Friday, February 23, 2024

Abigail Needs It (Feline Friday), Friendly Fill-Ins and Pet Photo Fails


Feline Friday was originally started by Steve, The Burnt Food Dude (who no longer blogs), and i'm going to believe it's because he likes cats.

He handed hosting duties off to Sandee at Comedy Plus, and now she's entrusting it to me.

Feline Friday is simple to join.  All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (they may be silly or cute).  Then add your link!

One thing for sure is this is a fun and easy meme to do.  So come and join us in Feline Friday.

What better way to start the weekend than with a feline!

I am not allowed to fold this blanket yet.  Abigail's paw has need of it.


Friendly Fill-Ins are easy to do. There are four statements: the first two statements are provided by Ellen of 15AndMeowing, and the final two are offered by Lorianne The Menagerie Mom of Four-Legged Furballs. They try to make sure the statements will be fun to both answer and share. The linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM on Friday. Please head over to one of their sites, link up, and share your thoughts!      

Here are this week's statements with my responses underlined:

1. _________ is a movie I can quote by heart.

2. _________ is a bad habit that I would like to stop doing.

3. I look forward to the return of _________.

4. Amongst my family and friends, I'm known as _________.

1. Disney's Alice in Wonderland   is a movie I can   almost   quote by heart,   or at least I could when the children were young.

2. Letting the awful traffic make me a grump   is a bad habit that I would like to stop doing.

3. I look forward to the return of   spring and autumn, every year (not a fan of extreme cold or heat).

4. Amongst my family and friends, I'm known as   the janitor.


Pet Photo Fails is hosted by Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows.     

This is Bettina.  She's going to be featured next Feline Friday, but for today she gave me the best fail of the week.

She turned her head at the wrong moment!


Today is:

Curling Is Cool Day -- embrace the Olympic sport the whole family can play; sponsored by Wellcat Holidays

Diesel Engine Day -- Rudolph Diesel received his patent in Germany on this day in 1893

Easy Divorce Day -- marking the passage, in 1915, of the Nevada law granting easy divorces after only a 6-month residency, the first such in the US

Heritage Day -- Yukon Territory, Canada

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day -- while i can't figure out who started this one, even Mr. Google says it's celebrated today

Iwo Jima Day -- commemoration of the US flag raising

National Banana Bread Day

National Day -- Brunei

National Rationalization Day

Pebbles Day -- Pebbles Flintstone was born this day around 10,000BC

Republic Day (Mashramani) -- Guyana

St. Milburga of Shropshire's Day (Patron of birds)

St. Polycarp of Smyrna's Day (Patron against dysentery and earache)

St. Serenus the Gardener's Day (Patron of bachelors, falsely accused people)

Terminalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (festival for Terminus, god of land boundary markers)

Birthdays Today:

Emily Blunt, 1983

Niecy Nash, 1970

Michael Dell, 1965

"Bobby" Bonilla, 1963

Howard Jones, 1955

Patricia Richardson, 1951

"Too Tall" Jones, 1951

John Sanford, 1944

Johnny Winter, 1944

Peter Fonda, 1939

Sylvia Chase, 1938

Donna J. Stone, 1933

Paul Tibbets, 1915

William L. Shirer, 1904

Victor Fleming, 1889

W.E.B. DuBois, 1868

Emma Hart Willard, 1787

George Frederic Handel, 1685

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, 1646

Samuel Pepys, 1633

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Fortune and Men's Eyes"(Play), 1967

"Pinocchio"(Disney Cartoon), 1940

Today in History:

Emperor Diocletian orders the general persecution of Christians, 303

Traditional date for the publication of the Gutenberg Bible, the first Western book printed with movable type, 1455

France begins its fifth "holy war" against the Huguenots, 1574

Baron von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to help to train the Continental Army, 1778

The first US raw-cotton-to-cloth mill is founded, in Waltham, Massachusetts, 1813

The first US pharmaceutical college is organized, the College of Apothecaries in Philidelphia, 1821

Santa Anna begins his siege of the Alamo, 1836

John Newman leaves the Anglican Church and is welcomed into the Roman Catholic Church, 1846

In Mexico, American troops under General Zachary Taylor defeat Mexican General Antonio Lรณpez de Santa Anna, 1847

Great Britain formally recognises the independence of the Boers in the area between the Orange and Vaal rivers, signing the Bloemfontein Convention with the Orange Free State, 1854

The London Times publishes the world's first classified ad, 1886

Charles Martin Hall, assisted by his sister Julia Brainerd Hall, produced the first samples of man-made aluminum, 1886

The French/Italian Riviera is struck by an earthquake that leaves 2,000 dead, 1887

The Tootsie Roll is introduced by Leo Hirshfield, 1896

In France, Emile Zola is imprisoned for writing his "J'accuse" letter accusing the government of anti-Semitism and wrongly jailing Alfred Dreyfus, 1898

The Cuban state of Guantanamo is leased to the US, 1903

The US acquires control of the Panama Canal Zone for $10 million, 1904

The Rotary Club International is founded in Chicago, 1905

Russian Tsar Nicholas II dissolves the Diet of Finland, 1909

The US state of Nevada enacts a convenient divorce law, 1915

The February Revolution begins in Russia, 1917

Plutonium is first produced and isolated by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, 1941

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is founded, 1847

The first mass inoculation with the Salk vaccine begins in Pittsburgh, 1954

First meeting of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), 1955

The United States Environmental Protection Agency announces its intent to buy out and evacuate the dioxin-contaminated community of Times Beach, Missouri, 1983

Supernova 1987a is seen in the Large Magellanic Cloud, 1987

A small fire occurs in the Russian Space station, Mir, 1997

An avalanche destroys the Austrian village of Galtรผr, killing 31, 1999

Unknown criminals pour more than 2.5 million liters of diesel oil and other hydrocarbons into the river Lambro, in Northern Italy, causing an environmental disaster, 2010

The journal Nature Human Behavior publishes a study of the discovery of the oldest Australian rock art, a 17,300-year-old painting of a kangaroo in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, 2021


  1. Abigail is holding tight to that blankie.

  2. No matter how the photo turns out, the cats are always just perfect aren't they.

  3. Aww sooooo cute heheh!
    Have a pawtastic weeken and thanks for hosting ๐Ÿ‘

  4. Kitty looks so cute and comfy holding that blanket. How nice of you to leave it for her. Happy Friday!

  5. Abigail's, and Abigail's alone! Bring on Spring.

  6. wavez two ewe abigail and bettina, ewe bee two gorgeouz galz..hope ewe both haza grate weekz end and lotz oh fizh in yur dizh ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š‼️๐Ÿ˜บ

  7. Two cute kitties. Of course you can never take a blankie from a kitty until they are ready to give it up. Have a great weekend!

  8. Abigail is such a cutie with "her" blankie. Those were good fill-in answers and a very sweet fail.

  9. Abigail looks like a princess. How nice of you to let her keep the blankie. Cute photo fail. Thank you for hosting Feline Friday and for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I think of you as the writer or the saint. :)

  10. Abigail looks adorable. Pawsome "fail" photo.

  11. Charlee: "If we're touching it, we own it! And even if we're not touching it, we still own it!"

  12. Abigail you have good taste in blankies.
    I agree I don't like extreme weather either.
    I'd be thrilled with 6 month of spring and 6 months of fall.
    Thanks for hosting
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. Abigail is so cute, and I love the blooper too! Traffic makes me grumpy too. So do bad drivers!

  14. I've always been fascinating with the sport of curling. I should learn how to play. Have a great weekend. :)

  15. Abigail is a hoot with her blanket ~ sweet photo ~ hugs,

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. We love that you are waiting to do anything with that blanket. We can see that Abigail does indeed have need of it for now. :)

    We like Spring and Fall best, too!

  17. Supurr fill-ins and we definitely agree with #3, roll on Spring, and then roll on Autumn! Happy Sunday to mew all and we hope that the week ahead is pawesome!


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