Thursday, February 4, 2021

Points (Six Sentence Story), Another Mardi Gras Fence (Good Fences), Welcome (Sammy's Poetry Day) and Brian's Thankful Thursday




"I'm wondering if you would mark it against me if I didn't do anything for Valentine's Day, what with the pandemic and all."

"Well..., how about brownie points if you order something online, and a cherry on top if you go to that website I bookmarked."

"Yes!  That sounds right up my alley."

Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and the cue is Mark.      


Gosia at Looking for Identity has taken over Good Fences, and it's now Good Fences Around The World.  Post a picture of a fence or gate, link back to her blog, and go visit other blogs to see what interesting fences there are out in this big world.     

Another fence decorated for Mardi Gras, and i had to pull over and wait for traffic to pass to get it, so it's not the best photo:


It's Angel Sammy's Poetry Day This week's image and my poem:    

C'mon in, stranger, have a seat,

We're glad to pour whatever's your treat,

Just behave, we don't allow trouble,

We throw that out on the double.

If you want, Mac there can play a tune,

We keep a spinet in our saloon,

The card games start exactly at nine,

The regulars here are really fine.

Whether you're settling here or passing through,

We really do want to welcome you,

Remember we run a first-class place,

For new friends, we make a space!


Brian of Brian's Home hosts the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   It's time to share something for which i am thankful.  

Today i am thankful that next Tuesday, while Ms. RW and her family have Mr. KW's service, i will be cleaning their house as i usually do every other Tuesday, and providing them with the further service of being there during the funeral so the house is not unattended.  It's a sad fact that people take note of when the service will be held, look up the family's address, and knowing that the whole family is out at the funeral, come rob the house.

Not on my watch, not if i can help it!  In this way, i am thankful to be of service.


Today is:

Biezputras Diena (Porrige Day) -- Ancient Latvian Calendar (date unconfirmed, some sites suggest it's always on a Sunday before Feb. 23 instead)

Create-A-Vacuum Day -- an internet generated celebration of the nothingness of vacuums

General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Day -- Poland (birth anniversary)

Homemade Soup Day

Independence Day -- Sri Lanka

King Frost Day -- London (Celebrated yearly until WWI, in remembrance of the frozen River Thames on this day in 1814.)

Liberation Day -- Angola

National Stuffed Mushroom Day

Quacker Day -- for those who love Quacker Factory clothes

Spoiled Cats' Day -- internet generated, and isn't this every day?

St. Andrew Corsini's Day (Patron of Carmelites; against civil disorder and riots)

St. John de Brito's Day (Patron of Portugal; Sivagangai, India)

Thank A Mailperson/Postal Worker Day -- because someone decided it would be a good day to do that, and put it on the internet

USO Day -- US (founded this date in 1941)

World Cancer Day -- International

Anniversaries Today:

United Service Organizations (USO) founded, 1941

The University of Wisconsin is established, with one classroom and 20 students, 1849

Birthdays Today:

Natalie Imbruglia, 1975

Oscar De La Hoya, 1973

Gabrielle Anwar, 1971

Michael Goorjian, 1971

Rod corddry, 1971

Clint Black, 1962

Lawrence Taylor, 1959

Lisa Eichhorn, 1952

Alice Cooper, 1948

Dan Quayle, 1947

George A. Romero, 1940

Jhn Schuck, 1940

David Brenner, 1936

Gary Conway, 1936

Betty Friedan, 1921

Ida Lupino, 1918

Rosa Parks, 1913

Clyde W. Tombaugh, 1906

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1906

Charles Lindbergh, 1902

Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 1746

Debuting/Premiering Today:

Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours"(Album), 1977

Today in History:

The Roman Emperor Septimius Severus dies, leaving the Roman Empire in the hands of his two quarrelsome sons, Caracalla and Geta, 211

The coronation of Zhao Kuangyin as Emperor Taizu of Song, initiating the Song Dynasty period of China that would last more than three centuries, 960

Maximilian I assumes the title Holy Roman Emperor without being crowned, 1508

Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler meet for the first time near Prague 1600

In Edo (now Tokyo), The 47 Ronin commit seppuku (ritual suicide) after avenging the death of their master, 1703

The worst earthquake in 8 years in Calabria, Italy, leaves 50,000 dead, 1783

The first Anglican bishops of New York and Pennsylvania are consecrated in London, 1787

George Washington is unanimously elected as the first President of the United States by the U.S. Electoral College, 1789

The French National Convention proclaims the abolishment of slavery, 1794

An earthquake in Quito, Ecuador, kills 41,000, 1797

J.W. Goodrich introduces his rubber galoshes to the public, 1824

The Mormons of Nauvoo, Missouri, leave to go west, eventually settling in Utah, 1846

The Codex Sinaiticus is found at the Greek Monastery of Mount Sinai, 1859

The first rolling lift bridge opens, in Chicago, 1895

The first Winter Olympics games close at Chamonix, France, 1924

The first tieless, soundless, shockless streetcar tracks open, in New Orleans, 1930

Radium E is the first radioactive substance to be produced synthetically, 1936

The United Service Organization (USO) is created to entertain American troops, 1941

Lunar Orbiter 3 lifts off from Cape Canaveral's Launch Complex 13 on its mission to identify possible landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo spacecraft, 1967

After at first contesting the results, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic recognizes opposition victories in the November 1996 elections, 1997

Facebook, a mainstream online social network is founded by Mark Zuckerberg, 2004

The Federal Court of Australia's ruling in Roadshow Films v iiNet sets a precedent that Internet service providers (ISPs) are not responsible for what their users do with the services the ISPs provide them, 2010

The remains found the previous year in a dig at Leicester are confirmed to be those of King Richard III of England, 2013

Morocco's Mohammed VI switches on world's largest solar plant near Ouarzazate, 2016


  1. Every where, Valentine will be depending on online ordering and delivery services especially in places where dine-in is not allowed. Since we are under lockdown, our sons won't be back to celebrate the Chinese New Year with us this year. It is the same here, robbers target families who are holding wedding dinners at restaurant and funerals to rob the houses left unattended. It is good that you will be there to keep an eye on the house.

  2. Spoilt cats' day? Don't tell Luna!
    Great post :)

  3. That's right, Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. Considering the state of affairs, this looks like a great way to celebrate especially if both see eye to eye on the subject.

  4. Thank you for your service.
    I love your poem too.

  5. You Love that poem, messymimi. You're always so clever with words. I hope you don't have any problem on your watch on the day of the funeral. Makes me sad thinking that sort of thing can happen. It's the same everywhere I suspect.

  6. Good service you're doing Mrs. RW and family there keeping that worry away.
    I like your story and poem as well. They are cozy ... like home ... a shining piece of everyday life. Thank you.

  7. Cheers. Where everyone knows your name.

    God bless.

  8. The whole pandemic thing really takes the fun out of celebrating almost anything.

  9. That was a good poem and a very nice thankful, you'll protect their homestead. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. 1. Ron was not big on celebrations.

    2. He did enjoy surprising me on Valentine's Day.

    3. Every year he would make an effort to sneak a single rose into my car when I was not aware.

    4. But one year, he gave me the biggest surprise of all.

    5. He bought me a backhoe tractor!!!

    6. However it was accompanied by a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers.

  11. Skip Valentine's Day? No way! I love the poem and that beautiful old bar. It is sad that someone has to watch the house during a funeral service, but there is where the world is.

  12. I'm so glad you will be at their home- because of all the bad folks out there a lot of families do NOT advertise the funeral- or else have the service at their home. Have a wonderful heart filled day!

  13. We do cards for holidays and that's it. It works for us. Hubby was out yesterday trying to get me a Valentines day card and our local Hallmark store is closed. So sad. Only one left in our area.

    Looks like you live in the same kind of place I do. Thieves everywhere. It's a shame.

    Have a blessed Thankful Thursday, my friend. ♥

  14. Good Six, Mimi. Covid is a passion killer, but still possible to grab gifts online at least. I feel for the restaurants during lockdown having to forego one of their biggest events of the year.

  15. Great poem and wonderful thankfuls

  16. That's a good thing to do. And I'm glad you can do it too. What a kind person you are.

  17. Mimi! We are thankful for people like you! And We gotta say that poem is fabulishious as is your 6 sentence story! You are one talented lady! We also want to thank you for visiting us and we wish you a marvellously Happy Day!

  18. Your 6-sentence stories are amazing! So much with so few words! Love the Mardi Gras fences--someday, I'll see them for myself! Fantastic poem! That picture absolutely captivated me! And thankful you could help that family be being there. I am in shock that someone would rob a family in mourning. But, considering today's world, not really surprised.

  19. great poem today Mimi !!! and I know the family will be glad you're at the home; such an incident almost happened to the neighbors around the corner from my mom's house....thankfully they had a grandson at the house at the time; the would be thieves even had the gall to have a large moving van type truck parked a few doors down ~~~~

  20. 'Sweet'

    (yeah, totally easy to mistake me for a millennial from my comment)

  21. Cute story and nice poem. People really get all decked out for Mardi Gras in your area. XO

  22. Fun story ~ great fence photo and wonderful thank you ~ the world can be crazy ~ take care.

    Moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  23. The poem and the Six Sentence story are both really good.

  24. Cute Six. After 2020, we've all become accustomed to compromise :)
    Poem? Of course I liked it!
    Your thankful makes me sad for knowing there are people who do that sort of thing. I had no idea. What a cruel and heartless thing to do. Ms. RW was very fortunate you were there to watch over the house.


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