Saturday, September 15, 2018

Joys and Sorrows (Ten Things of Thankful)

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Today i am thankful through my tears.

About five weeks ago, Ms. B, an every-other-Tuesday client, had a heart attack.  We thought she was on the mend, but she was 82.  Day before yesterday, she went home to be with her Savior.

Today is the funeral, and i am thankful that:

i got to know her
she loved the Lord
she lived a long, productive life (she was a retired nurse)
she was a beloved member of our Ladies' Circle
she hired me when i was really in need of more work
she gave me a raise after only two months because she was impressed
she very kindly showed me how she liked her bed to be made
she told me i ironed well (i hate ironing and it takes a lot for me to do it right)
she loved her three sons and was a great example as a mother
she liked her coffee strong, the way it should be, and always offered me a cup when i came to work
she taught me how to clean the kitchen with only the light from the window (she didn't want the kitchen lights turned on, the bulbs were too hard to replace!)
she could make me laugh

My heart is heavy, yet thankful.  

Please join us and our gracious and wonderful hostess Kristi from ThankfulMe, write up your own list and link up to Ten Things of Thankful.    


Today is:

Aloha Festivals Keiki Ho'olaule'a -- Oahu, Hawai'i, US (preserving Hawai'ian culture, with games, keiki activities, performances, and more)

America's Day For Kids -- sponsored by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America    

Battle of Britain Day -- UK

Big Mac Shoreline Fall Scenic Bike Tour & Ride Across The Mackinac Bridge -- Mackinaw City, MI, US (a one-of-a-kind bike tour; through tomorrow)

Big Whopper Liar's Contest and Kunstfest -- New Harmony, IN, US (a German Festival, with traditional German foods, beer, and entertainment, plus the Big Whopper Liar's Contest, always a good time; through tomorrow)

Clean Up the World Weekend -- it's a big challenge, but we can try     

Covered Bridge Festival -- Washington and Greene County, PA, US (arts, crafts, entertainment, and food at each of the 11 featured covered bridges; through tomorrow) 

Dia de Nuestra Senora de la Bien Aparecida -- Santander, Spain

Eleven Days of Global Unity -- Day 5, Health (sponsored by We, the World)    

Engineer's Day -- India

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows (Mater Dolorosa) related observance
    Grito de Dolores -- Mexico (Cry of Dolores,a/k/a Father Hidalgo's Cry for Freedom Day, the evening before Independence Day)
    Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows Day -- Slovakia

Felt Hat Day (Traditional day upon which men started to wear their winter felt hats, similar to women beginning to wear white shoes on Memorial Day)

Flax Scutching Festival -- Stahlstown, PA, US (through tomorrow; demonstrations of the tradition of making linen out of flax)

Fountain City Lions Fall Festival (Formerly Levi Coffin Days) -- Fountain City, IN, US (celebrating Levi Coffin, the "President of the Underground Railroad"; through tomorrow)

German-American Steuben Parade/Von Steuben Day -- New York City, and other smaller parades in US

Giostra Della Quintana -- Foligno, Italy (revival of a 17th-century jousting tournament, with 600 knights in full armor; La Rivincita, "The Rematch")

Heritage Weekend -- Blue Ridge Parkway Folk Art Center, Ashville, NC, US
    featuring the Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle Championships today

Idaho Spud Day 2018 -- Idaho, US, wants the 3rd Saturday of September as a day to celebrate their favorite crop

Independence Day -- Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua (all in 1821)

International Coastal Cleanup -- join volunteers around the world in helping remove debris that harms marine life and ruins our oceans     

International Day of Democracy -- UN

International Eat An Apple Day -- a celebration of the fruit of the season, on the third Saturday of every September

Johnny Appleseed Festival -- Fort Wayne, IN, US (an 1800 style period festival; through tomorrow)

Make a Hat Day -- just for fun (and if you are a guy, make a felt hat)

National Creme de Menthe Day

National Gymnastics Day -- US (sponsored by USA Gymnastics, and with its own web page here)         

National Hispanic Heritage Month -- US, through Oct. 15

National Linguine Day

Peddler's Village Scarecrow Festival -- Peddler's Village, Lahaska, PA, US (start celebrating the fall with scarecrow making, pumpkin-painting, and more; through tomorrow)

Really Bad Ideas Exhibition -- Fairy Calendar (Gremlins celebration)

Restoration of Primorska to the Motherland Day -- Slovenia

Silpa Bhirasri Day -- Thailand

St. Catherine of Genoa's Day (Patron of brides, childless people, people in difficult marriages, people ridiculed for their piety, victims of adultery and unfaithfulness, widows; against adultery and temptation)

Summerset Festival -- Clement Park, Littleton, CO, US (a big, fun good-bye to summer)

Trail of Courage Living History Festival -- Rochester, IN, US (frontier life in Indiana when it was Native territory; through tomorrow)

Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride® -- Bridgeport, AL to Waterloo, AL (ride along part of the original Trail of Tears to honor the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole nations)

Anniversaries Today:

Greenpeace is founded, 1971

Birthdays Today:

Heidi Montag, 1986
Prince Harry, 1984
Dave Annable, 1979
Josh Charles, 1971
Dan Marino, Jr., 1961
Tommy Lee Jones, 1946
Oliver Stone, 1946
Carmen Maura, 1945
Jessye Norman, 1945
Merlin Olsen, 1940
Gaylord Jackson Perry, 1938
Norm Crosby, 1927
Jackie Cooper, 1922
Fay Wray, 1907
Roy Acuff, 1903
Agatha Christie, 1890
Robert Benchley, 1889
William H. Taft, 1857
James Fenimore Cooper, 1789
François de La Rochefoucauld, 1613
Marco Polo, 1254

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"L.A. Law"(TV), 1986
USA Today(Newspaper first issue), 1982
"CHIPs"(TV), 1977
"Columbo"(TV), 1971
"I Spy"(TV), 1965
"Lost in Space"(TV), 1965
"Bachelor Father"(TV), 1957
"The Lone Ranger"(TV), 1949

Today in History:

The first non-aristocratic, free public school in Europe is opened in Frascati, Italy, 1616
The French army under Napoleon reaches the Kremlin in Moscow, 1812
The first Negro National Convention begins in Philadelphia, 1830
The locomotive John Bull operates for the first time in New Jersey on the Camden and Amboy Railroad, 1831*
HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, reaches the Galápagos Islands, 1835
Antoinette Louisa Brown Blackwell becomes the first woman in the US to be ordained a minister (Congregationalist), 1853
Timothy Alder patents the typesetting machine, 1857
RCA releases the 12AX7 vacuum tube, 1947
United Nations gives Eritrea to Ethiopia, 1952
The Soviet ship Poltava heads toward Cuba, one of the events that sets into motion the Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
*The John Bull becomes the oldest operable steam locomotive in the world when the Smithsonian Institution operates it under its own power outside Washington, D.C., 1981
Vanuatu becomes a member of the United Nations, 1981
Lehman Brothers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, 2008
In Australia, "Indeterminate" can now be listed on a passport as a gender, 2011
A previously unknown species of bottlenose dolphin is found by Australian researchers, and named Tursiops australis, 2011
Category 3-strength Hurricane Odile makes landfall near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, destroying property and leaving many residents without electricity or potable water, 2014


  1. Sounds like a very nice lady.

    My mom was like that, you could not use a light bulb because they were hard to change...funny, I guess they want to be sure they have light in an emergency.

  2. Your thankfulness through your tears and pain says a lot about just what a wonderful person you are.

  3. From your descriptions, Mrs B sounds like a very nice person. What a blessing to have known her and worked for her. And you have blessed her too while you were with her. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. How lucky to have her in your life. She set such a good example for being an elder citizen, it seems. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. It's a lovely tribute to her that all ten of your thankfuls are about her. I'm sure she'll be greatly missed.

  6. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend. I'm glad you knew her too, since she taught you so many things.

    Have a blessed day. ♥

  7. My condolences for you Mimi. Such a wonderful lady had a great life. I'll pray for her that she enjoys spending time talking with the Lord. RIP MS. B.

    Cruisin Paul

  8. I'm so sorry this woman had to let go of her life, but so glady ou found ways to be tankful for the life she'd led.

  9. We are sorry to hear about MRs. B., it's never easy.

  10. Beautiful tribute to your friend. I am very sorry for your loss. XO

  11. and in a sense, your post today demonstrates the heart of the TToT.

  12. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. May you continue to be comforted through your good memories.

  13. I'm so sorry Mimi. You've often written about Ms. B. and, in a small way, we all got to know her a little bit.

  14. So sorry for loss of your friend ~ not easy to lose them ~ lots of hugs to you!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  15. So sorry your friend departed this life. It is hard to lose someone you loved so much. She sounds like a wonderful woman. She is worth the entire Ten in this post.


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