Wednesday, February 5, 2020

These Are Easy (Wordless Wednesday) and Words for Wednesday


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Two notes between Wordless Wednesday and the Words for Wednesday story:

  1. Elephant's Child asked what C.S. Lewis book we are studying, it is his Reflections on the Psalms.  He wrote this one, it is believed, with a lot of input from his wife, who was raised Jewish and would have had a great deal of insight.  We are enjoying it thoroughly.
  2. Once again, i am behind on everyone else's blogs, and trying hard to catch up.  If i don't get to some of you for a bit, please know i am doing my best.


Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and has become a moveable feast of word or picture or music prompts to encourage us to write stories, poems, or whatever strikes our fancy.    

This month, the prompts are being provided by River at Drifting Through Life.     

This week's words/prompts are: 

2. striding 
3. hocus-pocus 
4. sluggishly 
5. comparative 
6. notebook


they're ruining everything!

"Are you packing yet?" he asked, STRIDING into the room with BLANKETS under one arm and a NOTEBOOK clutched in the other hand.  "I have the lists here."

"SLUGGISHLY," she responded with a deep sigh.  "THEY'RE RUINING EVERYTHING, you know, all the changes they've made."

"Not everything,"  he countered, and she said, "Yes, I know, I'm exaggerating, but right now I just want to grouse for a few minutes.  In fact, I'll set the timer, complain to the universe for five minutes, and then give myself a kick and get back to it."

"Sounds good.  I need you to perform the HOCUS-POCUS you always manage when it's time to put everything in the vehicle.  No one I know can pack more into a trunk than you!"

"Don't worry, give me that five minutes and then I'll be on game."


Today is:

Constitution Day -- Mexico (trad.)

Feast Day of Jacob, Patriarch -- Catholic Christian

Kashmir Day -- Pakistan

Liberation from the Alberoni Occupation -- San Marino (also St. Agatha's Day)

Longest War in History Ends -- The Third Punic War, between Rome and Carthage, was officially ended on this date with a peace treaty signed in 1985, which is 2,131 years after the war began

Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon, PA Day -- sponsored by Wellcat Holidays, and Why would they want it?

National Chocolate Fondue Day

National Girls and Women in Sports Day -- US  (This year's call to action is Lead Her Forward!)     

National Weatherperson's Day -- US (mostly, though some other countries now observe it as well; in honor of the first US meteorologist, John Jeffries)

Nones of February -- Ancient Roman Calendar; also
    Fornacalia -- celebration in honor of bread and the ovens used to dry grain; held any day between now and the 17th, one of Rome's few movable feasts)

Runeberg's Birthday -- Finland (National Poet)

St. Agatha's Day (Patron of bell-founders, fire prevention, jewelers, martyrs, nurses, rape victims, single laywomen, torture victims, wet-nurses; Malta; San Marino; as well as over 50 cities around the world; against breast cancer, breast disease, earthquakes, eruptions of Mt. Etna, fire, natural disasters, sterility, volcanic eruptions)

Unity Day -- Burundi

Vancouver International Boat Show -- Vancouver, BC, Canada (with two venues in the city, there is sure to be enough to delight even the pickiest sailors; through Sunday)

World Nutella Day

Birthdays Today:

Jeremy Sumpter, 1989
Sara Evans, 1971
Bobby Brown, 1969
Michael Sheen, 1969
Laura Linney, 1964
Jennifer Jason Leigh, 1962
Christopher Guest, 1948
Barbara Hershey, 1948
David Alan Ladd, 1947
Charlotte Rampling, 1946
Roger Stauback, 1942
Jane Bryant Quinn, 1941
David Selby, 1941
H.R. Giger, 1940
Alex Harvey, 1935
Henry "Hank" Aaron, 1934
Andrew Greeley, 1928
Red Buttons, 1919
William Burroughs, 1914
John Carradine, 1906
Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr., 1900
Andre' Citroen, 1878
Belle Starr(Myra Maybelle Shirley), 1848
Dwight Lyman Moody, 1837
Ole Bull, 1810
Robert Peel, 1788
John Witherspoon, 1723
Sanjo, Emperor of Japan, 976

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Where On Earth Is Carmen San Diego"(TV), 1994
"Hagar The Horrible"(Comic strip), 1973
"Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"(TV), 1967
"Peter Pan"(Disney cartoon film), 1953
"Otello"(Verdi Opera), 1887

Today in History:

Earthquake in Pompeii, Italy, 62
King Alfonso V orders Sicily's Jews to attend conversion sermons, 1428
A group of early Japanese Christians are killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society, 1597
The first US livestock branding law is passed, in Connecticut, 1644
Georgia becomes the first state to abolish both entail and primogenature, 1777
Sweden recognizes US independence, 1783
Hannah Lord Montague of New York creates the first detachable shirt collar, 1825
The "Oregon Spectator" is the first newspaper published on the American West Coast, 1846
An adding machine employing depressible keys is patented in New Paltz, NY, 1850
Two innovations which helped pave the way for motion pictures are pateneted, a hand turned stereoscope by Samuel Goodale of Cincinnati, and the Kinematoscope by Coleman Sellers of Philadelphia, 1861
Four inches of snow falls in San Francisco, 1887
The loop-the-loop centrifugal railroad (a/k/a the roller coaster) is patented by Ed Prescot, 1901
Greek military aviators, Michael Moutoussis and Aristeidis Moraitinis performed the first naval air mission in history, with a Farman MF.7 hydroplane, 1913
Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launch United Artists, 1919
Reader's Digest magazine is first published, 1922
The Royal Greenwich Observatory begins broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal, 1924
A hydrogen bomb known as the Tybee Bomb is lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, never to be recovered, 1958
The so-called Big Three banks in Switzerland announce the creation of a $71 million fund to aid Holocaust survivors and their families, 1997
Danish special forces storm a ship captured by Somali pirates, freeing 25 crewmembers on board, 2010
Archaeologist and runologist K. Jonas Nordby publishes his suggestions for how to decrypt the 13th C Viking jötunvillur runic code, 2014
Computer hackers try to steal 1 billion from Federal Reserve Bank of New York, but a typo in their codes alerts authorities before they can finish, 2016


  1. Short and sweet and very much to the point. I like it. I'm always envious of those hocus pocus people who can pack half their house into a car.

  2. Thank you for answering my question.
    Those easy rolls don't look easy to me - but delicious.
    And I love your story. We do indeed need to vent - and move on. And I envy skilful packers as well.

  3. 5 minutes to grouse and then be ready to pack the trunk sounds like a great deal to me. Nice story.
    And don't be sorry for not answering blogs. It is up and down and the 20-80 rule that counts. Means that sometimes you answer on my blog 3 times in a row without me writing a single word to you, sometimes it's the other way around and it is OK. (goes for anything, not only blogs)

  4. Looks delicious I hope you got me some heheh!

    Have a WWtastic week :-)

  5. Mom would like those sandwiches. She loves ham and cheese.

  6. Mimi,

    Yummy looking sandwiches! Are those two different kinds or are you putting both meats & cheese on one? Great short story work up with the weekly words!

  7. Those sandwiches look so delicious. Great story too. No worries about visiting, I know everyone gets busy. XO

  8. That does look easy, yum! No worries about the visits, life happens and you need to do what you need to do.

  9. Looking good Mimi. See ya my friend.

    Cruisin Paul

  10. Looks like messy deliciousness. I'd be all over that. Yummy.

    I love your story. You use the prompts so very well.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Big hug. ♥

  11. Oh man, those pictures were hard to look at, cause this guy is on a diet. Looks amazing, though. :)

  12. So did he get some of those delicious rolls after packing? We'll be over later for a snack! hahah!

  13. Food always looks so delicious to me. Those are heavenly, I can smell the sweet aroma. ahhhhh.......Happy Wednesday/Hump Day!

  14. You started your post by getting my mouth watering. That poppy seed dressing is my favorite, I actually have it on my grocery list now!

  15. There is nothing sluggish about this post, messymimi! :)


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