Thursday, April 25, 2024

Very Much Too Much (Six Sentence Story), Good Fences, Sammy's Poetry Day and Brian's Thankful Thursday, an A to Z Post


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Grandma's latest kick has been tonic water.

Grandma (my mother, my children's grandmother, called Grandma on this media because i'm the mom) decides she likes something, and she likes it a lot and she wants to have it a lot, and then it falls out of favor and Grandpa (my father, see above except my Sweetie's the father) gets stuck with the rest of it taking up space, which he loathes.

For a while, it was Eggo Waffles, she wanted nothing else for breakfast for weeks, and sometimes even for lunch; now she has them a couple of times a week.

That's better than the flavored water from Italy she drank and drank and drank and the last bottles now sit collecting dust because she has no interest in them, and we're still wondering just how much Stouffer's cheesy potatoes she can eat before she just abandons the rest in the freezer.

Don't get Grandpa started on the yoghurt months, they still haunt him as he had to haunt the grocery for her favorite few flavors and now he looks at the few remaining in the fridge with a forlorn resignation on his face as they edge closer and closer to expiration.

But for now it's tonic water she asks him to get at the store constantly, and we're pretty sure when she decides to move to something else, he'll be able to stock some local bar easily for a month or more with whatever remains.

Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where shgirle hosts Six Sentence Stories, and the cue is Tonic.     


While Good Fences Around the World seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird, i still enjoy looking for and posting interesting fences, so i will!


It's Angel Sammy's Poetry Day This week's image and my poem:    

Meanwhile, somewhere in Russia,

Boris Bear made a special run.

A winter diet of frozen fish,

he wanted some vodka and fun!


Angel Brian's Family of Brian's Home hosts the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   It's time to share something for which i am thankful.  

Today i am thankful for a new mop bucket, the expensive kind with the handle to squeeze the water out of the mop, free but for the cost of cleaning it up.  They retail for upwards of $200!


Today is:

Adonia -- Greece (women's festival mourning the death of Adonis; date approximate)

ANZAC Day -- Australia; Christmas Island; Cocos (Keeling) Islands; Cook Islands; New Zealand; Niue; Norfolk Island; Tonga

Army Day -- North Korea

DNA Day -- structure of DNA first published this day in 1953; human genome project ended today in 2003; related observance

     National DNA Day -- a day for teachers, students, and everyone to learn more about genetics and genomics sponsored by and the Smithsonian

Duck Appreciation Society Day -- The Duck Appreciation Society (some sites say May 10; either way, go feed the ducks if you like them, but not stale white bread, it's no better for them than it is for us)

East Meets West Day -- Allies from the East and West finally met up this day in 1945 about 75 miles from Berlin

Festival of Robigalia -- Ancient Roman Calendar (to protect against corn blight; festival of Robiga and Rogibus, the brother and sister fertility gods)

Flag Day -- Faroe Islands; Swaziland

Hairstylist Appreciation Day -- if you have a good one, let him/her know (some sites put this on the 30th)

Harpa Month Begins -- Traditional Icelandic Calendar (Harp, dedicated to young women as last month was dedicated to young men)

     Sumardagurinn Fyrsti -- first day of summer, a legal holiday

Hug A Plumber Day -- because when you are knee deep in it, you really need them around

Liberation Day -- Italy; Portugal

National Crayola Day -- no one claims starting this holiday, observe it with your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/kids down the street, and remember how fun it is to color pictures

National Teach Children to Save Day -- sponsored by the American Banking Association    

National Zucchini Bread Day -- they hold this at a time when you are not yet sick of all that zucchini you grew in the garden

Parental Alienation Awareness Day -- raising awareness of Parental Alienation or Hostile Aggressive Parenting   

Red Hat Society Day -- first Red Hat Tea Party held this day in 1998

Sinai Liberation Day -- Egypt

St. Mark the Evangelist's Day (Patron of attorneys/barristers/lawyers/notaries, captives, glaziers, imprisoned people/prisoners, lions, stained glass workers, struma patients; Egypt; Boretto, Italy; Creazzo, Italy; Infanta, Philippines; Ionian Islands; Pordenone, Italy; Sonnino, Italy; Venice, Italy; against impenitence, insect bites, scrofulous diseases, struma)

Tag des Baumes -- Germany (Tree Day/Arbor Day)

World Malaria Day / Malaria Awareness Day -- WHO and the International Community

World Penguin Day -- because they begin migrating on or around this day  

20-Something Service Day -- can't find who started this one, but it's a good idea, whomever it was, whether you are 20 or older to do some community service or volunteer work regularly

Anniversaries Today:

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is established, ND, US, 1947

The United Negro College Fund is founded, 1944

Birthdays Today:

Jacob Underwood, 1980

Emily Bergl, 1975

Jason Lee, 1970

Renee Zellweger, 1969

Hank Azaria, 1964

Jeffrey DeMunn, 1947

Talia Shire, 1946

Stu Cook, 1945

Bjorn Ulvaeus, 1945

Al Pacino, 1940

"Meadowlark" Lemon, 1932

Paul Mazursky, 1930

Albert King, 1923

Ella Fitzgerald, 1918

Edward R. Murrow, 1908

William Joseph Brennan, Jr., 1906

John Henry "Pop" Lloyd, 1884

Guglielmo Marconi, 1874

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Little Murders"(Play), 1967

"Romulus the Great"(Play), 1949

"Another Language"(Play), 1932

"Turandot"(Opera), 1926

Robinson Crusoe(Publication date), 1719

Today in History:

Lysander's Spartan Armies defeated the Athenians and the Peloponnesian War ends, BC404

German geographer and mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller publishes his Cosmographiae Introductio map in which he gives the American continents their name, 1507

Highwayman Nicholas Pelletier becomes the first person executed by guillotine, 1792

Charles Fremantle arrives in the HMS Challenger off the coast of modern-day Western Australia prior to declaring the Swan River Colony for the United Kingdom, 1829

The last survivors of the Donner Party arrive back in civilization, 1847

The Governor General of Canada, Lord Elgin, signs the Rebellion Losses Bill, outraging Montreal's English population and triggering the Montreal Riots, 1849

British and French engineers break ground for the Suez Canal, 1859

New York State becomes the first US state to require automobiles to be licensed, 1901

First DC Comic with Batman is published, 1939

Fifty nations gather in San Francisco, California to begin the United Nations Conference on International Organizations, 1945

Francis Crick and James D. Watson publish Molecular structure of nucleic acids: a structure for deoxyribose nucleic acid describing the double helix structure of DNA, 1953

The St. Lawrence Seaway, linking the North American Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, officially opens to shipping, 1959

Robert Noyce is granted a patent for an integrated circuit, 1961

Israel completes its withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula per the Camp David Accords, 1982

American schoolgirl Samantha Smith is invited to visit the Soviet Union by its leader Yuri Andropov after he read her letter in which she expressed fears about nuclear war, 1983

Pioneer 10 travels beyond Pluto's orbit, 1983

The Hubble Telescope is deployed, 1990

The Human Genome Project comes to an end 2.5 years before first anticipated, 2003

The final piece of the Obelisk of Axum is returned to Ethiopia  after being stolen by the invading Italian army in 1937, 2005

Bulgaria and Romania sign accession treaties to join the European Union, 2005

The U.S. government 'condemns' international media outlets, including 'The New York Times' for publishing confidential files, 2011

 The United Kingdom reopens its embassy in Somalia after 22 years, 2013

A fossil unearthed in China has been identified as a new pterosaur species; named Kryptodrakon progenitor, the fossil is the first of its kind to show traits of pterodactyls, giant flying reptiles, 2014

Microsoft becomes the third US firm to be listed with a market worth of 1 trillion, after Apple and Amazon, 2019

Charlotte Bronte's "A Book of Ryhmes", written when she was 13, sells at auction in New York for $1.25 million to Friends of the National Libraries for the Brontë Parsonage Museum, 2022


  1. Grandma and himself share that tendency.
    Love Boris - and your poem.

  2. It looks like a fairy playground at that fence. I could see sitting out there and having a cup of tea in front of the tiny Cottage.

  3. Our Gramma has her craving streaks too. For a while she wants cookies all the time, then she too wants yogurt, then it might be bologna sandwiches. It is strange, but maybe it is an age thing with women?

  4. Lulu: "Our Dada's Mama also likes tonic water! She gets it with a lime when they go out to restaurants. Sometimes the waiter will say they don't have tonic water but they have club soda and then Dada's Mama has to explain that, no, they're not the same thing, even though they're both clear and bubbly ..."

  5. How sweet of your dad to stock up on whatever your mom wants. Cute poem. I like the little house in the fence photo. XO

  6. Grandma sounds just like my kids; liking and liking and ten suddenly no more. And always when I just stocked my larder ;)
    Funny poem for a crazy photo (Photoshopped, I wonder?) and that bucket was a scoop!

  7. Excellent 'Tonic Six'
    (How much did I struggle with this prompt word? I had Rue (in the first Six) going to a bar in the airport for a 'tonic and tonic'

  8. Grandma knows what she likes, she just doesn't know for how long. That was a cute poem and a terrific thankful. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  9. I have a family member that is that way. Bought tuna fish by the case while they were "into" it. I don't like tuna all that well. Guess who got the stuff and had to figure out how to use it. Bah. Not fun. I had to chuckle at your fence picture, I saw a little house, didn't even notice the fence! That poem was... Cool! :)

  10. I like Boris and the poem. I go though "cravings" like that too, sometimes it's biscuits (cookies) sometimes flavoured crackers, some winter weeks I'll have onion gravy with everything. Last year I went through a home made pizza phase.

  11. Excellent Six, and as for the bear, wow!

  12. Wonderful Six, Mimi - so many things I enjoyed and of course, Boris the bear.

  13. wonderful story and fence photo too ~ hugs,

    Wishing your good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Kitties Blue: I enjoyed your story. I am just like grandma. I will like something for months and then decide I have had enough, and the leftovers remain in the cupboard! That includes diet tonic water! Janet

  15. Very cute poem. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm always amazed at how much you put into it.
    My grandma went through a pancake stage her late years. To this day, whenever we have pancakes, I'm reminded of her and I smile.

  16. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Boris! The back story was interesting for sure.......thought it would make for a fun bunch of poetry and it did!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  17. When you gotta have it, you just gotta have it. Lucky tonic can go with so many things! 😄

  18. I smiled endlessly at your Six because I have grandchildren who went through these phases also. Happily we only bought what was needed for that day - sometimes a freezer isn't a blessing when you stocking up for the future.


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