Saturday, April 3, 2010

Entirely too Much Kitten Talk

Forrest is now eating more and more often. She seems more comfortable sucking on the bottle, and must want to make up for lost time, which is good. She is even playing again.

The others are getting frustrated, though. They want to eat, but they can't breathe and suck at the same time. So they chew the nipple to get a bit of milk, swallow, stop to take a breath, chew a bit more. Their teeth are tiny, but I can see I'm going to go through a couple of nipples for the bottles in the next week or so.

As long as they keep trying to eat, I'm not too worried about them. Cats are notorious for not eating if they can't smell the food, and at this age, they just can't fast a few days and get over it like the adult cats can.

Meanwhile, their faces are filthy. They hate the wet washcloth on the face treatment, even though I only do it in one spot at a time, but it is the only way to get all the dried up accumulated gunk from their fur that their eyes and noses are pouring out. If I don't clean it, the fur on and around their faces gets matted, which can lead to ringworm (heaven forbid!).

In honor of national humor month:
Two engineers were talking and the first said to the second "Where did you get that bike?"
The second one says "I was walking along when I came upon this beautiful woman who jumped off her bike, stripped off all her clothes and said take what you want!"

"Good choice" the first one says "the clothes probably wouldn't have fit you!"

Today is

Festival of Min -- Ancient Egyptian Calendar

National Chocolate Mousse Day

National Find-A-Rainbow Day

Pony Express Day

St. Irene's Day (patron of peace)

Tangible Karma Day

Tweed Day

Birthdays Today:

Picabo Street, 1971
Robert Chapin, 1964
Eddie Murphy, 1961
David Hyde Pierce, 1959
Alec Baldwin, 1958
Tony Orlando, 1944
Marsha Mason, 1942
Wayne Newton, 1942
Jane Goodall, 1934
Virgil "Gus" Grissom, 1926
Jan Merlin, 1925
Marlon Brando, 1924
Doris Day, 1924
Herb Caen, 1916
Edward Everett Hale, 1823
Washington Irving, 1783

Today in History:

Edward the Confessor is crowned king of England, 1043
The US Pony Express begins its first run, 1860
Gottlieb Daimler receives a German patent for his engine, 1885
Trial of the libel case instigated by Oscar Wilde begins, eventually resulting in his imprisonment on charges of homosexuality, 1895
The US House of Representatives accept the "American's Creed," a patriotic contest winner by William Tyler Page, as the official creed of the US, 1918
The building of the RMS Queen Mary is commissioned, 1929
President Harry S. Truman signs the Marshall Plan, 1948
The first portable cell phone call is made in New York City, 1973
Australia formally adopts the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 2009

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  1. It sounds like there is hope now. You are so very patient and tender hearted and such a blessing. I hope you all have a lovely Easter!