realized you had so many. I agree, they add to our lives in so m,any ways.

  8. I can't imagine not having pets. I have two kitties, one was feral but is pretty friendly, the other was not feral and is the biggest sketchball ever. And my new puppy Bruno who makes me laugh every time he plays.

  9. My Angel was part Maine-Coon and also covered the table when he slept on it. Lola is about half his size or maybe a bit less ad doesn't get up on the table at all unless she is springboarding to the window sill.

  10. Go Little Girlie! I can believe she is a great editor :D
    So glad to see a picture of wild girl,Tripod SissyCat. She doesn't look a day over 5, lol. I love Maine Coons know what? They're all amazing :) I do love that Jezzie's favorite toy is Coda lol.
    Wonderful TToT!

  11. Excellent TToT.... the cast of characters!
    Good to meet them all (and the thumbnails for each, very cool)

  12. So many critters to keep you entertained to care for and to love. I'm sure you and your family are on a very high pedestals in their eyes. Loved seeing all the photos of them.


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