Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Wheels On The Truck Went 'Round and 'Round, and Random and Happy Tuesday Post

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It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus.  

Yesterday Sweetie dropped me at Dr. D's house with her breakfast that i pick up each week, and we made our battle plan.

Our list looked like this:
  To buy:
     cat litter
     storage totes

     post office
     pay storage
     pay water bill
     make copies

  To do:
     email attorney
     boat documents
     pay bills by phone
     find files

  To find:
     charge cord
     DVD player
     Dawn dish detergent

She wrote checks while i did dishes and changed the cat box, and we shuffled files and tried to get the computer working so she could email the attorney.  Finally, i put my "booster seat" in her truck and took off for errands. (Yes, i'm short, i use a back support seat with extra pillows so i can sit higher in a vehicle and see better to drive.)

First to the storage place where i drop off a check for her storage unit, then around the block to the post office to check her box.  Across to the Mallmart for the storage totes, then to a dollar store to look for cat litter but they were out.  (Why not get the cat litter at Mallmart?  They charge a whole 26 cents more per bag, that's why not.)

Down the road to the book store her cousin owns to make copies, then across town to pay the water bill, and lo and behold!  There's a dollar store across from the water company, they were not out of litter there, so i bought two bags.

On the way back to her place, she called to ask if i could pick up a 12-pack of Pepsi, so on to the Mini-Mart near her place for that, then back to the barn.

More files, more opening mail, found the dish detergent in the storage shed out back along with a ladder so i could change the light bulbs.  Started filling the storage totes only to find i had grabbed the wrong size lids!

Okay, back in the truck, take the bins back with a receipt and get the right lids.  Home again (her home, of course) and we added to the list:

  To call:

  To do:
     renew AAA
     investigate lowering credit card rates
     white-out all handwriting on the copies made earlier

Once we had one tote filled, i grabbed it, the copies with the white-out, and another group of papers and got into the truck for the third time.  Back to her cousin's store (where she has an office upstairs, full of totes and bins with tons of files) where i dropped the tote and made four more copies of everything.

Back at her place, i also made sure i got the garbage and recycling to the curb, cleaned all the cat areas, and moved empty boxes to the storage shed because she keeps every box that comes her way.  No, you can't get in the storage shed any more, i just open the door and toss the boxes toward the back and hope they don't come tumbling out.  The dish detergent gets stored on top of the tallest full box at the front so it doesn't get lost.

What adventures await next week?  There's no telling, but it probably won't be boring.  With the lawsuits going, a storage unit and a storage shed on the property, two cats who try to escape every time the door opens, and a woman who can get into more trouble in a week than the rest of us do in a lifetime, it's never boring.

No, we didn't find the charge cord or DVD player.  They will turn up at some point, that's part of the adventure.


Today is:

Arbor Day -- Jordan

Armed Forces Day / Remembrance Day -- Nigeria

Army Day -- India

Basketball Day -- rules for the game were first published this day in 1892(day debated, year is certain)

Chosun-gul -- North Korea (Korean Alphabet Day)

Dia del Maestro -- Venezuela (Teacher's Day)

Feast of the Ass -- Ancient Roman Calendar (celebrates Vesta being saved by a donkey)

Feast of Entering Heaven and the Two Lands -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (date approximate)

Festival of All Fairies -- Fairy Calendar

Fiesta Del Senor de Esquipulas/Pilgrimage of Cristo Negro de Esquipulas -- Esquipulas, Guatemala (Festival of the Black Christ)

John Chilembwe Day -- Malawi

Lenaea -- Ancient Greek Calendar (a Festival of Comedy; date approximate)

Moliere Day -- France

National Hat Day -- begun by a hat loving individual who has chosen to remain anonymous

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Procrastinator's New Year -- declared by someone who had a really great sense of humor

Sailing of Wadjyt -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar (the icon of the cobra goddess, Wadjyt, is carried on the Nile to visit many cities; date approximate)

Santos Tour Down Under -- Adelaide, Australia (a world class cycling event; through the 20th)

St. Ita's Day (Patron of Limerick, Ireland)

St. Paul the Hermit's Day (the first of the Egyptian hermits; Patron of clothing industry, weavers)

Thiruvalluvar Day -- PY, TN, India (remembrance of the celebrated Tamil poet)

Tree Planting Day -- Egypt

Tsunahiki Matsuri -- Japan (various shrines hold tug-of-war festivals in which the team for god Ebisu vie with the team for god Daikoku; if Ebisu wins, the next year will have good catches at sea, if Daikoku, it will bring good harvests)

Anniversaries Today:

Opening of the British Museum, 1759
Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England, 1559

Birthdays Today:

Drew Brees, 1979
Chad Lowe, 1968
Mario Van Peebles, 1957
Charo, 1951
Andrea Martin, 1947
Margaret O'Brien, 1937
Ernest J. Gaines, 1933
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1929
John Cardinal O'Connor, 1920
Lloyd Bridges, 1913
Gene Krupa, 1909
Elie Siegmeister, 1909
Edward Teller, 1908
Aristotle Onassis, 1906
Goodman Ace, 1899
Pierre S. du Pont, 1870
Philip Livingston, 1766
Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, a/k/a Moliere, 1622 (baptismal date, actual birth date unknown)

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Hill Street Blues"(TV), 1981
"Happy Days"(TV), 1974
The Democratic Donkey(symbol in newspaper comic), 1870
"Stella"(Goethe Play), 1816

Today in History:

Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon lays siege to Jerusalem under Zedekiah's reign, in a siege lasting until July 23, BC588
Christopher Columbus sets sail for Spain from Hispaniola, ending his first voyage to the New World, 1493
Third sitting of the Council of Trent opens, 1562
The British Museum opens in Montague House in London, 1759
John Etherington of London steps out sporting the first top hat, 1797
The first US built locomotive to pull a passenger train begins its first run, with Mr. and Mrs. Pierson on board for the first US railroad honeymoon trip, 1831
The donkey is first used as a symbol for the Democratic Party, in Harper's Weekly, 1870
The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, is originally incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, 1889
James Naismith publishes the rules of Basketball, 1892
Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" premieres in St Petersburg, 1895
Dr. Lee DeForest patents a 3-element vacuum tube (one of the inventions that later made radio possible), 1907
The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority becomes the first Greek-letter organization founded and established by African-American college women, 1908
The Boston Molasses Disaster, 2 million gallons of molasses spill, 21 killed, over 150 injured, 1919
The first building to be completely covered in glass, built for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, is completed in Toledo, Ohio, 1936
The world's largest office building, The Pentagon, is dedicated in Arlington, Virginia, 1943
The US Supreme Court rules that "clear and present danger" of incitement to riot is not protected speech and can be a cause for arrest, 1951
The first Super Bowl is played in Los Angeles; the Green Bay Packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10, 1967
The USSR launches Soyuz 5, 1969
The United Nations deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expires, preparing the way for the start of Operation Desert Storm, 1991
Wikipedia goes online, 2001
An intense solar flare blasts X-rays across the solar system, 2005
ESA's SMART-1 lunar orbiter discovers elements such as calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, and other surface elements on the moon, 2005
The Stardust space mission returns dust from a comet to Earth, 2006
Chesley Sullenberger lands US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in NYC. All passengers and crew members survive in what becomes known as the "Miracle on the Hudson", 2009
The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan unveils its newest exhibit, a replica skeleton of a Titanosaur dinosaur (found in 2010 in Argentina), the largest known dinosaur at 70 tons, 37m, 2016


  1. Not boring, but incredibly busy. I am tired just reading about it. I hope she appreciates you as you deserve.

  2. That's a lot of driving around. I don't have a storage unit, but I do have a garage and I'm surprised by the amount of stuff in there. ALL of that used to be stashed in my back porch and in my wardrobe.

  3. What a busy day! And a lot of driving too!

  4. The cat litter made me laugh - my Dad was like that, too.

  5. Mimi,

    Can't Dr. D not pay for her storage unit or utilities online? That sure would save a ton of running around town for you or her for that matter. Is twenty-six cents that big of deal to her because of limited funds or is she just that frugal? Although it's really not frugal when you think about it because if you have to make a special stop someplace to get the cat litter then you'll more than likely spend more then the savings. I guess she just doesn't think of these things, huh? Oh well...at least you never have a dull day doing what you do. lol Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this newest Dr. D saga. Happy Tuesday!

  6. MiMi ~ I am worn out 'following you around' ~ what a gift you are to Dr. D ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Working for here is a whirlwind for you. You could have left her name out and I still would have know it was you working for her. Never boring is right.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, my friend. ♥

  8. Sounds like you enjoyed your day of rest, NOT! Yikes, that sure was busy.

  9. You are a Saint! And thank you for answering the question of why the litter could not be purchased at Mallmart :) We get 5 bags there weekly.

  10. Sure sounds like you have some busy days. Good for you to do all those chores. Have a good day.


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