Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Crackers Over the Font and Disasters They Don’t Discuss at Culinary Schools, a Random and Happy Tuesday Post with Word Counters


It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus 

Today’s post also includes a writing challenge. This is how it works: contributing bloggers each picked a number between 12 and 74. The submitted numbers were then assigned to other bloggers challenged with writing at least one piece using that exact number of words.
I was assigned the word count number: 33
It was submitted by: On The Border 

At the end of this part of the post you’ll find links to the other blogs featuring this challenge. Check them all out, see what numbers they got and how they used them. 

Here are my pieces for the Word Counter’s Challenge:

Something i never thought i would say at church, during Sunday school, “Now you know why we don’t balance the goldfish crackers on top of the baptismal font, these fish don’t swim well!”

Yes, one of the children managed to sneak the snack into children’s church in the chapel.  Yes, he tried to put the cup on the edge of the font, with the expected consequences.

We are lucky that our church doesn’t do immersion, we sprinkle.  So the amount of water is a couple of quarts, no need to pull out snorkel gear and dive for soggy crackers!

Different denominations reacted to a recent drought.  In an effort to use less water, the Baptists started sprinkling, the Methodists used a wet hankie, and the Presbyterians began to hand out rain checks!

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Grandma forwards me the most interesting things.  We are on to the kitchen disaster pictures she sent:

Hope everyone has a fabulous, and disaster free, Tuesday!


Today is:

Celtic Tree Month Nuin (Ash) begins

Clean Out Your Cubby Holes Day -- internet generated, but if you have any cubby holes, give them a look today, make sure nothing is in there you don't want to see

Cold Day in Hell -- snow fell in the Sahara today in 1979

Day of Spenta Armaiti -- Zoroastrian (goddess of earth and fertility, especially celebrated by women; originally on Esfand 5th, which corresponds to 24 February, but is now celebrated on the 18th for reasons i can't figure out)

Festival of Women -- Persian (traditional, it has been kept even among those who are no longer Zoroastrian)

Fly-By for Fairies and Elves -- Fairy Calendar

Independence Day -- Gambia(1965)

National Battery Day -- probably created by the battery manufacturers, but they won't claim it

National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day

Pluto Day/Solar System Day -- the planet/planetoid was discovered on this day in 1930, and then considered to "complete" the solar system

Rastraya Prajatantra Dibas -- Nepal (Democracy Day)

Rites of Tacita -- Ancient Roman Calendar (goddess of silence, rites to keep people from speaking out in anger)

St. Bernadette of Lourdes' Day (in France; the remainder of the church celebrates her on 16 April)

St. Fra Angelico's Day (Patron of artists)

Tanigumi Odori -- Tanigumi-mura, Gifu Prefecture, Japan (dance festival)

Thumb Appreciation Day -- your first digit does more than just get mashed when you use a hammer and hit the space bar on your keyboard; take time to appreciate the complexity that is your thumb.

Anniversaries Today:

Tommy Lee marries Pamela Andersn, 1995
Ohio State University is chartered as the first US land-grant college, 1804

Birthdays Today:

Jillian Michaels, 1974
Molly Ringwald, 1968
Dr. Dre, 1965
Matt Dillon, 1964
Vanna White, 1957
John Travolta, 1954
Juice Newton, 1952
John Hughes, 1950
Cybill Shedherd, 1950
Andrea Dromm, 1941 
Aldo Ceccato, 1934
Yoko Ono, 1933
Milos Forman, 1932
Toni Morrison, 1931
Gahan Wilson, 1930
George Kennedy, 1925
Helen Gurley Brown, 1922
Bill Cullen, 1920
Jack Palance, 1920
Hans Asperger, 1906
Enzo Ferrari, 1898
George "The Gipper" Gipp, 1895
Wendell Lewis Willkie, 1892
Boris Pasternak, 1890
Nikos Kazantzakis, 1883
Sholem Aleichem, 1859
Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1848
Ernst Mach, 1838
George Peabody, 1795
Count Alessandro Volta, 1745
Uesugi Kenshin, 1530 (Japanese samurai and warlord)
Mary I Tudor, 1516
Saint Jadwiga of Poland, 1374

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Roots: Next Generations"(TV Miniseries), 1979
"Any Wednesday"(Play), 1964
"The Telephone, or L'Amour à trois"(Comic Opera), 1947
Trouw(Publication, Dutch Resistance newspaper), 1943
"Simple Simon"(Musical), 1930
"Cities Service Concerts"(Radio), 1925
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn(Publication date), 1885
The Pilgrim's Progress(Publication date), 1678  

Today in History:

Origin of the Kali Yuga Epoch ("age of vice" or Dark Age) of the Hindu/Buddhist calendars, BC3102
Jerusalem is taken by Emperor Frederik II, 1229
Amda Seyon I, Emperor of Ethiopia, begins his campaigns in the southern Muslim regions, 1332
Henry Tudor (Henry VIII) created Prince of Wales, 1503
Zeeland falls to Dutch rebels, 1574
John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" is published, 1678
Fort Saint Lewis, Texas, is founded by Frenchmen under LaSalle at Matagorda Bay, the basis for France's claim to Texas, 1685
Quakers conduct their first formal protest of slavery in Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1688
The premiere of George Frideric Handel's oratorio, "Samson" takes place in London, 1743
Trinidad is surrendered to a British fleet under the command of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, 1797
The Detroit Boat Club (still in existence) forms, 1839
The first continuous filibuster in the US Senate begins, lasts until March 11, 1841
The first regular steamboat service to California begins, 1849
A direct telegraph link between Britain and New Zealand is established, 1876
Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is published, 1885
The Cave of Winds at Niagara Falls goes almost dry for the first time in 50 years, 1896
Winston Churchill makes his first speech in the British House of Commons, 1901
H. Cecil Booth patents a dust removing suction cleaner, 1901
The first official flight with air mail takes place in Allahabad, British India, when Henri Pequet delivers 6,500 letters to Naini (a distance of about 10K), 1911
The US and Canada begin formal diplomatic relations, with the appointment of Vincent Massey as the first Canadian ambassador to the US, 1927
The first Academy Awards are announced, 1929
While studying photographs taken in January, Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto, 1930
The first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles, California, 1954
The Space Shuttle Enterprise test vehicle is carried on its maiden "flight" on top of a Boeing 747, 1977
Snow falls in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria for the only time in recorded history, 1979
Dan Jansen skates world record 1000m (1:12.43), 1994
Pope Benedict XVI announces seven new saints - including American saint Kateri Tekakwitha - and appoints 22 new cardinals, 2012
The Ukrainian Revolution begins, 2014
A twenty-five year old cold case murder is solved when police in Minnesota run DNA though a genealogy site and find the suspect, 2019


  1. Oh, those kitchen disasters made me wince in rueful sympathy.

  2. I had a sprinkling baptism. Those were awful kitchen disasters. Good think I found my missing glasses on my face and not in the baked cake.

  3. Those kitchen disasters made me laugh and feel really sorry for the victims at the same time.

  4. Oh my! Those are some serious kitchen disasters. I hope they don't happen at my house!

  5. I think they put too much chilli pepper in that first photo.

    God bless.

  6. Those photos sure were something...messy!

  7. Wow!!! You know it went bad when the lid is stuck in the ceiling!

  8. Yikes on the fish that turn soggy. I did laugh.

    I love the pictures your grandma sends. Great finds.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Big hug. ♥

  9. Mimi,

    On the baptismal front, I had to laugh with the rain check idea. Is this for real? If so, then you gotta love the Presbyterians' sense of humor. :)

    The kitchen mishap with the eyeglasses getting baked up in the bread is hilarious! This will never happen to me (knock on wood) because I can't read my recipe without my glasses. :)

  10. Those kitchen disasters made me cringe. They are fun to see though. I feel your pain. Have a great day.

  11. Oh my goodness. My kitchen disaster is the day I was making my Italian sauce and as the sauce was bubbling it bubble to hight and my kichen ceiling which was white was now spotted RED. My wife wasn't to happy. Now I'm very careful. See ya Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  12. I'd sit on the floor and cry, too...

  13. I love all the ways the different churches are being respectful of the drought, great way to use your word count.
    And oh my, those kitchen disaster pics. Yikes.

  14. LOL, yes, sprinkle time! I miss the kids and children's church. They def give you blog material!!
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  15. Wondered where you were going with crackers in the font, yep, that would be one of those, "I really said that" moments! Oh, and was the first picture of my cousin's house? He's blown up ... more than a few kitchen items. Pots, one pressure canner (!!!), and I can't remember if it was him, or one of the other nefarious types, but someone in our family washed engine parts in the dishwasher. Diesel engine parts... For some strange reason, the dishwasher never worked as well!

  16. Hahahaha! I love the kitchen disasters. We've all had them...well, speaking for myself, I know I have.

    One morning years ago...back in the early 70s I was flipping a pancake...and said pancake didn't land back in the pan. It fell down the narrow...very narrow space....between the stove and the wall. It was impossible to do anything about it. It's probably still there!!! :) I was living in a unit/apartment at the time, in Brisbane.

  17. That was a funny story. The photos cracked me up= especially the glasses :)

  18. Those kitchen disasters made me cringe. They are happy to meet. I feel you are in pain. Have a good day.custom iphone xr case

  19. Grandma does find intriguing photos ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)


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