Friday, December 30, 2022

Monthly Poetry Group: Royalty


It's time for the Monthly Poetry Group, hosted by Karen at Baking in a Tornado Participants write a poem about a topic one of us chose.  This month, Diane chose Royalty.  Be sure to go check out all the poems.

Royal Child

I had the special blessing

of helping at Sunday school

at the homeless mission church

and the teacher was really cool.

She always made her lessons

relatable and fun,

made sure they'd remember

the main point, only one.

The teenage girl had brought

her younger siblings there,

she seemed like she wanted to stay

so we let her grab a chair.

She listened and she smiled

at the story meant for a child,

then it was time to do the craft,

keep 'em busy so they don't get wild.

The craft was paper crowns

for each child to wear,

the teacher was always ready

had plenty of fun stuff there.

They drew shapes and they colored,

glued on plenty of plastic bling,

and the teenage girl assisted

while doing her own thing.

Each child was then fitted,

the crowns, they could be sized,

and each took theirs to show,

at least for the day to be prized.

When i tried to fit the older girl

with her own beautiful crown,

she seemed very reluctant,

and once done, she looked down.

"I can't wear this," she told me,

"A princess I am not."

"Oh, but you are!" I told her,

"so hold on to this thought,

"You are a child of G-d!" I said,

"And He's the King and Lord.

You are His precious little one,

it says so in His Word.

"You keep this crown and remember

you're a princess of His realm,

even when life's not easy,

don't let it overwhelm.

"He wants you to be His princess,

act with dignity and grace,

let Him hold you close,

let no one take you from that place!"

She wasn't there the next time,

these families move about,

she may not remember me,

but I remember, no doubt.

I pray she will remember,

and I hope we all would,

when tempted, tried or weary,

act as His royal children should.

The other participants:

Karen at Baking in a Tornado   

Diane at On the Border          



  1. Your poem (and the person who wrote it) is beautiful. And has left me a little misty eyed.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Now this is a beautiful poem with a beautiful meaning and it touched my heart way down to the bottom

  4. Excellent poem Mimi. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy 2023.

    Cruisin Paul

  5. Oh Mimi- this is such a wonderful poem- so appropriate for these days. Happy New Year and keep these keepsake poems coming! xoxox

  6. ooopsie - FYI your post isn't showing up unless I hit the home button. xoxo

  7. I bet she does remember. We rarely forget when someone goes out of their way to let us know that we have value.

  8. That was such a lovely poem, amen to that!

  9. That was a truly lovely thing to say to her. I wonder if she kept the crown and looks at it now and again?


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