Thursday, February 27, 2020

Spring, and Maybe Pups (Six Sentence Story), Good Fences, Sammy’s Poetry Day, and Brian’s Thankful Thursday


Ms. RW, upon my arrival to clean her house yesterday, noted that their dog, Jake, now has a girlfriend, and she’d been brought to the house a couple of days prior because her owner wanted purebred pups.

“They tore up the porch and made a mess!” she said.

And did Jake do his duty? i asked.

“No,” Ms. RW said, “she wouldn’t let him and you should have seen them after chasing each other over the yard and tearing up my porch, they were lying in the grass looking for all the world like they were exhausted and both needed a cigarette!

“They’re going to try again tomorrow, though, at her house where they have acres to play on, maybe she’ll be a bit more ready this time, and I know Jake is certainly more than ready!”

Any way you slice it, spring is in the air, and this not-so-young dog’s fancy has turned to thoughts of love.

Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and the cue is Slice.       


Gosia at Looking for Identity has taken over Good Fences, and it's now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit other blogs to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.      

Yesterday was so beautifully sunny that i stepped out to enjoy it for a moment, and noticed the fence, and there we are:


It's Angel Sammy's Poetry Day This week's image and my poem:    

We love to watch them dance,
He turns and spins and reels,
And she does all the same steps
Backward and in high heels!


Brian of Brian's Home hosts the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   It's time to share something for which i am thankful.  

Wednesdays have been very, very long days for a couple of years now.  One client is now thinking of making my visits every other Wednesday instead of every week.  While this will cut my pay by a small amount, the easing up of my schedule from 12 hours on that day to only 8-9 would be most welcome.  While i'd never ask, and not quit, and it still may not happen, the possibility that i may get that break is something for which i am very thankful.


Today is:

Aspirin Day -- Bayer received its US patent for the medicine on this day in 1900

Camellia Festival 2020 -- Chiswick House and Gardens Trust, London, England (through Mar. 22)

Day of Selene -- Ancient Greek Calendar (goddess of the moon, date approximate)

Equirria -- Ancient Roman Calendar (Cavalry Horse Festival)

Feast of St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows/Gabriel Possenti (Patron of clerics, students, young people; Abruzzi, Italy; Catholic Action)

Florida Strawberry Festival -- Plant City, FL, US (celebrating the winter strawberry harvest, this year's theme is "Our Perfect Vision"; through Mar. 8)

Independence Day -- Dominican Republic(1844)

Majuba Day -- South Africa (celebration of the Boers victory at Majuba Hill)

National Kahlua Day

National Strawberry Day -- no, i don't know why this isn't in June, when the berries are best; maybe the person who put it here had too much Kahlua

No Brainer Day - this day is for me! created by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, "America's Premier Eventologist

Polar Bear Day -- as declared by Polar Bears International

Read Five Pages in the Dictionary Day -- internet generated, and am i the only one who likes the idea?

Runic Half Month Tyr commences (cosmic pillar)

St. Galmier of Lyon's Day (Patron of locksmiths)

The Hop -- Fairy Calendar

Threepenny Day -- Eton College, England (By the last will of two Provosts in the 16th century, each boy receives a threepenny piece on this day -- enough to buy half a sheep back then.)

Anniversary Today:

African Burial Ground National Monument is established, 2006

Birthdays Today:

Josh Groban, 1981
Chelsea Clinton, 1980
Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas, 1971
Grant Show, 1963
Adam Baldwin, 1962
Michael Bolton, 1953
Alan Guth, 1947
Mary Fran, 1943
Charlayne Hunter-Gault, 1942
Howard Hesseman, 1940
Ralph Nadar, 1934
Elizabeth Taylor, 1932
Joanne Woodward, 1930
Ariel Sharon, 1928
John Connally, 1917
James Thomas Farrell, 1904
John Steinbeck, 1902
Gene Sarazen, 1902
Marian Anderson, 1897
David Sarnoff, 1891
Hugo La Fayette Black, 1886
Alice Hamilton, 1869
Ellen Terry, 1847
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807
Constantine I, 272

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Captain Marvel(Film), 2019
"What Makes Sammy Run?"(Musical), 1964
Road to Utopia(Film), 1946

Today in History:

The first Russian Embassy arrives in London, 1557
The Treaty of Berwick, which would expel the French from Scotland, is signed by England and the Congregation of Scotland, 1560
Yuan Chonghuan is appointed Governor of Liaodong, after he led the Chinese into a great victory against the Manchurians under Nurhaci, 1626
Jews are expelled from Austria by order of Leopold I, 1670
The Pacific island of New Britain is discovered, 1700
Poet Lord Byron gives his first address as a member of the House of Lords, in defense of Luddite violence against Industrialism in his home county of Nottinghamshire, 1812
The Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti, 1844
Composer Robert Schumann is saved from a suicide attempt in Rhine, 1854
Russians shoot at Poles protesting Russian rule of Poland, 1861
The current flag of Japan is first adopted as the national flag for Japanese merchant ships, 1870
Charlotte E. Ray becomes the first African American woman to earn a law degree, from Howard University, 1872
Lord Kitchener opens Khartoum-El Obeid (Nyala) railway, 1912
Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discover carbon-14, 1940
The government of Italy asks for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over, 1964
The American Indian Movement occupies Wounded Knee, South Dakota, 1973
People magazine is published for the first time, 1974
U.S. President George H. W. Bush announces that "Kuwait is liberated", 1991
A Muslim mob kills 59 Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya, 2002
The Shanghai Stock Exchange falls 9%, the largest drop in 10 years, 2007
Central Chile is hit with an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, 2010
Wikileaks begins releasing 5 million emails from Stratfor, a private intelligence company, 2012
At Vatican City, Pope Benedict XVI delivers his farewell address, 2013
The smallest baby boy ever born who grew enough to be released from the hospital goes home from a Tokyo hospital, after an original birth weight of 268g (9.45oz), 2019
Doctors announce the world's second known case of semi-identical twins, a boy and girl from Brisbane, Australia, 2019


  1. Backwards and in high heels has always filled me with awe.
    I hope you do get your break. Twelve hours days are just tooooo long.

  2. I always wondered how these dancers can dance so well with those high heels.

  3. You really capture some nice fences.

    God bless.

  4. You are NOT the only one who likes the idea of reading 5 pages of the dictionary!

  5. Maybe the lady dog will feel more comfortable at her own place. Sometimes being "told" to do something makes it unappealing. Just let it happen and it works better.

  6. ...and, being an old dog, has no need to learn any new moves.

  7. Love the poem and dancers. And aspirin, what would we do without it? Good six BTW.

  8. That was a cute poem, backwards isn't easy even in furry paws. I'll bet a few less hours would be welcome. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. That is a very long day, hope you can shorten it. Funny story and great poem too. I am amazed at all the fences you find.

  10. I laughed at the pups. She'll be ready when she's ready and not before. I'm sure there will be an update at some point.

    Love the poem. Your right about backwards and in heels.

    I can't imagine working 12 hours in a day with the hard work you do. Yikes.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  11. I am curious if there will be puppies!
    Less work is really something to be thankful for.
    Have a great Thankful Thursday.

  12. An old dog still intent on old tricks?
    My, the variety of stories elicited by these prompts! As always, an enjoyable Six.

  13. Fun and creative 6 sentence story and great fence photos ^_^

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Mimi,

    I wonder if dogs think, "I really don't like my humans placing such demands on me to give them a pup. I'm so out of the mood now and to think I had my tail wagging when I spied them little gal!" :D Cute poem. I marvel at female professional dancers performing in high heels. I can walk in them fine but dancing? I don't think so. Have a good weekend, my friend!

  15. crackin UP at the dog story !!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺♥♥

  16. We're very happy to hear that your Wednesdays might be getting a little less long. Our Female Human has been meowing a lot about all the hours she has to work. Too bad you humans can't live the life we felines have..nap, eat, watch the wildlife out of the window. play, nap, eat........
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  17. Sounds as if they had a wonderful time getting to know one another. Can't put the horse before the cart now can they, lol

    I know! In high heels! Blows me away to watch dancing like that done in high heels.

    I hope your 8-9 hour Wednesdays become reality :)

  18. I was a little confused at first, thinking Jake and his girlfriend were people. Perhaps I'm a little too tired..

  19. Yes I hope you do get your break and I am glad you stepped outside and photographed the fences. Have a lovely weekend.

  20. Dancing backwards yup! Thank God for a break. Fun six!


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