Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Recipes and Randomness, a Random and Happy Tuesday Post


It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus 

It's also time for the cookie recipe swap done every year by my friend Jz.  

Please note if you visit her, she sometimes posts content that is higher than a PG rating, and so do some of her other friends whose recipes are linked below.  Please know i am endorsing only those posts which contain a recipe.  After all, who doesn't like getting new recipes for delights at this time of year!

The other participants this year are:
little monkey
Mrs. Fever
Selkie (her recipe will be on Jz’s blog, link above)

While it is technically a cookie recipe swap, any kind of treat is allowed, so i am sharing the recipe for our family favorite, hojaldras.  Everyone in the family loves these, they are a typical sweet, fried cake, such as almost every culture has. 


The original old family recipe:

~10c flour
~2c sugar
1c water
1c melted Crisco
5 eggs

Mix and knead for one hour. Let the dough rest an hour, then knead for another hour. Roll into balls and let rest another hour.
Melt enough Crisco in the cast iron skillet to float a battleship -- you want the dough to not touch the bottom.
Press each ball of dough out by hand until very flat, cut 3 vent slices in the middle (like you would in a top pie crust), and fry until crisp. Drain each one on a fresh paper towel.

My version
5c flour
1c sugar
1/2 c water
1/2 c no name brand vegetable shortening(don't have to melt it)
3 medium eggs

Put it all in the bread maker and select "dough only" setting.
When it's done, and you get good and ready, melt half shortening and half cheap vegetable oil in the skillet.
Pull off dough in small handfuls and roll out with the rolling pin. Cut vent slices and fry.
Drain on a paper towel, but not one for each hojaldra, those doggone paper towels are too expensive now to do that!

With either version, store in a paper bag. Not sure why, but that's what the family always did. My dad freezes them in the bag, and pulls out one each day.

Yes, my version is cheaper, easier, and Grandpa, who grew up eating them made the old way, can't tell the difference.

That is one part of today's random, and here's another.  Mr. BA was telling a story about when he'd hired a new employee at work, and told the guy to go over the documents and highlight the errors.  The employee did a fabulous job of it, and said, "Sir, look at these mistakes!  You're going to have to do better!"

Mr. BA responded with, "George, catching the mistakes is your job.  If I was perfect, I wouldn't need you!"

He says they got along great after that.

Someone asked one of the men at church this past Sunday, "What are you thinking about?" as he stared off into space.

"Just contemplating what's going on at work.  I'm trying figure out how to get money into the bank faster than my wife can get it out, but it's not working."

Said someone then remarked, "I never see her in the same outfit twice, that's for sure."

He answered back, "Yep, then she wonders why we can't have a bigger house.  And she's smart!  She's got a degree!  Well, maybe she's smart, but not about this!”

And now, just when you thought you’d seen everything:

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


Today is:

Chief Red Cloud Day -- marking the Sioux leader's death in 1909; defender of Native rights, son of Lone Man and Walks As She Thinks

Constitution Day -- Thailand

Dewey Decimal System Day -- anniversary of Melvil Dewey's birth

Do Something Wild and Crazy with Velveeta Day -- guess they mean besides turn it into Hillbilly Hor d'oeuvres (melted with Rotel and served with chips)

Human Rights and Peace Day -- Kiribati

International Animal Rights Day

International Human Rights Day -- anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948

Jane Addams Day -- Hull House Museum, Chicago, IL, US (sponsored by the American Association of University Women-Illinois

Lux Mundi -- Ancient Roman Calendar (honoring Libertas as the bringer of light into the world)

National Lager Day

Nobeldagen -- Sweden (Alfred Nobel Day, presentations of the Nobel Prizes at the Stockholm Concert Hall)
    Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony -- Oslo City Hall, Oslo, Norway

Sister-Friend Day -- internet generated, but if you have a sister who is a good friend to you, it's worth celebrating

St. Eulalia of Merida's Day (Patron of runaways, torture victims, widows; Merida, Spain; Oviedo, Spain)

Whirling Dervishes Festival -- Konya, Turkey (through the 17th)

Anniversaries Today:

Mississippi becomes the 20th US State, 1817

Birthdays Today:

Raven-Symone, 1985
Bobby Flay, 1964
Kenneth Branagh, 1960
Susan Dey, 1952
Gloria Loring, 1946
Dan Blocker, 1928
Harold Gould, 1923
Dorothy Lamour, 1914
Chet Huntley, 1911
Hermes "Pan" Panagiotopolous, 1909
Mary Norton, 1903
Melvil Dewey, 1851
Emily Dickinson, 1830
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, 1787

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Wings Over America"(Album release), 1976
Lawrence of Arabia(Film), 1962
"The Mighty Mouse Playhouse" (TV), 1955
Grand Ole Opry (first radio broadcast), 1927

Today in History:

Martin Luther publicly burns the papal edict demanding that he recant, 1520
Isaac Newton's paper De Motu Corporum in Gyrum, containing the derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, is read to the Royal Society by Edmund Halley, 1684
The Massachusetts Bay Colony becomes the first American Colonial government to borrow money, 1690
The metric system is formally established in France, 1799
The first traffic lights are installed outside the Palace of Westminster in London, 1868
Women's suffrage is granted in Wyoming Territory, the first in the US, 1869
Women are granted suffrage in Tasmania, 1902
The 10,000,000th Model T Ford is assembled, 1915
The Grand Ole Opry makes its radio debut, in Nashville, Tn, 1927
UN General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948
Ralph J Bunche becomes the first black to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, 1950
The United Nations General Assembly approves Pakistan's proposal for establishing nuclear free-zone in South Asia, 1981
The last shift leaves Wearmouth Colliery in Sunderland; the closure of the 156-year-old pit marks the end of the old County Durham coalfield, which had been in operation since the Middle Ages, 1993
An archive documenting the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda is revealed in the capital city of Kigali, 2010
Mary Barra of General Motors becomes the first female CEO of a major automotive company, 2013
Governor Jerry Brown tours Southern Californian wildfires and declares them "the new normal", 2017


  1. Wow! Those photos are fascinating! I like the sink but I wouldn't want to live in that building. Have a great week!

  2. Oh my gosh, those photos are great! The elf shoe heals, are crazy! Thanks for our morning smile!

  3. I like the way the original recipes says to let the *dough* rest before kneading for a second hour! Yeah, sure it's the dough that's resting!
    These look good. I had been imagining more of a plain dough covered in sugar, not a sweet fried dough. (You know what I mean!) When I come visit, I'll be sure to check your freezer for leftovers! :-D

    Thank you for playing along... and for two pictures that are going directly to my brother! (The sink & the car... I'm planting ideas!)

  4. That's a lot of grease. I'm guessing these are very good.

    Love the funnies. Yes just when you think you've seen everything you find new stuff.

    The smart woman that's not so smart hits close to home. Hubby and I both that those kinds of spouses back in the day.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, my friend. ♥

  5. Those photos are amazing Mimi. Have a great Tueday.

    Cruisin Paul

  6. OK, NOW I have seen everything!

  7. I just had a thought. How can you be messy when you've talked about cleaning before? I think you should change your name to Marvelous Mimi, because you are!

  8. Best. Sink. Ever. And that bent building just makes me nervous!

  9. Your recipe sounds so tasty! We usually get fried dough at summer fairs, so it would be awesome to have it at home in the winter. So fun to exchange with you! Happy Holidays!

  10. Oh, I want to try that recipe, but right now, I would have no place to put it! Christmas cookies amundo! But... Soon... :)


  11. not .....sure.....I could live in the building if it's apartments; especially the inside "bend"...great photos tho.....

    and happy "cheese" day velveeta :) ☺☺♥♥

  12. That recipe is cool but kneading for two hours, wow. Love those photos!

  13. Those sound great, but I am too lazy to make them. I like those shoes :)

  14. What an interesting sounding cookie. I definitely like your version better.
    And every one of those pictures made me laugh.

  15. Your recipe sounds fabulous! The easy version is definitely more up my alley. I laughed out loud at your "knead for an hour." Fun stories and pictures too!

  16. Great recipes ~ yummy ~ love that train sleigh photo ~ Fun post with photos and stories ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. I have never had these before, so I'm excited to try out the "easy" recipe.

  18. Ooooh! I'll be perusing some fabulous recipes later for sure! I love *your* version of the Hojaldras - they sound way less exhausting! ;) I'm going to have to try my hand at making some for fun!

    A degree doesn't equal smart...heh!!

    Those pictures were awesome - that bent building has me wondering 'HOW???' :)


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