Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Random Rambling Tuesday

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And now, a bit of random news from around here, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked.   

#2 Son is finally getting to do his management training.  He has to travel to other stores in the region to do it, so Daughter-in-Law Becky will be staying with a friend while he is gone a couple of weeks.  This will happen after Thanksgiving, and he’ll be back well before Christmas, so the timing is perfect.

Little Girl is in a state of uncertainty.  Her plan for a long time has been to get a nursing degree, then go full time military and be an Army nurse.  Now the Army is offering to send her back to Fort Sam Houston for one year to train to be a physician’s assistant instead.

She’s not sure which is the better path, but as i’ve told her over and over, she can work as a nurse and get further training to be a physician assistant or work as a PA while training to be an RN.  And no matter what, she can always try for medical school once she has a bachelor’s degree in any medical field.  There’s not just one right path and so it’s not as if one wrong choice means she’s doomed to a job she doesn’t want.

Bigger Girl went to a convention with her gang of friends again this year to help promote the book her friend wrote and the card game that goes with it that her friend’s company is developing.  (It is the card game for which they had a Kickstarter campaign, and they got funded so are starting to produce the game.)  Last year she came back with chainmail gauntlets and stories of boffer wars (using foam weapons in pretend battles).  Heaven only knows what went on this year, i just hope they sold a lot of the card games so the company can start paying off.

#1 Son is officially on his own health insurance plan now.  It’s only major medical, so most likely the Bank of Mom and Dad will continue to help with the small stuff until he gets a better job, or one that offers better insurance.

Speaking of health insurance, Sweetie’s coverage through the state has been giving us a high old time.  About 12 years ago, they demanded that we prove every dependent with a marriage certificate for me and birth certificates for the kids, which we did.  (The fact that i was added to his insurance after marrying him and that they paid for the children’s deliveries didn’t seem to be enough to persuade them.)

Now they are making us do it again, my guess is they figure somehow the kids have become not his in the intervening years.  Actually i do understand that i have to prove we are still married (marriage certificates and the current mortgage statement with both of our names on it) because divorces do happen.  Making the children prove they are still his children seems silly to me, though.

The latest foster kitten, Zippy, has had a rough time of it.  He has had, to be delicate, “digestive upset” that has caused difficulties with his back end.  We’ve been cleaning his “upsets” and he’s been on three oral meds, three different ointments on his sore back end, and probiotics.  It all finally seems to be working, so once he’s feeling better i will try again to get a picture of him.

The holiday plans are firming up, mostly involving me going to NOLA to cook.  It should be fun, and i'm going to have to get creative to make sure hojaldras are involved for Grandpa's birthday.

Today is:

Children's Day -- India

Chinggis Khan's (Genghis Khan) Birthday -- Mongolia 

Day of the Colombian Woman -- Colombia

Equorum Probatio -- Ancient Roman Empire (official cavalry parade of the equites)

International Girls Day -- information here  

Leftover Trading Day -- internet generated; trade your leftovers for the much more interesting ones in your neighbor's fridge

Loosen up, Lighten Up Day -- to remind us of the benefits of joy and laughter, begun by Stephanie West Allen of Denver, CO, US

National Spicy Guacamole Day -- as opposed to National Guacamole Day back in September  

National Pickle Day/Pickle Appreciation Day

National Teddy Bear Day -- US (anniversary of the day in 1902 that Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a cornered and tied bear, because it was unsportsmanlike)

Operating Room Nurse Day -- US, but feel free to celebrate those dedicated nurses around the world

Readjustment Movement's Day -- Guinea-Bissau

School Pride Day -- US (always on the Tuesday of American Education Week)

Spirit of NSA Day -- members of the National Speakers Association are encouraged to focus on giving back and mentoring  

St. Dubricus' Day (the saint who crowned King Arthur)

St. Lawrence O'Toole's Day (Patron of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland)

Works Getting Into Championships -- Fairy Calendar (Gremlins)

World Diabetes Day -- UN (learn more about diabetes here

Anniversaries Today:

Princess Anne of the UK marries Captain Mark Phillips, 1973

Birthdays Today:

Joseph "Run" Simmons, 1964
Laura San Giacomo, 1962
D.B. Sweeney, 1961
Condoleezza Rice, 1954
Yanni, 1954
Prince Charles, 1948
King Hussein of Jordan, 1935
McLean Stevenson, 1929
Boutros Boutros-Ghali, 1922
Brian Keith, 1921
Veronica Lake, 1919
Barbara Hutton, 1912
Rosemary DeCamp, 1910
Joseph McCarthy, 1909
Harrison Salisbury, 1908
William Steig, 1907
Louise Brooks, 1906
Dick Powell, 1904
Aaron Copland, 1900
Mamie Dowd Eisenhower, 1896
Jawaharlal Nehru, 1889
Claude Monet, 1840
Robert Fulton, 1765

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Black or White"(Music video), 1991
"Murphy Brown"(TV), 1988
"Good Evening"(Revue), 1973
"Der Tapfere Soldat/The Chocolate Soldier"(Operetta), 1908
“The Girl of the Golden West”(Play), 1905

Today in History:

Conquistadors from Spain under the leadership of Francisco Pizarro arrive in Cajamarca, Inca empire, 1533
Samuel Pepys reports on the first blood transfusion (between dogs), 1666
Loius Timothee is hired in Philadelphia to be the first professional librarian in the US, 1732
Captain George Vancouver is the first Englishman to enter San Francisco Bay, 1792
John Mason debuts the first horse-drawn streetcar in NYC, with a route between Prince and 14th on 4th Ave., 1832
Herman Melville publishes "Moby Dick", 1851
The St. Andrews Golf Club, in Yonkers, NY, opens with 6 holes, 1888
New York World reporter Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane) began her attempt to surpass fictitious journey of Jules Verne's Phileas Fogg by traveling around world in less than 80 days; She succeeded, finishing the trip in January in 72 days and 6 hours, 1889
Albert Einstein presents his quantum theory of light, 1908
The first airplane flight from the deck of a ship takes place in Norfolk, Virginia, 1910
The BBC begins radio service in the United Kingdom, 1922
The first regular UK singles chart published by the New Musical Express, 1952
NASA launches Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the surface of the Moon, 1969
After German reunification, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland sign a treaty confirming the Oder-Neisse line as the border between Germany and Poland, 1990
The last direct-current electrical distribution system in the United States is shut down in New York City by Con Edison, 2007
Scientists discovery the closest known rogue planet to Earth, about 100 light years away, 2012


  1. Lol! Sound ridiculous for the insurance company wanting your children to prove they are still their father's children.

  2. Going to NOLA to cook? Is that were the grandparents are? I have no idea what holjadras are...My step-niece has to stay single while living with her significant other for almost a decade now and having two children with him so that she can continue to get the child support she needs for her severely handicapped daughter.

  3. Poor Zippy, I am glad he is improving. Not my business, but I think in the long run that a PA gets paid a lot more than an RN and doesn't usually work night shifts as nurses do. That is awful about the health insurance being so difficult.

  4. You have a lot to be proud of in your kids. They're all on their way.

  5. I love your kids. You both did well raising them and it shows. I do agree that the kids and the insurance shouldn't be in the mix. If they were approved once that should be enough. Good grief.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

  6. Paws crossed for Zippy. Poor little thing. ♥

  7. Thanks for catching us up on your active family.

  8. I wish your kids all the best in their endeavors. Poor kitty - hope it gets to feeling better soon. Here's wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


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