Thursday, June 1, 2023

Rude Awakening (Six Sentence Story), Good Fences, Sammy's Poetry Day and Brian's Thankful Thursday


The rapid rat-tat-tat-tat-tat, sounding almost as rapid as machine gun fire and with an echo behind it, woke them both, and they both glared at the ceiling.

"That yellow-bellied sapsucker!" he growled, and she laughed.

"We know it's a woodpecker, but as for what species it is, well, neither of us are birders."

"I don't care what species, I'm calling it that because it's an insult," he grumbled, and added, "how does it make that noise, anyway?"

"It taps on the stove pipe from the wood burning stove to make the bugs run out from under the flashing so it can catch and eat them."

"Well if it doesn't stop waking me up early on Saturday mornings, I'm going to have me a Woody Woodpecker Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker trophy on my wall!"

Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and the cue is Yellowbelly.      

(Yes, the woodpecker, whatever kind it is, does this, and yes, Sweetie grumbles and calls it Woody Woodpecker the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.  No, he'd never make it into a trophy, he is too tender hearted toward wild animals, he just likes to grumble.)


While Good Fences Around the World seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird, i still enjoy looking for and posting interesting fences, so i will!


It's Angel Sammy's Poetry Day This week's image and my poem:    

Watch out, Spitz and Phelps,

I'm determined, come what may,

though I've just started learning,

I'll be a swimming star one day!


Brian of Brian's Home hosts the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   It's time to share something for which i am thankful.  

Today i am thankful for yesterday's final church ladies meeting for this season, we had lunch at the home of a member who has been homebound and wanted to see all of us, so her daughter came and served us a delightful meal.


Today is:

Arrival of the Swiss at the Port-Noir -- Switzerland

Dia da Crianca -- Cape Verde (Youth Day)

Dia de la Marina -- Mexico (Day of the Navy)

Early Bird Day -- an internet derived day that reminds us the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

Famadihana -- Madagascar (from now until November, various areas celebrate the Malagasay culture's "turning the bones," a fascinating reburial of the dead ceremony)

Fardagar -- Traditional Icelandic Calendar (time when farm workers moved from one farm to another, the time to settle debts, and until the 20th-Century, the day to start the fiscal year; always the Thursday through Sunday of the 7th week of summer)

Feast of St. Justin Martyr (a/k/a Justin the Philosopher; Patron of apologists, lecturers, orators, philosophers, speakers)

Festival of Non-Linearity -- another one you find on the internet, no meaning or rhyme to it, but if you like to think in non-linear ways, enjoy today!

Festival of the Oak Nymph -- Celtic/Pagan (around this time of year, the Celts took a day to honor all hamadryads, the female nature spirits who inhabit oak trees)

Flip a Coin Day -- as noted by The Ultimate Holiday Site, which claims Julius Caesar invented it (doubtful, but the Romans did toss coins)

Gawai Dayak -- Sarawak, Malaysia (harvest festival begins today)

Global Day of Parents -- UN

Go Barefoot Day -- originally sponsored by Soles4Souls, which recycles shoes to those who have none; while i cannot find if they are sponsoring a day or week this year, it's a good reminder not to let your old shoes end up in a landfill

Hari Lahir Pancasila -- Indonesia (Pancasila Day)

Heimlich Maneuver Day -- Dr. Heimlich first published his suggestion for aiding choking victims with "subdiaphragmatic pressure" on this day in 1974

Helen Keller Day -- sponsored by the Lions Clubs

Hen-Peeler's Holiday -- Fairy Calendar

Independence Day/National Day -- Samoa

International Children's Day

Kalends of June -- Ancient Roman Calendar; related observances:

     Day Sacred to Tempestas (goddess of storms)

     Festival for Juno Moneta (Juno as goddess of money)

     Festival of Carna (goddess of health and vitality, and also of doors and locks, which were to be repaired today)

Madaraka Day -- Kenya (National Day or self-rule/responsibility day)

Mint Julip Day -- Oxford University, England (the drink was introduced there this day in 1845, and they liked it so well, they dedicated a day to it!)

Mothers' and Children's Day -- Mongolia

National Hazelnut Cake Day

National Tree Planting Day -- Cambodia

Oscar the Grouch Day -- according to the Sesame Workshop, today is his birthday

Pancasila Sanctity Day -- Indonesia

President's Day -- Palau

Say Something Nice Day -- as declared by the mayor of a town in South Carolina who is tired of all the negative talk all the time

Stand for Children Day -- founded by a rally this day in 1996, seeking to ensure all children graduate from high school

St. Theobald Roggeri's Day (Patron of church cleaners, cobblers, porters, shoemakers; against fever and sterility)

Summer Library Book club Season begins -- anywhere that school is out, check your local library for a summer book club for children or adults; you never know what world you will discover when you read

Superman Day -- publication of the first Superman comic was this day in 1938

Victory Day -- Tunisia (anniversary of the Adoption of the Constitution of Tunisia in 1959)

Yobuko Otsunahiki -- Higashi Matsuura, Saga prefecture, Japan (two day Big Tug-of-War Festival, with one team representing the land and the other the sea; victory for the land means good crops, for the sea means good catches)

Anniversaries Today:

Charlie Chaplin marries Paulette Goddard, 1934

Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio, is founded as the first US land-grant university, 1808

Tennessee becomes the 16th US state, 1796

Kentucky becomes the 15th US state, 1792

Anne Boleyn is crowned Queen Consort of England, 1533

Birthdays Today:

Justine Henin, 1982

Alanis Morissette, 1974

Heidi Klum, 1973

Mark Curry, 1964

Lisa Hartman Black, 1956

Ron Wood, 1947

Jonathan Pryce, 1947

Frederica von Stade, 1945

Robert Powell, 1944

Rene Auberjonois, 1940

Cleavon Little, 1939

Morgan Freeman, 1937

Colleen McCullough, 1937

Pat Boone, 1934

Edward Woodward, 1930

James Hadley Billington, 1929

Bob Monkhouse, 1928

Andy Griffith, 1926

Marilyn Monroe, 1926

Nelson Riddle, 1921

Brigham Young, 1801

Jacques Marquette (Père Marquette), 1637

Debuting/Premiering Today:

FX(TV channel), 1994

Gremlins(Film), 1984

Cable News Network/CNN(TV network), 1980

"Live and Let Die"(Song release), 1973

"The Prisoner"(TV), 1968

"Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"(Album release), 1967

Today in History:

Hugh Capet is elected King of France, 987

Beijing, then under the control of the Jurchen ruler Emperor Xuanzong of Jin, is captured by the Mongols  under Genghis Khan, ending the Battle of Beijing, 1215

Friar John Cor records the first known batch of scotch whisky, 1495

Anne Boleyn is crowned Queen of England, 1533

Mary Dyer is hanged for defying a law banning Quakers from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1660

The battle of the Glorious First of June is fought, the first naval engagement between Britain and France during the French Revolutionary Wars, 1794

U.S. President James Madison asks the Congress to declare war on the United Kingdom, 1812

James Lawrence, the mortally-wounded commander of the USS Chesapeake, gives his final order: "Don't give up the ship!" 1813

James Clark Ross discovers the North Magnetic Pole, 1831

American adventurer William Walker conquers Nicaragua, 1855

Treaty of Bosque Redondo is signed allowing the Navajos to return to their lands in Arizona and New Mexico, 1868

Thomas Edison receives a patent for his electric voting machine, 1869

Napoleon Eugene, the last dynastic Bonaparte, is killed in the Anglo-Zulu War, 1879

The United States Census Bureau begins using Herman Hollerith's tabulating machine to count census returns, 1890

Louis D. Brandeis becomes the first Jew appointed to the United States Supreme Court, 1916

The First Conference of the Communist Parties of Latin America is held in Buenos Aires, 1929

Charles de Gaulle comes out of retirement to lead France by decree for six months, 1958

New Zealand's first official television broadcast commences at 7.30pm from Auckland, 1960

Kenya gains internal self-rule (Madaraka Day), 1963

The Heimlich maneuver for rescuing choking victims is published in the journal Emergency Medicine, 1974

The first black-led government of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 90 years takes power, 1979

The Warsaw Pact officially dissolves, 1991

Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupts for the first time in 600 years, 1991

Air France Flight 447 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil, Killing all 228 passengers and crew, 2009

General Motors files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, 2009

Russia enacts a country-wide smoking ban, affecting most public places, 2013

Switzerland’s Gotthard Base Tunnel is completed - world’s longest at 57km and most expensive tunnel costing €11bn, 2016

Prehistoric carvings of deer, between 4,000 and 5,000 years old, are found at Kilmartin Glen, Argyll, Scotland, 2021

US Coast Guard Admiral Linda Fagan assumes the post of Commandant, becoming the first female commander of US military branch, 2022


  1. Love today's story. Reminds me of when my mother first got hearing aids and the family were getting cross with her because she never wore them. Seeking a solution, I asked her why she didn't like them. It was the crows on the roof, the noise they made gave her no rest with her improved hearing. So I understand your sweetie's reaction.
    Great fence you have for us today!

  2. Love the determined little swimmer. And if a bird could wake himself he would react the same way as your sweetie.

  3. I've never heard a sapsucker, of course I know a woodpecker!

  4. Good poem. Only get to see sapsuckers here as they migrate north to Canada. Love 'em.

  5. I have to put up with seagulls tapping their beaks on my bedroom window! A lovely poem, Olympics, here I come.

  6. We are glad we don't have noisy birds to wake us up. Unfortunately, we have loser neighbors who will start shooting off fireworks at night pretty soon. Mom says she isn't allowed to make them into trophies.

  7. (smile icon)
    fun little Six this week.

  8. Oh, gosh, being awakened by woody woodpecker the yellowbellied sapsucker himself! And I thought that pigeons were the worst,

  9. Those sapsuckers are awful. One killed a pussy willow tree of ours because it kept pecking it for the sap in it. Cute poem. I am glad you got to visit your church friend. XO

  10. Hi Mimi... those pesky woodpecker thingies know what they're doing!
    I've had no end of trouble trying to comment on your posts over the past few weeks! Hopefully this works.
    It even failed with me using 'anonymous' which didn't really help!

  11. Well! Blow me down with a woodpecker's feather! It worked! 😳

  12. Great thankful ~ lovely fences, and your stories, poems are always wonderful ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Oh my, we had that rat-a-tat-tat here once, it did sound like a machine gun. That was a fun poem and a really nice thankful. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. Oh, I hope that pool water is warmed. I get woken by birds chirping in the tree next door, then the magpies start singing and after that the cockatoos begin screeching.

  15. Woodpeckers are most annoying! Especially early in the morning. For real? Tapping on the stove pipe! Clever birds!
    Never too young to learn to swim.
    What an extra special last meeting of the season.

  16. Hahaha! That sounds like my husby! Resourceful birds, aren't they?
    Cute little swimmer! Yep. Just give him time...
    Sounds like a lovely meeting!

  17. Funny story!
    I like that fence being adapted to fit over the tree root.


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