Sunday, July 7, 2024

No Need for That (Cajun Joke), Sunday Selections and Sunday Selfie


Just because Sandee of Comedy Plus is no longer hosting a Silly Sunday blog hop, do not expect me to quit telling Cajun jokes, especially as it has now become a habit.

Grandma and i were talking about pets we had growing up, and that included the pet snakes.

Boudreaux was axin' Clothile, "Has you done seen my keys?"

An' Clothile say, "Dey be here.  If dey'd a been a snake, dey woulda bit you."

An' Boudreaux say, "Mais!  If dey'd been a snake, I won't a been lookin' for 'em!"


Sunday Selections was started as a way for bloggers to use photos that might otherwise just languish in their files.  The rules have been relaxed, and it is now simply a showcase for your photos, new or old, good or bad, although nothing rude, please.  It was hosted by River, who still participates, and is now hosted by Elephant's Child.        

This, that, the other, flowers, trees, an attempt to get a dragonfly and a bee of some kind, sky photos.


This week, Buffy wants to join the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.   


Today is:

Aphrodisia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (bathing festival of Aphrodite and Peitho [Persuasion]; date approximate)

Bonza Bottler Day™

Chocolate Day  -- no one knows why today, so why not?  Enjoy chocolate cereal with chocolate milk for breakfast, some chocolate covered raisins and nuts as a midmorning snack, chocolate milk with lunch, chocolate truffles as a midafternoon snack, chocolate liquer before dinner, chocolate cake for dessert, and sip chocolate coffee any time through the day!

Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day -- encouraging fathers to take some special time out with their girls today

Global Forgiveness Day -- encouraging "citizens of this global village" to forgive and be forgiven; sponsored by the CECA

Hijra -- Islam (Islamic New Year Begins at the viewing of the new moon crescent, so exact time/date varies by location)

Independence Day / National Day -- Solomon Islands(1978)

Macaroni Day -- it goes with more than just cheese!

National Strawberry Sundae Day

Nones of July -- Ancient Roman Calendar; celebrations on this day included:

     Festival of Feriae Ancillarum -- "Feast of the Serving Women", when female servants dressed up and "attacked" men of free birth with fig boughs; in honor of the serving women who helped free the city of Rome from the Gauls

     Nonae Caprotinae -- "Nones of the Wild Fig", honoring Juno Caprotina with a sacrifice under a wild fig tree

     Parilia -- festival for Pales, god of the herds

Rath Yathra & Bahuda Jatra-- Puri, India (the first is the Chariot Festival, pilgrims pull huge chariots across the city, and the second is 8 days later, the Return Festival; one of the most awaited Hindu festivals in the state and country)

Saba Saba Day -- Tanzania (literally "Seven Seven" Day, a/k/a Peasants' Day or Workers' Day, and the biggest day of the Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair)

St. Willibald's Day (Patron of Eichstatt, Germany)

Tanabata -- Japan (star festival, 7th day of 7th month; some areas go by lunar calendar, but most larger cities celebrate by the Gregorian Calendar now)

Tell The Truth Day -- a yearly challenge frm Kepa Freeman of Teens Express to go the whole day without telling a lie or saying or doing anything misleading or dishonest

Unity Factory Day -- Yemen (all workers are encouraged to play at work today, to build team and national unity)

Vardavar -- Armenia (continuation of an ancient pagan festival that encourages people to pull pranks, especially dousing everyone, friend and stranger, with water)

Anniversaries Today

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr., marries Eleanor Rosalynn Smith, 1946

Birthdays Today

Michelle Kwan, 1980

Cree Summer, 1969

Jorga Fox, 1968

Billy Campbell, 1959

Shelley Duvall, 1949

Ringo Starr, 1940

Doc Severinsen, 1927

Pierre Cardin, 1922

Gian Carlo Menotti, 1911

Robert Heinlein, 1907

Satchel Paige, 1906

Marc Chagall, 1887

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Ryan's Hope"(TV), 1975

"All You Need is Love"(Single release), 1967

Waverly(Novel, publication date), 1814

"Utrecht Te Deum and Jubilate"(Canticles, HWV 278 & 279), 1713

Today in History

A retrial verdict acquits Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death, 1456

Raid of the Redeswire, the last major battle between England and Scotland, 1575

United States begins first military draft; exemptions cost $300, 1863

An International Railway trolley with an extreme overload of 157 passengers crashes near Queenston, Ontario, killing 15, 1915

Sliced bread is sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Chillicothe, Missouri; it is described as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped", 1928

Alleged and disputed Roswell UFO incident, 1947

Venus occults the star Regulus. This rare event is used to determine the diameter of Venus and the structure of the Venusian atmosphere, 1959

In Canada, the Official Languages Act is adopted making the French language equal to the English language throughout the Federal government, 1969

Sharia is instituted in Iran, 1980

Samantha Smith, a U.S. schoolgirl, flies to the Soviet Union at the invitation of Secretary General Yuri Andropov, 1983

The Western Black Rhinoceros is declared extinct due to poaching, 2006

In efforts to avoid food shortages and political oppression, South Korea begins work on a new facility to house North Korean refugees, 2011

Tesla Motors produces its first mass-market car, the Model 3, 2017

Nigeria, Africa' biggest economy, joins the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), in attempt to create world's largest free trade area, 2019

The world's biggest sandcastle, standing 21.16m (69.4 feet) high, using nearly 5,000 tons of sand, is completed in Blokhus, Denmark, 2021

Scientists in the US begin the search for dark matter with a device in a former gold mine in Lead, South Dakota, 2022

The US announces it has destroyed the last if its stored chemical weapons in accord with the International Chemical Weapons Convention, 2023


  1. Beautiful flowers, also the sky photos. Thank you for keeping this Blog going, Mimi.

    God bless you.

  2. Buffy is a cutie. I love your selections - as I always do. Capturing insects is always tricky and your bee photo in particular is great.

  3. Orangey red skies always delight us, I guess it's the old saying. Such lovely blooms, especially the yellow set off by the white in the display. I think you did rather well with your wildlife shots; some are clearly more willing to pose than others. Love the portrait image of the sky with faint strips of cloud in it.

  4. Lots of yellows and oranges in your flower photos. and a dragon fly in the process and a bee! How appropriate that you have a sneaky snaky story today, lol.

  5. Beautiful Selfie, cute Buffy and such beautiful pictures of the flowers and sky too😸😺Extra Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday🐾😽💞

  6. Wow. Your photos are so beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead.

  7. Lovely pics! The dragonfly and bee pics are especially amazing!

  8. Another Cajun cracker, and as for the pictures, lovely from top to bottom!

  9. Wow! Love those photos, especially those sky shots!

  10. I'd skip looking for the keys too. Those were all very pretty photos. Buffy is so darn cute and looks like a relative of our Chipper!

  11. buffy look at ewe N yur gorgeouz self !!! heerz hopin yur week a head bee filled with trout, bloo gil, snapper and perch ♥♥♥

    the flower photos are awesome !! :)

  12. Java Bean: "Ayyy, that's a lot of Canada geese! I wonder what would happen if I went over and barked at them."
    Charlee: "I would pay good money to see that, especially when they start chasing you down the street."

  13. Those pictures are a joy to see.I am saying that because it is true. Beautiful. Wish I was there to take photos also. Been a long time since I have been.

  14. Dragonflies are so hard to catch - and so pretty. I like all your photos, as always.

  15. BUFFY!!! BUFFY!!!!! Yore are so supurr cute an purrty!!! Yore Selfie is wunderfull.... Miss Mimi yore flowerss are deevine! THE foto of THE Bee on flower iss speck-taculur!!!! Happy Macaroni Day to all of youss' there...
    ****purrss**** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

  16. Buffy is adorable. Cute joke and great photos. XO

  17. Your photos are great! Buffy is a real beauty. So adorable.

  18. Fun joke and awesome photos. Loved all the pics. Adorable Buffy!

  19. Great bee photo and the dragonfly too, I have never been able to capture a dragonfly on camera. I like the white hydrangea with the little yellow blooms in between. Buffy looks like a sweetiepie.

  20. I like the logic on "if it were a snake"! Those photos are nice, that cloud cover is beautifully lit, I think. Oh, and chocolate day? That would be any day ending in y...

  21. I love the bouquet, it's so pretty. Flowers are lovely and I love having them at home.

    Marjorie and Toulouse


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