Saturday, March 16, 2019

Random Thankfulness (Ten Things of Thankful)

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There has been no stopping this week, very little time for anything at all with 2-3 cleanings every day.  There is so much for which to be thankful, and so little time to write!

The weather has taken a turn for the cooler again, without freezing, and we are always thankful for a delay of the summer heat.

A thunderstorm blew through the area in about a half an hour at 4am Friday, and not only was it over with quickly, Horizon didn't panic and claw anyone.

Tripod SissyCat has gotten to go outside on the porch several times when it was not too hot nor too cold.  She picks fewer fights with Little Girlie when she gets to go outside more.

Somehow i managed to squeeze in an extra cleaning last Friday and two more during this week.  This means we earned enough extra that there's now even more money set aside for when the tax bill comes.

#1 Son is doing great in physical therapy.

The fan in Lunceford the Land Yacht's A/C has worked more often than not.

Also the automatic windows have been working, so when the fan is out we can roll the windows down.

My left thumb started giving me a twinge the other day, mostly likely a strained tendon, and three days with Sweetie's old hand brace has it settled back down again.

Our new Lent Bible study guide has been the best our pastor has written so far.  Yes, i say that every year, and yes, i mean it every year.

The choir had a small gathering after practice, and spouses were invited.  Because there is a shower at the church, i was able to get cleaned up while the choir had their practice, then i was able to go to the party, which does not happen often.

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Today is:

Birkebeinerrennet -- Rena to Lillehammer, Norway (54km ski marathon commemorating the 1205 rescue of infant prince Hakon Hakonsson by ski over this route) 

Curlew Day -- Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge, OR, US (traditional date the long-billed curlew arrives, with up to 500 reported during their nesting season)

Day of the Book Smugglers -- Lithuania (recognizing the brave people who smuggled Lithuanian language books in the Latin alphabet into the country from 1866-1904, when the Russian Empire had banned such books)

Day After Dumbstruck Day -- Fairy Calendar

Elaphebolia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (festival of Artemis; date approximate)

Everything You Do is Right Day -- another internet generated holiday designed to get you into trouble if you aren't careful

Feast of Heru and His Companions -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Festival of Bacchus / Bacchanalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (through tomorrow)

Freedom of Information Day -- on the birthday of James Madison, Father of the US Constitution and an advocate for openness in government

Girl Scout Sabbath -- US (encouraging Girl Scouts to wear their uniforms to synagogue services and represent their troop to their congregations; the final day of Girl Scout Week in the US)

Latvian Legion Day -- Latvia (no longer a formal national holiday, still celebrated by many in the region)

Lips Appreciation Day -- after all, where would you be without them, and how would you give kisses?  sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

Natchez Spring Pilgrimage -- Natchez, MS, US (tour of 25 antebellum mansions, some of which are private homes; through Apr. 19)

National Artichoke Hearts Day

National Quilting Day -- US, sponsored by the Quilt Alliance     

Save the Florida Panther Day -- FL, US

St. Heribert of Cologne's Day (Patron against drought)

St. Urho's Day -- Finnish communities in Canada and the US (a made up saint, the Finns answer to St. Patrick, who supposedly drove the grasshoppers out of Finland)

The European Fine Art Fair:  Maastricht 2018-- Maastricht, Netherlands (The Fine Arts Fair; through the 24th)

Wild Azalea Festival -- White Springs, FL, US 

Anniversary Today:

The United States Military Academy at West Point is established, 1802

Birthdays Today:

Judah Friedlander, 1969
Lauren Graham, 1969
Kevin Tod Smith, 1963
Isabel Huppert, 1955
Alice Hoffman, 1952
Kate Nelligan, 1951
Erik Estrada, 1949
Victor Garber, 1949
Chuck Woolery, 1942
Bernardo Bertolucci, 1940
Jerry Lewis, 1926
Mercedes McCambridge, 1916
Patricia Nixon, 1912
Henny Youngman, 1906
Rosa Bonheur, 1822
Georg Simon Ohm, 1787
James Madison, 1751
George Clymer, 1739

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"The Gumby Show"(TV), 1957
"1776"(Musical), 1969
"Der Unbestechliche"(Comedy), 1923
"In the South / Alassio"(Elgar, Op. 50), 1904
"Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen"(Mahler Song cycle), 1896
"Thaïs"(Opera), 1894
"Freedom's Journal"(first African American newspaper in the US, in New York), 1827

Today in History:

The Babylonians capture Jerusalem and replace Jehoiachin with Zedekiah as king, BC597
Caligula becomes Roman Emperor after the death of his great uncle, Tiberius, 37
The Jews of York England commit mass suicide rather than submit to baptism, 1190
Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reaches Philippines, 1521
Samoset, a Mohegan, visits the settlers of Plymouth Colony and greets them, "Welcome, Englishmen! My name is Samoset," 1621
The US Army Corps of Engineers is established to found and operate the United States Military Academy at West Point, 1802
Prince Willem of the House of Orange-Nassau proclaims himself King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, the first constitutional monarch in The Netherlands, 1815
New York Stock Exchange slowest day ever (31 shares traded), 1830
Susan Hayhurst becomes the first woman to graduate from a pharmacollogy college, 1830
Edward Clark became Governor of Texas, replacing Sam Houston, who was evicted from the office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy, 1861
Joseph Lister's article outlining the discovery of antiseptic surgery is published in The Lancet, 1867
Hiram R Revels makes the first official speech by an African American in the US Senate, 1869
The Barnum and Bailey Circus debuts, 1881
Sir Arthur Evans discovers the ancient city of Knossus, 1900
Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fueled rocket, at Auburn, Massachusetts, 1926
The Ford Motor Company produces its 50 millionth automobile, the Thunderbird, averaging almost a million cars a year since the company's founding, 1958
Gemini 8 is launched, the 12th manned American space flight and first space docking with the Agena Target Vehicle, 1968
General Motors produces its 100 millionth automobile, the Oldsmobile Toronado, 1968
Demolition of the radio tower Ismaning, the last wooden radio tower in Germany, 1983
Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut; he will be held for 6 1/2 years, 1985
Pope John Paul II asks God for forgiveness for the inactivity and silence of some Roman Catholics during the Holocaust, 1998
Israel officially hands over Jericho to Palestinian control, 2005
Voters in Crimea vote overwhelmingly to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia amid international condemnation of its design, 2014
Apple announces it will begin a web TV service in September, carrying 25 channels and including networks like CBS, Fox, and ABC, and costing less than most cable TV packages, 2014


  1. Glad to know your son is progressing well and less problem with the cats. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Nice list but you sure did have a busy week.

  3. I'm thankful that I didn't get hurt worst then I did after tripping over rug going for breakfast with my friends. I hit my head on the floor, swollen and whoosy but still had breakfast and went to the doctor's after and he said I was OK. Thank God. See ya Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  4. Sounds like a very busy week. Glad the kitties are getting along at least a little bit. Have a great weekend.

  5. I'm happy your son is doing well. He's still in my prayers.

    You're really busy and that's a good thing money wise.

    You're one of the most thankful person I know. I like that about you.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Rest that thumb. ♥

  6. I am glad you were able to get some extra cleaning in ,extra money is always handy. Also glad your son is doing well. I am impressed your pastor writes a Lenten Guide. Our priest just buys some and leaves them out for us to take.

  7. Busy weeks can be hectic, but also are satisfying! I'm glad your son is doing well with physical therapy, and that your thumb is feeling better after a few days with a brace. Peace among the cats is a good thing, too! :-)

  8. Certainly a lot for you to be thankful for. Glad your son is doing okay.

  9. Congratulations on getting those jobs! Happy how all is coming together!

  10. "The weather has taken a turn for the cooler again, without freezing, and we are always thankful for a delay of the summer heat."
    Interesting mirror image from up here, where the warm weather pushed aside the cold (for a couple of days)...can't wait for the summer heat.

  11. I love reading your thankful posts, it reminds me to be thankful too. Have a good week.

  12. Yeah for the extra jobs which mean extra pay when you need it.
    So glad your son is improving with the PT.
    A little bit of fresh air every once in a while, not only improves the relationships of cats, but also of people. :-)


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