Tuesday, September 18, 2018

PSAs, Tchotchkes, and Gas Mileage, a Random and Happy Tuesday Post

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It's time once again for a random and happy Tuesday, linking up with Stacy's Random Thoughts at Stacy Uncorked and Sandee at Comedy Plus.  

First a PSA.  Get your annual checkup!  That's what i'm doing this morning.  A few weeks ago, they took the blood and did my weight and ECG and hearing test and eye test and all that.  Today i go in to discuss that and get poked and prodded while wearing the stupid little paper gown.

No, it isn't fun, but we're not in it for the fun, we are in it for the disease prevention or to at least catch stuff early enough to deal with it.

Second PSA, get a flu shot.  That's another thing i'll get today, and i'm going to insist on another tetanus, too.  As often as i get scraped and cut doing the work i do, i think i need it.

One thing i've noted is going on more than ever is this:

Lately i find myself just sitting back and watching them burn their gas sitting up there while i slowly meander to the light.  Probably i'm getting better gas mileage than they do because by the time i get there the light changes and that makes me laugh at them on the inside.

Dr. D is finally in touch with Kay, the person who sells on eBay.  They've worked out a deal and Kay is going to sell stuff for her and keep a commission.  A whole lot of ferrying things back and forth is in my future, i think.

About yesterday on the Wordpress site -- i'm still having some trouble over there.  It doesn't want to let me set the time easily, so it waited until noon to publish, but i think i got it to do it right today.  If not, let me know.

That's going to be about it for today, hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


Today is:

Chiropractic Founder's Day -- celebrating the first chiropractic adjustment ever performed, by D.D. Palmer on Harvey Lillard, on this date in 1895

Ear Wig Fitting Day -- Fairy Calendar

Eleven Days of Global Unity -- Day 8, Human Rights (sponsored by We, the World)   

Get Ready Day -- US (help your community, workplace, or school to get ready for disasters or emergencies)    

Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day -- they are generally anonymous, often underappreciated, so today, give one a hug! (if you know any, that is)

Independence Day -- Chile

National Cheeseburger Day

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day -- US    

National Respect! Day(sm) -- US (encouraging abused women to respect themselves enough to get out)

Opening of Parliament -- Netherlands (holiday in The Hague)related observance
    Prinsjesdag -- Netherlands  (technically translates "Prince's Day;" the day Parliament opens and the reigning sovereign, now King William-Alexander, gives the Speech from the Throne and the Minister of Finance proposes next year's budget)

Plataia -- Ancient Greek Calendar (date approximate)

St. Joseph of Cupertino's Day (Levitating saint, and so Patron of air crews, air travelers, astronauts, paratroopers, pilots/aviators, students, test takers; Cupertino, Italy)

World Water Monitoring Day -- International    

Yom Kippur -- Judaism (begins at sundown)

Anniversaries Today:

Constantine II of Greece marries Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, 1964
The United States Air Force becomes a separate military service, 1947
Hull House opens, 1889

Birthdays Today:

Jada Pinkett Smith, 1971
Lance Armstrong, 1971
Alsha Tyler, 1970
James Gandolfini, 1961
Ryne Sandberg, 1959
Frankie Avalon, 1939
Robert Blake, 1933
Scotty Bowman, 1933
June Foray, 1920
Jack Warden, 1920
Rossano Brazzi, 1916
Agnes DeMille, 1905
Greta Garbo, 1905
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, 1905
John Diefenbaker, 1895
Joseph Story, 1779
George Read, 1733
Samuel Johnson, 1709
Marcus Ulpius Nerva Trajanus, Emperor Trajan, 53

Debuting/Premiering Today:

"Baseball"(Documentary), 1994
"Love is a Many Splendored Thing"(TV), 1967
"Get Smart"(TV), 1965
"The Addams Family"(TV), 1964
"Wagon Train"(TV), 1957
"The Paul Winchell Show"(TV), 1950
"Johnny Belinda"(Play), 1940
"Strictly Dishonorable"(Play), 1929
"Disraeli"(Play), 1911

Today in History:

Nerva is proclaimed emperor after Domitian is assassinated, 96
Christopher Columbus lands at Costa Rica on his 4th and final voyage, 1502
Ft. Ticonderoga, NY opens, 1755
The British capture Quebec City, 1759
John Harris builds the first spinet piano in the US, 1769
President Washington lays the cornerstone of the Capitol Building, 1793
Royal Opera House in London opens, 1809
A horse beats the first US made locomotive, near Baltimore, 1830
Tiffany and Co. (first named Tiffany & Young) is founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young in New York City; the store is called a "stationery and fancy goods emporium", 1837
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is first published, 1842
First publication of The New-York Daily Times, which later becomes The New York Times, 1851
Old Faithful Geyser is observed and named by Henry D. Washburn during the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition to Yellowstone, 1870
The banking firm of Jay Cooke & Co. in Philadelphia declares bankruptcy, which starts the Panic of 1873 and a severe economic depression, 1873
The Blackpool Illuminations are switched on for the first time, 1879
Riots break out in Montreal to protest against compulsory smallpox vaccination, 1885
In appreciation for all she had done for the tribe, Harriet Maxwell Converse, adopted as a member of the Seneca tribe, is made a chief of the Six Nations Tribe at the Tonawanda Reservation, 1891
Daniel David Palmer gives the first chiropractic adjustment, 1895
A typhoon with tsunami kills an estimated 10,000 people in Hong Kong, 1906
The Irish Home Rule Act becomes law, but is delayed until after World War I, 1914
The Netherlands gives women the right to vote, 1919
The Columbia Broadcasting System goes on the air, 1927
Juan de la Cierva makes the first autogyro crossing of the English Channel, 1928
Margaret Chase Smith of Maine becomes the first woman elected to the US Senate without completing another senator's term, 1948
Fidel Castro arrives in New York City as the head of the Cuban delegation to the United Nations, 1960
U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld dies in a plane crash, 1961
Burundi, Jamaica, Rwanda and Trinidad and Tobago are admitted to the United Nations, 1962
The Bahamas, East Germany and West Germany are admitted to the United Nations, 1973
Hurricane Fifi strikes Honduras with 110 mph winds, killing 5,000 people, 1974
Voyager I takes first photograph of the Earth and the Moon together, 1977
Soyuz 38 carries 2 cosmonauts (including 1 Cuban) to Salyut 6 space station, 1980
Joe Kittinger completes the first solo balloon crossing of the Atlantic, 1984
Liechtenstein becomes a member of the United Nations, 1990
ICANN is formed, 1998
The 72 year run of the soap opera The Guiding Light ends as its final episode is broadcast, 2009
Chileans celebrate the 200th anniversary oof their independence, 2010
After a large storm that took the roof off of Stadium Southland in Invercargill, 100,000 people in New Zealand are left without water, 2010
The world's first mother-to-daughter uterus transplant is undertaken at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012
Scotland votes to stay a member of the United Kingdom in an independence referendum, 2014
The earliest known fishooks at 23,000 years old are reported to be discovered on Okinawa Island, Japan; findings published in PNAS journal, 2016
Hurricane Maria passes over the Caribbean island of Dominica as a category 5 hurricane, destroying 90% of structures and killing 27, 2017


  1. Have a truly wonderful day. I hope your medical tests come back with nothing to worry about.

  2. I'm too much of a klutz NOT to keep on top of my tetanus boosters, and I do not understand people who don't get flu shots. I am, however, the world's biggest failure at getting bloodwork done. (It's that whole "you can't have your coffee until later" thing.)

    1. That is why i go to a doctor that has someone there drawing bloodwork at 7:30am, and i always wait until i can be first. They draw the blood and then i go into the waiting room and get my coffee, then go back for the rest of the testing.

  3. Mimi,

    I had all my annual testing done in the spring or at least most. I passed on doing my mammogram. There's nothing going on there so why waste my time doing it every year, right? I will have a colonoscopy next week. The last time was 2015, so I'm overdue. My ears are an ongoing thing right now. I won't have my eyes checked until next spring. We're in this constant pattern of one of us with a doctor appointment nearly every week. This is getting old (or maybe it's us)! I have never had a flu shot and do not plan on getting one, either. Either I have an incredible immune system or I'm just lucky. I hope it's the first thing, though.

    The meme regarding crazy drivers who speed toward a red light had me nodding my head right along with you. What idiots! Not only are we getting better gas mileage but we're also adding years to our car's life! :)

    Please say a prayer for two of my uncles wives, both recently diagnosed with cancer. One I was told has stage 4 of the disease. I need to check in with her to see what's going on there. This is heartbreaking!

    Have a good week, dearie!

  4. Yep, ya gotta take care of that health stuff, like it or not!

  5. I try to keep my health check appointment once a year but this year it has been long overdue!

  6. I've had two PSA blood tests and my prostrate looks pretty good but he wants another in 6 months. Next is my FLU shot. I've had so many shots lately I"m not sure what they were but I'm feeling OK. I'm sure your results will be great. See ya Mimi.

    Cruisin Paul

  7. I go every January and it's important to do so. Hubby and I are getting our flu shots this coming Thursday. We get those every year without fail.

    I had to laugh about the people that use all their gas and you end up at the same light at the same time and we cruise right on through and they've been there for a long time. We drive like you do.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. 😍😎😇

  8. "Today in History" is informative.
    thank you for sharing

  9. Yep, no sense speeding to the red light. Makes no sense.

  10. Fun post and right on about the 'speedsters' ~ Brave New World ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  11. I hope you get good results on all your exams. We get flu shots, but we wait until October for those. Another PSA: If one is 50 or over,get a colonoscopy!

  12. I probably need to get a tetanus shot. Good for you on going in and getting everything (check up, flu shot) done yearly.


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