Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's been a great week!

Ten Things of Thankful

It's been quite a week, and there is so much to be thankful for.

The word seems to have gotten around that our two foster kittens were adopted because the next thing i know, we have another.  Dumpling won't suck out of the bottle, she just licks it, and she has already started to eat canned food.  She also has ringworm.  It doesn't matter, we are just all thankful that she is eating and the anti-fungus cream seems to be helping.

It has been a three-ring circus with Friend Chris and Alden.  Alden brought his car over here for Friend Chris to work on, then proceeded to "help".  When you try to help a mechanic, the mechanic needs to charge you more!  Anyway, the head gasket got changed, and after Alden's "help" we are thankful the timing belt is back on and working, and we hope once they finish replacing the water pump, Alden will be able to again transport himself to work.

Two clients went out of town and won't be back until Labor Day weekend, so both have me house sitting, and one has me cat sitting. The cat sitting pays well, and i am also grateful to be able to get into Ms. V's house when no one is there and reorganize her linen closets.  She has linens for beds in sizes they don't even have that are always getting in the way, and i am going to try to get her to donate them when she gets home.

Pepe and Buff, two of the grand-dogs, have been spending more time here, and they always make me smile.  They seem to like Dumpling, too which can be a good thing.  Kittens that get along well with dogs are at a premium.

Bigger Girl is thrilled that the Kickstarter Campaign she is helping to run is going well.  She's been so worried about it that we are just thankful it's going to be done soon.  Also, i will be thankful to see this game she and her friend have worked so hard to develop and market actually be in game stores.

Mr. K is finally working on our generator!  The platform it sits on has been  in rough shape for a while now, and Mr. K got a metal stand built, and once we know we will have several dry days in a row, he will pour a cement pad.  Having a generator is a blessing, having it on this new stand will help assure we don't lose it.

The shelter's battle with ringworm is fierce at the moment, but we think the tide has turned and we've got it contained.

Our first rEcess of the school year is this coming Friday!  It's going to be wonderful to see everyone again.

Brother-in-Law, The Mouth, has given us his many years' worth of pennies, and i am grateful we've been able to borrow a machine that sorts coins to help us count them.

Today is Visit Grandma and Grandpa Day!  It's always a blessing and i'm so thankful every two weeks when i get to go.

In spite of running around taking care of house sitting and cat sitting, and the insanity of trying to fix a car in the driveway, there's so much good and so much for which i am thankful.  Try listing your own blessings, then link up with Ten Things of Thankful.  It will make you remember how blessed you are, i promise.

Today is:

Bartletide -- West Witton, Yorkshire Dales, UK (a/k/a Burning Bartle, a ceremony in which a straw effigy of Owd Bartle, a sheep thief of yore, is paraded, then burned after sunset, as a warning to the light fingered; always on the Saturday nearest St. Bartholemew's Day, which is August 24)

Be Kind to Humankind Week: Speak Kind Words Saturday 

Birthday of Set -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Corvette Crossroads Auto Show -- Mackinaw City, MI, US (show that includes a Corvette parade across the Mackinaw Bridge; through tomorrow)

Country Fair and Auction -- McHenry, MD, US (sponsored by the local Mennonite churches, a good old-fashioned time of family fun)

De Ducasse -- Ath, Belgium (Giants of Ath Festival or Wedding of the Giants, a celebration since medieval times in which "Goliath" marries, then goes to do battle with David; through tomorrow)

First Thnork of the Year -- Fairy Calendar

Heroes Day -- Namibia

Ilmatar Day -- Finland (Water Mother, goddess of the heavens)

International Bat Night -- through tomorrow, go enjoy these wonderful creatures; or

Koenji Awa Odori Festival -- Suginami City, Tokyo, Japan (thousands dance in the streets, through tomorrow)

Make Your Own Luck Day -- for those who refuse to sit around and wait for it

National Cherry Popsicle Day

National Day of Repentance -- Papua New Guinea

National Dog Day -- sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation   

Schemitzun(Green Corn Pow Wow) -- Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation (through tomorrow, Pow Wow and presentations of Native heritage to all)

Sheep Market Fair -- Ho, Denmark (annual sheep market and family fair; through tomorrow)

St. Adrian of Nicodemia's Day (Patron of butchers, prison guards, soldiers; against plague)

Usuki Stone Buddhas Fire Festival -- Usuki, Japan (torchlight at twilight lights the regions mysterious Buddha statues; includes a beach party!)

Women's Equality Day -- US (commemorates Women's Suffrage)

Yoshida no Hi Matsuri -- Yoshida, Japan (fest to mark the end of Mt. Fuji climbing season; through tomorrow)

Birthdays Today:

Chris Pine, 1980
Macaulay Culkin, 1980
Christopher Burke, 1965
Branford Marsalis, 1960
Ben Bradlee, 1921
Mother Teresa, 1910
Albert Bruce Sabin, 1906
Christopher Isherwood, 1904
Peggy Guggenheim, 1898
Lee de Forest, 1873
Albert "Bertie" von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha, husband of queen Victoria, 1819
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, 1743
Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, 1740

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Cincinnati Reds vs. Brooklyn Dodgers Doubleheader(first MLB games televised), 1939
"Lightnin'"(Play), 1918
"Elijah"(Mendelssohn Op. 70 MWV A25), 1846

Today in History:

Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pieta, 1498
The Pennsylvania Ministerium, the first Lutheran denomination in North America, is founded in Philidelphia, 1748
John Fitch is granted a US patent for his working steamboat, 1791
Charles Thurber patents a typewriter, 1843
The first news dispatch by telegraph is made, 1858
Major eruption of Krakatoa, 36,000 dead, 1883
19th Amendment to the US Constitution, granting women the vote, takes effect, 1920
The first Major League Baseball game is telecast, 1939
The USSR announces the first successful test of an ICBM, 1957
The Charter of the French Language is adopted by the National Assembly of Quebec, 1977
John Paul I is elected Pope, 1978
The agreement on how to divide the Czech Republic and Slovakia is signed, 1992
Russia unilaterally recognizes the independence of the former Georgian breakaway republics Abkhazia and South Ossetia, 2008
Israel requests that Germany arrest Klaas Carel Faber, a Nazi war criminal who killed 20 Jews at Westerbork concentration camp, 2010
Israel and Hamas accept a cease fire, 2014
Burger King agrees to purchase Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons for $11.4 billion, 2014


  1. All wonderful things to be thankful for. You are lucky you had someone to work on the timing belt, those can be very expensive when done at the garage. I am so impressed your daughter invented a game with someone. I hope it is a huge success. Generators give you peace of mind, I was quite thankful for ours when our power was out for a week in 2011. Have a nice weekend!

  2. I am thankful it rained tonight and we need not have to use the air con. I am thankful that we can attend church service without fear or restriction. And many more thankfuls.

  3. yow! major car repairs! good to hear that, by the time this gets posted everything will be back together again.
    dogs are perfect and since they often like cats (some of them) then that speaks well for the feline contingency.
    generators are surely among the best of little used machinery to have around the home (hopefully little used).
    good TToT!

  4. Sounds like you are having a very busy time. Hope all gets better soon. We love it when cats and dogs get along well. Hope the car repairs go well. Have a good week end.

  5. Glad to hear you and the shelter are winning the battle against ringworm. Wait; that sounds like YOU have ring worm. Oops!

  6. Finding the thankfuls amidst the business and sometimes craziness of life is a blessing, thank you for reminding us they are always to be found!

    I suspect that Our Creator keeps the foster kitty spaces in your family filled, knowing that those precious little ones will have the best start life has to offer and will make wonderful feline companions in their forever homes.

    Ahh yes, I've been through the yard mechanic days, I hope they get it up and running and out of your driveway soon!

    I know how important a generator can be in the all too possible power outages. Getting yours up on a secure pad/frame will help it be there when you need it. Speaking of which, I am praying that the winds and heavy rainfall accompanying Hurricane Harvey will not cause more flooding in your area, you've had to deal with so much of that as it is.

    Kitty sitting is a fun way to earn a little extra money, and the opportunity to reorganize the sheets is great. I bet you'll be able to convince her to donate the ones she has no beds for, and that means someone else will be blessed. I know so many folks with extra sheet sets that never consider giving them away.

    I know how much you enjoy rEcess, and it's such a gift to parents to have that spot of free time, your little ones will be so happy to see you again!

    I hope those many pennies count up to enough to put to good use for something, I remember years of rolling many, many for a place I worked.

    Have a great weekend and may some sunshine find you amidst the rain clouds in the coming week! XOXO

  7. What a busy week you've had! Those little kitties must be having a rolicking good time with you! I had to laugh at the car repair! I have the sense to stay clear of that and am glad that it ended well. I'm curious about rEcess. It sounds familiar but I can't quite remember. Are you giving teachers a breaks? (I'm reading between the lines of Josie's comments....) Hope you have a terrific week. Stay dry!

  8. I recently used a Coinstar ( kiosk. It counted my change, and I was able to get an amazon gift code at no fee. I was amazed at how much pennies can add up!

  9. I'm glad the two mechanics were able to get the car up and running.
    Mrs. V's linen closet sounds like mine. :-)
    How nice that Pepe and Buff get along with Dumpling.
    Getting a sturdier platform for your generator is a plus.


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